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Hook Hand, Fog and Sea

A.H. Mittelman

By Alex H Mittelman Published 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 7 min read
Run and scream. It won't matter.

“Something’s here, mom…” Candice said. She was looking out the window and saw a drone carrying a package then dropping it off.

“Shut up, Candice,” her brother Mason said.

“Shut your face, brat,” Candice said.

“Both of you shut up, or you’re grounded,” Chloe said.

“There’s a package outside,” Mason said.

“Mom knows,” Candice said and rolled her eyes.

“Thank you, Candice, for spotting the package,” Chloe said. Chloe opened the door and brought the package inside. There was a card on top. Chloe picked up the card and Candice ripped it out of her mother’s hands.

“That was rude,” Chloe said.

“Sorry, mom,” Candice said, smiling candidly.

“Well, open it. What does it say?” Chloe said. Candice ripped it open and read the letter.

“Congratulations, Carbora family. You’ve won four tickets for a cruise to Australia. Thank you for entering The Auctioneers of America challenge. All proceeds benefit research for the cure,” Candice said.

“What cure?” Mason asked.

“It doesn’t say,” Candice said.

“That’s dumb,” Mason said.

“You’re dumb,” Candice mocked.

“Candice, please. Can’t you two ever be nice to each other?” Chloe asked.

“I don’t know, mom. Can you make Candice less annoying?” Mason quipped.

“I swear to god, Mason,” Chloe said.

Chloe cleared her throat and shouted, “Oliver, get down here. We won. We won the auctioneers contest.”

Oliver came downstairs in a red bathrobe. He was wearing glasses and had a pipe in his mouth.

“What’s this about winning? I don’t remember entering into any contest,” Oliver said.

“Oh my god, dad. Can’t you get dressed before you come down? And don’t you know pipes are bad for your health?” Candice said.

“I’m wearing a robe. And It’s a bubble pipe, dear,” Oliver said and blew bubbles out of the pipe.

“Fine, I guess. Whatever. Just get dressed,” Candice whined.

“I think your father looks kind of cute in a robe,” Chloe said.

“Gross mom. Get a room,” Mason said.

“I’m with Mason on this,” Candice said.

Oliver walked to the kitchen, poured a glass of orange juice, sat down and opened the newspaper.

He began to read, then looked up and said, “Eggs over easy, Chloe. Once I’m done eating, I’ll get dressed. And I’m glad we won, we finally get to do something as a family. But I still don’t recall entering any contest,” Oliver said.

“I entered us into the Auctioneers of America challenge. It was sponsored by the non-profit online auction house, all proceeds go to charity. Where do you think I got all my antiques from?” Chloe said.

“I don’t know, the antique store,” Oliver said.

“Do we have to go? This cruise sounds dumb. We went to Disneyland once, isn’t that enough?” Mason said.

“And don’t forget the camping trip,” Candice said.

“That was when you guys were seven and eight. Mason, you’re fifteen, and Candice is sixteen now. And Mason, you hated the Disneyland trip. What did you call the place again, Candice’s most boring boyfriend?” Oliver said.

“God, dad. Do you have to repeat every mean thing Mason says?” Candice asked.

“When is the trip,” Oliver asked. Chloe looked at the letter.

“The letter doesn’t say,” Chloe said.

“Maybe the date is on the tickets. Open the box,” Candice said.

“Open the box, I’m a genius,” Mason mocked.

“Shut up, Mason,” Candice said. Chloe opened the box and pulled out the four tickets.

“The date here is the eighteenth, that’s next Friday,” Chloe says.

“That only gives us a little over a week to get ready,” Oliver said.

“I think we can do this, we’ll be ready,” Candice said.

“We’ll be ready, always so positive,” Mason mocked.

“Shut up, Mason. Mom, can you say something,” Candice said.

“It’s not my fault Candice has toxic positivity,” Mason said.

“Mason, don’t mock your sister please. Or you’re not coming on the trip,” Chloe said. Candice smiled.


The week couldn’t come fast enough for Oliver and Chloe, who were looking forward to the cruise. Mason and Candice had made every excuse they could think of to avoid going.

The family had packed the day before and took a cab to the port.

“I can’t believe we’re finally going on a cruise,” Chloe said.

“I can. It’s because we’re lame. Like seriously, everyone in this family is totally lame,” Mason said.

“The only lame person here is you,” Candice said and smiled.

“Ha ha,” Mason said.

“That being said, I agree. This is going to be lame,” Candice said.

They boarded the boat, found there room and unpacked.

“The room smells like fish,” Mason said.

“I’m pretty sure that’s your pits,” Candice said. Mason made a face at Candice.

“If you two don’t cut the crap, I’m throwing both of you overboard,” Oliver said.

“I’m leaving,” Mason said and walked out.

“I’ll be on the top deck,” Candice said and left.

The boat’s horns blared and the boat set sail.

Later that night, Chloe wanted to go to dinner with the family.

“Oliver, where are the kids?” Chloe asked. Before Oliver could answer, the power went out on the boat. The dimly lit emergency lights flashed on.

“It’s hard to see, why aren’t the lights brighter?” Oliver asked

“Let’s find them, NOW,” Chloe said.

They walked outside and saw Candice running down the hall.

“Mom, dad, you got to see this. The fog outside is coming on to the boat,” Candice said.

“Where’s your brother?” Chloe asked.

“I don’t know. I’m not his keeper,” Candice said.

They heard screaming coming from the floor below. They looked down on the bottom deck, and it was completely filled with fog.

“Why are people screaming?” Chloe asked.

“Oh my god, look,” Candice said and pointed to someone.

They could see a large figure in a black raincoat wearing a hood. He was swinging a long chain with a sharp hook on the end. People were attempting to run from him, but were getting lost in the dense fog. The fog started to rise to the second story. They could hear more screams as the large man started cutting people down with his hook.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Candice said.

“Run, now. Find Mason. We have to get off the boat,” Chloe said. The fog had now consumed the second story.

“I can’t see,” Candice said.

“It doesn’t matter. Keep moving forward,” Chloe said. As they were moving forward, they heard the loud thudding of boots behind them. Candice turned around and screamed.

“Aaahhhhh, it’s Hook Hand,” Candice shouted.

“Damn it. Run, Candice,” Chloe shouted. Hook Hand started to swing his hook, then threw the hook at Oliver.

“Aaahh, damn it,” Oliver screamed in pain as the hook bored it’s way into his back. Hook Hand pulled his chains closer, bringing the hook and Oliver closer too him.

No, dad. No,” Candice shouted.

“Chloe, run. Find Mason, get off the boat. I’ll deal with your father,” Chloe shouted.

“No, you can’t do this alone,” Candice said.

“Just GO. Find your brother,” Chloe shouted. Chloe ran at Hook Hand and pushed him over. Candice saw Hook Hand getting up before she turned and ran to find Mason.

She went outside and kept her hands on the wall so she could feel her way around. She heard someone talking, and shouted “Mason.”

“Ugh, go away Candice. Can’t you see I’m talking to a hot girl? Do you have to ruin everything?” Mason asked.

“I can’t see anything through this damned fog. Listen, dad is hurt and mom might be too. There’s a man on the boat who’s been killing people with a hook, and he attacked mom and dad. We have to get on the lifeboat and leave. NOW,” Candice shouted.

“Nice try Candice. I know you’re just screwing with…” Mason stopped mid-sentence and made a gurgling sound.

“Mason. I can’t see you, what happened? Mason,” Candice said. Candice walked closer to Mason and saw a gash across his torso. Mason was gurgling blood and had a dead girl laying on top of him.

“No, Mason. Why. Who is this sick animal and why is he killing everyone,” Candice said, then started crying.

“He whispered something to me. He said he was the cure… for humanity. Get… off… the… boat. Run, save… yourself…” Mason managed to say before closing his eyes.

“No Mason. I want to save you, too. I’m sorry for always being mean. I love you. I know I should have said that more. I love you,” Candice said.

Candice heard the thudding of boots behind her. She turned her head and saw Hook Hand. He started swinging his hook, the chains his hook was attached to started to glow an ominous green. Candice screamed and ran.

Candice kept running until she saw a life boat. She jumped in and lowered the ropes until the lifeboat hit the ocean.

She grabbed a paddle and pushed the boat forward until she felt a safe distance from the cruise ship.

Candice looked behind her and whispered, “I’ll come back with help. He won’t get away with this, I promise.”

Candice looked forward, took a deep breath and began paddling. A dense fog surrounded the life boat.

“Crap,” Candice said and started to shiver. Candice’s life boat started bouncing up and down and she heard two boot thuds behind her.

She turned around and saw Hook Hand swinging his hook in a circle, and started screaming before Hook Hand swung his hook at her.

Copyright © 3/14/2022 by A.H. Mittelman. All rights reserved.

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I love writing and just finished my first novel. I’ve been writing since I was nine and making a wonderful career out of it! If you like my stories, click the heart, leave a comment and a tip! Feel free to make a pledge! Thanks!

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran21 days ago

    This was soooo creepy and unsettling! I'm never going on a cruise after this, lol! Loved your story!

  • C. Rommial Butler2 months ago

    You did a good job of building the characters through dialogue early in the story.

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