How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

by Alicia 2 years ago in monster

Zombies are mean.

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

First and foremost, no one in their right mind knows how a zombie apocalypse will turn out, or if it even will happen. But there are a lot of people who literally are prepared for this sort of scenario. Me? No way! I love zombies, and hey I'd probably be right there in the middle holding a chainsaw. Ha, just kidding! I'd run for my life, even if they ended up being slow, just like The Walking Dead zombies. But, if they ended up being like the ones on Resident Evil, I think it's safe to say we would all be screwed. Right? No one wants to go up against those creatures! Well, unless of course you were Alice herself.

But, let's get into some ways to SURVIVE a zombie apocalypse!

  1. Hide out in a gun store. Let's face it, we all need weapons. What's better than a gun store!? Free guns and ammo! But you also better be prepared for some raiders!
  2. How about your own little island!? It's quiet and not very populated. And I highly doubt any dead creatures would know how to swim. Just stay out of the water, just in case! Zombie sharks!
  3. If you live in a small town, that may be good. There's not that many people to get infected! Unless the zombies migrate, which let's hope not! Because that would totally suck.
  4. If you're one of those people outside everyday trying to build an underground safe room, you're totally great! Why not!? You can stock that thing up for years with food, water, and ammunition! You'd be set to go! But make sure you get everything, and also make sure your supplies last for at least a few years! Better safe than sorry, right?
  5. If you're out in the middle of all this, I'd be sure to use a silencer. Don't wanna draw unnecessary attention, now do we?
  6. Machetes, knives, even swords are quick and silent... if you know how to use one like a ninja or a samurai.
  7. Light shoes are a must, so you can sneak better without being heard. Unless the zombie is deaf and blind. We might survive that!
  8. Of course, make sure you have plenty of supplies. That's always important!

Ok, I know... crazy right!?

Not really. We have basic survival instincts. We know what to do in a lot of different situations, but who would know what to do against the undead!? I don't think anyone would really know. Of course, it'd cause panic, but some people would probably jump for joy if we ever had a zombie breakout! But let's hope we never have to find out just how bad this would get, ok? I have kids I got to worry about!

On a side note, no one will even know what a zombie will look like. A person? A rotten corpse? No idea. I guess we will see (if it even happens!) fingers crossed that it never does! But we do know one thing, kids, some people just won't make it if you can't protect them. Believe me, I'm terrified I wouldn't be able to protect mine, but you bet I'm gonna try!

Another way to survive would also be making your own group of survivors! Your friends, family, neighbors... band together to make it through this thing! Have each other's backs. But if someone in that group gets infected, it might be a good idea to finish them BEFORE they turn into a member of The Walking Dead themselves.

When you think of zombies, I'm sure The Walking Dead pops into your mind. Or, maybe you're a hardcore Resident Evil fan. Think of every zombie movie you've seen. Be prepared for ALL options. You know, just in case, since we don't know what type would be up and walking, or running after us, or even jumping on us. Good luck, survivors!

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