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Horror Dreaming

by Energyia Singh about a year ago in supernatural
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End it the way you want

Horror Dreaming
Photo by Javier Peñas on Unsplash

I normally see strange dreams. Not sure what a psychologist can interpret from them... but they make my nights entertaining, and my days creative- cause unlike movies these dreams never reach a conclusion and get to think of so many ways it can end...

So here is the dream, I saw tonight (22nd May 2021):

There is a resort, hidden from maps, surrounded from all sides by dense forest, almost as if in the womb of nature itself. There is no human in sight in that resort, but three very beautiful and well-maintained temples (one church, one Hindu temple of Lord Shiva and one Mosque) along with fully furnished small cabins to stay. It has a clean swimming pool, gaming arena, and even gym but all to be operated by self- no help in sight. A group of 20-30 can easily be accommodated in that resort.

At the entrance of the village there is a welcoming board saying- Anyone can come and stay here. It is a self-service resort. The cabins are daily furnished with fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, milk and juices by the caretaker- who visits once a day.

A bus with young Christian missionaries is passing from the road nearby. Suddenly the bus develops a fault and stops. There are ten teenage boys and their two pastors. The driver checks and reports that it will take at the least 6 hours to repair the bus. Boys get down and start exploring the area around. A small group discovers the resort. They report it back to rest. And the whole group decides to spend sometime there and rest.

The two boys who had discovered the place decided to take a dip in the pool. The younger one makes the dive first, as he lands inside the pool he finds his leg stuck in weed, but the pool was clean- from where did the weed came- he tries to separate himself, but no avail- the more he tries the more he is pulled downward. The second guy oblivious to what is happening from top, suddenly finds as if someone pushed him down- he is falling into the pool- but what- there is no water in the pool… He screams… screams no one hears.

The group had decided to meet back after an hour to take refreshments. All gather. Those two boys are there too. However their hairs have sprinkles of white on them. Other’s notice, but boys are boys so no one questions.

Slowly one by one all the ten boys and their mentor die in different freaky accidents.. . the others never know, cause though they die- others still see them with a little white sparkle around their head, almost as if they had been in snow... And no one cares... Eventually, all are dead... and we see the real image of the place... it is stinking, old and rotten...

The thing is repeated, each time elaborate freaky accidents... different groups...

One day, Rose Tyler (Dr Who) and Peter Capaldi (Twelfth Doctor), also land there with a group. The two know each other as friends. But not sure, they know or are playing Dr. Who.

Two freaky accidents take place... two girls of the group dead... Rose sees one of them... she sees the snowy sparkle on the hairs- she gets concerned and wants to know what happened to her-- while that girl ghost(or whatever it is) is trying to just shoo her away saying it is nothing....

Dream over... you can add the end, whatever way you like...

P.S: If you like the dream please click on love, and follow my posts here for more such crazy dreams. If you would like me to dream more, and give you more such juicy stories... well there is a tip option too.

Happy Horror Dreaming!


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