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I see the kite flying.

There is no kite.

By KodahPublished 5 months ago โ€ข 3 min read

Sounds of buckets and little feet running abruptly appear, intruding my peace of hearing nothing but the natural salty sea waves crashing. Ohh the sea, where I've found my peace.

"Excuse me!" - I heard a little voice.

"Huh?" - I say, looking down at a little boy wearing red bathers and holding a full bucket of water, who just appeared out of nowhere.

The little boy looks up at me... "Come!"

"Uh, where."- I assert dazed and confused.

"You need to help me over there!" He pointed.

"Oo, I might leave the beach soon! So, you're better off to ask someone else for help buddy! Wish I could though." I lied.

"But only you can help me."- The little boy lowers his tone.

"And why's that?"

"Because you're the only one I can see."

My face drops. What is that supposed to mean....

"Uhh, I think your parents are calling to you buddy."- I point in the opposite direction.

The little boy looks at the direction his finger pointed at....

"Only you can tell my parent's I'm here!"

What is this kid on about....

"Look kid-"

"Anyways can you help me!!" - He interrupts.

I let out a sigh.

"And what exactly do you need help with."- I assert.

"Do you see my kite over there. It's stuck on that tree in the sea over there!"- He'd point.

I look at the kite... There are other people over there flying their own kites.... why didn't he just ask them.

"Kid, why?"

"Come on!!" - He'd grab my arm.

As I reluctantly follow the young boy to the tree, I glance at the red kite that's stuck in a tree that has supposedly grown in the sea...

"Why is there a tree in the sea."- I'd question confused.

"Look. I need help!"

"And want to know how else you could've asked for help and not go up to random strangers."

"Excuse me! Do you know this kid? I think his kite is stuck in this tree over here if you haven't yet seen! - I shouted.

The middle-aged man looks over concerned, "Sorry?"

"Uhh, is this your son?" - I said awkwardly.

"Are you talking to me?"- He looks beside him.

"Yes, I think the wind must've blown the kite into the tree! You reckon you could help him?

"Mate, I don't see any kite."- He walks away.

You could hear a pin drop, the waves stopped moving, the mood of the wind changes and all the families who had kites are leaving....

I look at the little boy....

"What does he mean there's no kite... It's literally right there!"- I raged.

"Only you can see the kite. That's why I asked you..." - The little boy looks up.

"What do you mean only I can see the kite?"- I'd stare at the little boy.

"I'm dead."


If he's dead, does that mean I'm dead too? No, no, no. That man could see me, I'm not dead.....

"B-but it doesn't make sense..." - I look around me.

"Can you just get my kite."- The little boy pointed.

"But your not even real..."

"I'll HELP you then....."

The young boy walks closer to me, suddenly... he moves his hands towards my chest in a speedy motion. He pushes me towards the sea, causing me to stumble and fall. My head hit a rock as I tumbled into the water... Now I'm dead.

"I just wanted my life back..." The little boy said as he watches another tree grow into the sea.


Authorโ€™s Notes:

Not everyone you speak to may always be real....Some seek their life back.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran5 months ago

    Gosh that kid, I mean ghost kid was just so unhinged! Lol. Loved your story!

  • Lunaverse5 months ago

    Fantastic story!!

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