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By LimjiPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Back in 2013, I had just begun my education, and after the first school period, I needed to go out and find an internship in order to progress, but it proved to be nearly impossible to find one at the time, so I decided to take another job just to make sure we had food on the table.

After searching for a while, I found out that a friend of my fiance's family had his own handicap bus company (a kind of taxi service for wheelchair users or otherwise disabled people) and he needed someone to cover the night shift since it was a bus that had to be on call at least 22 hours a day. Seeing that I am quite the night owl, I immediately told him that I'd be happy to take the job, and after I got the needed license, I was hired.

The job was pretty basic: pick up people and drop them off where they needed to go, and sometimes use a machine to get wheelchairs up or down some stairs. When there were no trips, I drove to a designated area and did whatever while waiting. I quickly found a truck stop in the area where I could park and catch some z's while waiting, a gas station where I could buy coffee in the early hours of the shift, and a run-down restaurant with a motel connected to it on the other side of the gas station parking lot on the opposite side of the truck stop.To not disturb the sleeping truckers, if I get a trip in the middle of the night, I usually park on the restaurant side.

After parking there every night for a while, I noticed one particular room had a lot of people come and go. In the beginning, I thought nothing of it, but then one night at the end of the summer, while I was half asleep with the windows slightly open, I suddenly heard yelling coming from the motel and a dude came tumbling out of the room and started running, and a few seconds later, a big dude came running after him with something in his hand. I could not make out what it was, so I thought that it was none of my business and went back to my half sleeping waiting stage.

Not much time passed and my phone went off. I had a trip an hour's drive away, so I turned on the bus and was leaving the parking lot when I saw the big guy coming around the corner. The rest of the night I had back-to-back trips, so I didn't park until I got home.

When I arrived at the parking lot the day after I didn't get a return to home zone until 2 or 3 a.m., the area where I used to park had fist-sized rocks strewn all over it. Not connecting the dots at the time, I just parked a few spots over and started waiting. I fell asleep pretty quickly but was jerked back into reality when a car right in front of my bus honked its horn, flashed its high beams,And then I connected the dots... Not wanting to seem like a pushover, I stood still and stared at the car, not that I could actually see anything with the high beams almost blinding me, and after what seemed like a really long time but must not have been more than 30 seconds, the car drove off. After that, I decided to park near the trucks from then on.

A month or so passed and nothing had happened since the car incident, and I figured that if I just kept parking by the trucks, nothing else would happen. Then one night I had a long 12 hour shift on a Sunday (6pm-6am) and I didn't have time to eat dinner before work that day, and during the first half of my shift I had back-to-back trips with no time to eat, so when I got a return to home zone, I quickly parked in the

As I was sitting there scrolling Netflix on my phone, I suddenly felt the bus rock and heard the clack of the door handle behind me smack back into position. I quickly turned and saw a dude with a hood over his head quickly crouching and proceeding to lay down on the ground and crawl under the bus with a bigass kitchen knife in his right hand. I quickly got up and made sure the other two doors were locked, and then I looked in all directions to see if I could spot him. He was still under the bus, and I was sure as hell not jumping out this time since the knife made his intentions pretty clear. I turned on the engine, turned on the spots on the back of the bus, and looked around to see if it had scared him off; lucky for me, it did, and I saw him run off and into a bushy, wooded area at the end of the truck stop. I never parked at that truck stop again after that night, and I made sure all doors were locked every time I was parked.

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