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I See You

by Keith S 3 years ago in fiction

The Hotel

If she sees you, run.

I See You

Charlie worked the grave shift at the local hotel. It wasn’t the best job, but it paid the bills and most of the residents are nice. This was about the second month of him being there as a security officer. It was around 9 o’clock on Thursday night. A few people came in from previously leaving. He was now alone in the back office where all the security monitors were. He was happy to kick his feet up, play a few games on his phone and drink his coffee. He often looked up at the monitors to see if any activity happened. But at this moment he was hypnotized by level 43 of Candy Crush. He didn’t even notice items in the lobby slide around.

It wasn’t until there was a crash that made him rise from his paralyzed state. He looked at the top left screen and first noticed the glass vase shattered on the floor. After that, he saw that the furniture was moved out of place. He got up and raced out into the lobby to catch the culprit. When he arrived, he saw no one around; however, the table that had the vase on it was standing on end and had something written in red. “I SEE YOU.”

Charlie cautiously walked around the lobby to see if anyone was there. He didn’t see anyone so he went back to the office to see if he caught the intruder on camera. He marched into the office in anger. He was convinced that there were some pranksters running around the hotel. He sat at the desk with the monitors, but before he was able to rewind the lobby cam, he saw the door to the stairs open. He rushed to turn on the camera for the stairs, but it was too late. The door at the very bottom of the stairs led to the basement, which was just closing. He got up and rushed to the stairs. Opening the door, he smelt something horrible. It smelt like something had spoiled. He stumbled towards the door while clamping his pointer finger and thumb to his nose.

When he reached the door, he noticed something that confirmed that someone was in the basement. “I SEE YOU” was painted in red on the door. He let go of his nose and bowed up anger. He flung open the door and marched in. While grabbing for his flashlight on his belt, he heard footsteps moving quickly. He yanked his flashlight up and flicked it once. Shining it everywhere without seeing anything, he decided to take a few steps forward. His flashlight lit up the boxes near the back wall when he hears a rattle sound. He shines the light on a tower of boxes. There was half a little girl’s face peering out from behind the boxes.

“You don’t belong down here,” Charlie said as he made his way over to the boxes.

Suddenly, a whole body stepped out and Charlie went running. He flung the door back open and tried to leave while screaming, but at the last second, a long, claw-like object pierced through his chest. The screaming stopped and written in red “paint” across the screens in the office for the next officer to see was “I SEE YOU.”

Keith S
Keith S
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