I Played the Elevator Game...

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And I never should have

I Played the Elevator Game...

I had heard the stories about the Elevator Game. It supposedly takes you to another world as long as you follow the specific rules laid out. I found it strange at first but didn’t give it any thought. To do more ‘research’ I looked up different YouTube videos and first account stories of others doing it. All of it seemed so fake to me, so I figured the whole thing was just another hyped up thing, but I still wanted to try it. And lucky for me, I live two blocks from a 15 story building.

I set my watch for 2:30AM so I could get to the building just before 3AM. Something supernatural like this should be done around the most supernaturally active hour to give more fulfillment to the whole thing. I got a few hours of sleep and got up again at 2AM, and had everything I needed. A timer to see how long the experience takes, a larger hoodie (to keep a good tunnel vision), a hidden camera in necklace, my phone (to see if it actually would stop working in the alternate space... and to tell me how to play the game again), and my total unshakable confidence. With all that in tow, I went to the building where I would play the game. Once in front of the building, I pulled up a screenshot I took of the introduction to the game.

The Elevator Game - How to get to another world

This is a game from Korea. By performing this ritual, you are supposed to get to ‘a different world.’ According to people who have successfully completed the game, it looks the same as the town/building that you are from, but all of the lights are off and you can only see a red cross in the distance. There are no other loving things there except yourself.

Some say electronics (cellphone, camera, etc.) don’t work while some say they do.

The building has three elevators and I pick the center one. I check my phone and it’s 3AM exactly. Let the game begin.

You must be in a 10+ story building and in the elevator alone. Done. I doubt anyone would be awake at this time. I scroll again and look at how to progress.

Get on the elevator on the 1st floor. Press the button for the 4th floor, but don’t get out when you arrive. Once on the 4th floor, press the button if the 6th floor. Once on the 6th floor, press the button if the 2nd floor. Once on the 2nd floor, press the button if the 10th floor. Once on the 10th floor, press the button if the 5th floor.

I made sure to follow the instructions to the letter and put my hoodie up when making my way to the 5th floor as it was critical for the next part. When you reach the 5th floor, a woman will get on the elevator with you. The woman is not human, do not look at her or speak to her. If you do, she will take you away. And just as it said, when I got to the 5th floor, someone got on! By the weight in the steps, it was definitely a woman. I kept my hood up and my head down facing just the buttons. I followed the next step. Press the button for the 1st floor, and if the elevator ascends to the 10th floor, you have succeeded in the ritual and are now in the other world.

I pressed for the first floor and felt the elevator go up! It was only 5 floors, but it felt like an eternity with that mysterious woman behind me. I was completely covered but it felt like I could still see her. Or rather, she could see me... see into my soul or something. It made my skin crawl and I prayed to hear the elevator ding soon.

“Do you live here?”

I felt my stomach drop past my feet. The woman was talking to me. I heard a footstep as she got closer to me and asked her question again.

“Do you live here?”

Her voice was human, but also not. Somewhere between normal but also static. Like she was imitating someone else. I felt goosebumps run up and down my body as I head another step come towards me. My heart pounded in my ears. Just as my fear reached a fever pitch, every nerve stood on end as I could feel the woman—no, the thing—behind me reach for my shoulder.

“It’s rude to not answer when asked a question. Do. You. Live. Here?”

The voice went from sweet to graveling and almost demonic. It felt like all of the world was frozen or there was no oxygen left in the elevator. But just as I thought I was done for...


The elevator doors opened and I practically sprinted out. My heart still pounded in my ears and I dreaded looking back. The woman is not human, do not look at her or speak to her. If you do, she will take you away. That warning echoed in my mind and I didn’t dare look back. My panic slowly began to subside as I took in my surroundings. It looked like I was in the building on its 10th floor. But the corridor seemed sort of sterile and endless. Doors lined the entire hall. And I was alone. I looked at my phone. It was 3:14AM, and I didn’t have a single bar of service. I truly was in a different space. I really did it! The game was real!

But my celebration was short lived as the same gravely, demonic voice sounded again, this time echoing all around me. But this time... it said something different.


In the endless sterile hallway, something skittered around. Like a living ink stain on a pristinely white backdrop. Its movements were erratic, but it only took a moment for me to realize it was coming for me. I ran back to the elevator, but this time instead of three, there were five elevators and I didn’t know which one I came out of. Since I started this game in the center elevator, I figured it was the center elevator I can return to reality with. I pressed and jammed at the button, looking over my shoulder to see that thing getting closer with each second. I threw myself into the elevator as soon as it came, and desperately pressed the door close button, praying to whatever god or deity would hear me. The creature was mere inches from the door and it closed just in time.

I pulled out my phone quickly and went back to my screenshots, reading that I had to play the game in reverse to get back home. I pushed every button in reversed sequential order and prayed it would send me back to the 1st floor and back to reality. I saw the elevator numbers descend and my heart practically leapt with joy as I neared the 1st floor. As soon as the doors opened, I threw myself out... only to see I was back in the sterile hallway. I couldn’t understand why. The elevator went down! So why was I back in this place?! I looked at the elevator and it even said I was on the 1st floor. Yet somehow I hadn’t exited whatever this hell was. That’s when it dawned on me. Maybe I took the wrong elevator. I tried another one, it brought be back to the sterile hallway. I tried another, back to the sterile hallway! Another, back to the sterile hallway! Another! Back to the sterile hallway!

How could this be happening?! One of these elevators had to be the right one! Gritting my teeth, I jumped into any elevator. Damn the game at this point! I just want to go home! I press the floor buttons in reverse again but this time when the doors opened, the creature was there. It was horrid. A woman with black hair covering her face, ghastly pale skin, and a bloodied white dress. She let out a sickening cackle as she stared into my pinprick eyes.

“You are trapped here. You will never leave this place ever again.”

Those were the last words I heard before a scream from either myself or the creature came. And the the world was swallowed in black.

And now for today’s news.

A young woman was found in the elevator of the Aurora complex. She was in a state of delirium and seems to have tried taking her own life. Local officers had to restrain her before medical officials could properly sedate her. She’s currently en route to the Belldam Center for the treatment and tests. Her family is also being contacted at this time. I was told the young woman had scrawled a message in her own blood in the elevator. It said “Never Play The Elevator Game.”

How does it work?
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