Infectious Horror Movie Marathon

A Horror Movie Marathon To Pass Time In Quarantine

Infectious Horror Movie Marathon

The Corona Virus has had a dramatic impact on our society in recent weeks, I had recently started a new job but, like many others, found myself laid off due to the business having to close during the pandemic. I have turned to my movie collection and am using them to pass the time. While watching them I decided to watch ones that would get my mind off the current pandemic, but this only led me to wonder what movies would represent the pandemic best.

After thinking about it for a few days, yes I do have way too much free time on my hands lol, I was able to put together a movie marathon with movies that best reflected the current pandemic.

Before we get into the list I wanted to clarify a few points:

1. I tried to avoid making this entire list solely virus/pandemic/zombie movies and have limited them to a single entry where possible.

2. I do not know and have not watched every horror movie in existence, there might be a movie you know of that you feel should've made this marathon. This is fine, I may not have seen or may not know about the movie which is why it didn't make it here.

3. This marathon is opinion based and should not be taken as anything more than suggestions.

4. The marathon is not intended to be in any order. Please feel free to watch the movies in any order and add any you feel would be a better match for your tastes, I will not be offended in the slightest... or even know lol.

5. This is not meant to satirize the pandemic or undermine the seriousness of the situation. People are looking for distractions to help them get through their time in isolation/quarantine which is why I decided to publish this list.

With all of that out of the way let us get into the marathon!

The Shining, the horror classic makes the marathon as the representation of the self-quarantining many people are practicing and the isolation/cabin fever they are beginning to experience. Combine this with being confined with their families for an extended period of time and you can put together why I chose The Shining.

The second movie I chose was Alien, a blatant warning about the perils of breaking quarantine and protocols. Many remember the iconic scene where the alien burst out of Kane's chest, but many forget how Ripley tried to enforce quarantine on Kane while the facehugger was attached but this was undermined and he was brought on board anyway. If you think about the alien as a disease or virus then you will find my reason for its inclusion here.

Next is The Evil Dead, while not a virus, pandemic or zombie movie per se it does fit nicely in the marathon. An unseen force trying to enter hosts and take them over? Perfect allegory for a virus pandemic. Plus, it is a horror classic which should be watched at least once.

My next choice was The Crazies, it shows how a pandemic can infiltrate even a small town, beginning with the first isolated cases before it spreads and causes the eventual collapse of the town. The Crazies is the perfect balance to the world-spanning next entry.

World War Z is my obligatory zombie pandemic movie which had to make the list, and I did debate putting 28 Days Later here. But I wanted a movie that was more world-spanning and while 28 Days Later is a classic I did decide World War Z is a better choice here. A pandemic that hops continents and spreads throughout an airplane? Check and double CHECK.

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Steve Brewer
Steve Brewer
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