Immortal Love

This short story was inspired by my black cat Chepe. I hope you dig it!

Immortal Love

Lucia, in her black dress, was always mourning her husband. He had died of some mysterious disease. The doctor’s could not figure it out, really. It was finally said that he died of some type of rabies. She didn’t care about any explanation. She was overwhelmed with his sudden absence after a flurry of madness with his behavior right before losing his life.

At the funeral, only a few people showed to pay their brief respect. His children didn’t show. They were too busy living their cosmopolitan lifestyle in the big city.

Lucia didn’t care. She had stopped caring for her children when they disappeared into the world with their wicked greed and never came back again. She always wondered why her children decided to be so ambitious. She and her husband were always humble people who never asked for more than what they had.

Lucia was seen at the funeral until the full moon came up and only the shadows of blowing trees kept her company.

Her only friend that was left in her sad world was a black cat that came at night. At first, she ignored it. Then, she started leaving milk out of sympathy. Lucia waited and stared at the cat every night through the window as her husband, before his death, went to sleep to get ready for work in the morning. The black cat would slowly sneak up and drink its milk that was left behind by Lucia. Then, it would look up at Lucia and give her a thankful glance and run away into the gloomy night.

Eventually, when Lucia’s husband was growing insanely ill for a week and at the hospital, she used the cat’s company at night. She used the feline’s company when she came home from the hospital from tirelessly visiting her husband all day as she watched him depart this world slowly.

On the funeral night, the cat did not come.

Lucia, in her black dress, looked out the window for the cat. She waited restlessly for her only friend that she had grown to feel for. The cat was the only thing that kept her mind from replaying those wonderful memories of her dead husband.

Her eyes peeled to the front porch, when suddenly, she hears a cat moan furiously. Lucia thought that her nocturnal friend was having a confrontation. It made her skin rise. She felt a trickle of hairs moving down her back as if some ghost had caressed her and ran its fingers all over her back.

The cat moaned somewhere outside.

A sudden fog came and was preventing Lucia from seeing anything outside in the cold night.

Lucia closed the blinds and stepped back from the window. She stood there and felt a presence walk up to the door. She knew it wasn’t her nocturnal friend. It was something.

“Lucia,” she thought she heard in her mind.

She covered her mouth. Lucia was paralyzed. Pale white skin started running across her body with horrified eyes. She stared at the door.

“Lu-ci-a,” someone said from behind the door.

It was the call her husband made whenever she hid from him in one of their silly, lover’s games.

“Lu-ci-a,” the sinister voice coming from behind the door repeated and sounded like Lucia’s husband.

She didn’t answer.

“Lucia, I’m home.”

The door began to move as if trying to pry open.

She shifts her eyes to the blinds of the window that she always used to look out for her visiting furry friend. They began to open. They slowly turned on their own. She just stared at this phenomenon. She couldn’t tell if she was imagining this or dreaming it.

Once the blinds fully turned for Lucia to look out the window, she saw and stared at what was her husband. He stood there in his suit that he was buried in.

He looked slightly younger and very handsome in his black dusty suit.

Lucia stared at his glowing red eyes.

His skin was very pale, but was somehow divinely handsome in some dark sinister way.

Lucia stared at his eyes. She stared at his youth.

“Lucia, it’s me,” he said in a darkly distant voice.

He smiled.

There were fangs inside his wicked smile.

She didn’t answer. She just stood there with her hand over her mouth. She hadn’t moved since she felt his presence float to the door.

“What’s wrong Lucia?”

Her eyes peeled at his disturbing smile.

“Cat caught your tongue?”

His smile withered and slowly turned into a serious frown. He stared at her with his ferocious red eyes.

“Honey, open the door and let me in.”

She stared at his enticing eyes. Her pale skin contrasted her dark black dress.

“Come here and open the door for me.”

Lucia moved her arm as if reaching out for the doorknob with her mouth wide open.

She was in a trance.

“Open the door, Dear,” he commanded.

She started to take her first step.

“That’s it honey.”

Lucia kept forward towards the door to greet her husband, her death.

Suddenly, a vicious hiss came from outside. Lucia’s husband, this entity, this foul evil presence turned around to look behind him. Lucia was startled by her husband’s movements.

Lucia was out of her trance.

He turned back to capture Lucia’s eyes with his crimson irises. He hissed as if showing frustration and his fangs displayed in the night.

Lucia was sporadically looking out the window. She made sure she only looked at her husband’s body and not his gazing vile eyes. She had her hand up in front of her to help avoid any eye contact.

She started backing away from the door.

“No,” he exclaimed, “keep…look at me!”

Lucia stared at her window, seeing his presence outside, but not his blood filled eyes. She reached for her necklace. It had a silver cross that he had given her for their 40th anniversary.

“No,” he said in disgust, “don’t you dare do this Lucia! I can give you eternal Love!”

“Ramon, please…I don’t feel…”

“Put that down, Lucia. Let me in the house and let me love you!”

“No, Ramon!”’

“Think, eternal Love,” he furiously insisted. His eyes were fearful and red.

“Your soul has been condemned,” she cried and looking up at the ceiling as if expecting God to reply and deny what she had just stated.

“It’s not. It’s eternal life, Lucia. If you let me in the house, I can bring you into this world of immortality. It will be our eternal Love. You know how much I love you, Lucia!”

“Your soul is…”

“It’s beautiful, Lucia. My soul has nothing to do with this!”

Lucia stared at her feet crying.

“You’ve always had true Love. This is better!”

“Ramon, I loved you when you were alive,” she pleaded, “but I can’t let myself be taken by this evil you have brought on to yourself.”

“Come with me, Lucia!”

“You are pure evil now, Ramon!”

Ramon stared at her with his crimson eyes. His fangs were cutting his bottom lip.

Lucia started praying and holding out her silver cross. She closed her eyes. When she opened them, Ramon was gone. All she heard was the black cat outside meowing.

Every night, Ramon came to visit Lucia. She always prayed and prayed. She never shared her insane experiences with anybody. It was as if it was her only way of having her husband’s company. Even in that evil presence that he came in, she still wanted to see him.

Lucia eventually gave up.

One night, Ramon came. He was growing hungry for her surrender. He wanted to kill the thing that he loved the most when he was alive. His evil instincts was overwhelming and was losing his true heart.

When he came to the window, he saw her sitting in her beautiful black dress.

She was a true widow.

He admired her pale beauty. He saw that her blood was no longer flowing pure and warm. She had given up, and she was overwhelmed with sadness.

Lucia’s hand cupped the silver cross that she had worn around her neck for years. She sat there cold, yet a beautiful melancholic mess. She was a true gothic, dark beauty.

Ramon stood with blood running out of his eyes and down his pale dry cheeks. He clawed at the window with his long demonic nails. Blood kept running down his face. They were bloody tears in the night.

Ramon stood there until the morning sun, as if a bit of goodness still existed inside of him. He let it happen. He decided to go with her. The sun took him away. His ashes blew in the morning wind.

The black cat sat on top of the fence knowing that his milk days with Lucia were gone. The black cat turned away.

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