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Hollywood Revenge

by Jeremy Kuzmic 6 months ago in fiction
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Jessica Thomas is a teenage girl moving to a nice house in Hollywood on a large plot of land with her parents and little brother.

She hated the idea of moving away from all her friends in their current town, but her parents had made up their minds and she did not have much of a choice. After a couple of weeks in Hollywood, Jessica met a boy at school, Parker. With each passing day, she began to like Parker more and more, and he secretly liked her too. Before they knew it, the pair started hanging out almost every day after school, and all day on weekends.

It had been a few months since they started hanging out, and one Saturday night, Parker made a really strange comment to Jessica about some horror movie they were watching. It didn't seem like much at the time, but she got a really weird feeling about him and decided to look him up when she got home that night. She did not know much about Parker's past, but she knew he was around her age and came from the midwest.

After an hour or two of researching, Jessica found an article about a couple that were murdered in Iowa. The suspect sketch that stared at her from the computer screen looked eerily like Parker. An interview with police suggested the same suspect was involved with three other murders in the surrounding states, each witness account claiming the killer was a young man, and each police sketch looking just like Parker.

Surely this can't be the same guy...right?

When Parker asked what time she wanted him to pick her up the next morning, she made up some excuse about having to help her parents. She could not wrap her head around what she had found online the night before, and was not at all ready to see him again until she could process it. Instead, she would go to a local park for a little bit of alone time--a chance to think through her research. Little did she know, Parker never took no for an answer.

When Jessica arrived home from her little day trip, Parker was there, sitting in the living room, waiting for her. Jessica could sense that someone was wrong the minute she walked through the door, but it was not until she noticed the odd traill of dark liquid that ran through the hallway and ended at Parker's spot in the living room that she realized what was going on.

"Is..." Jessica gulped, her throat dry and almost unable to make a sound. "Is that blood?"

Parker rose to greet her and only smirked and looked down the hall. Jessica's eyes hesitated, but soon she broke and followed his gaze. Her hand flew to her mouth and she let out a loud shriek as she gazed upon the pile of limbs and torsos--the remnants of her family. She tried to turn and run up the stairs, but Parker had already moved towards her and caught her ankle tightly in his gloved hand, knocking her against one of the steps. Her temple bounced against the step, knocking her out cold.

Not only had Parker perfected being charming and seemingly normal, he also had a technical skill that no ordinary teenager should have. After his second murder and his third new town, Parker realized he had to be more careful about covering his tracks. That included setting up a notification any time someone searched for him online.

With Jessica unconscious on the stairs, Parker knew he could not take any chances, no matter how much he liked the new girl. Grabbing the family's axe from the hall, with one swift movement he cleaved off her head, followed by the rest of her limbs. Once he had finished his work, he began carefully pulling up the floorboards of the home and dropping pieces of the family underneath, boarding them back up as he went. As he was pulling up one of the boards in the hall, his hand slipped and the edge of the board sliced into his hand. Blood quickly dripped out of the wound and onto the floor. He cursed, knowing that he would have to come up with some other story.

He returned to his own house and disposed of his blood soaked clothes and gloves, got into character, and called the police.

Within minutes, the police came by the house. Police searched the house, and although they found the trail of blood on the floor, they were unable to find anything--no murder weapon, no bodies, just puddles of blood.

Investigators took samples of the blood, including the bit of Parker's blood was found in one spot near one of the doors in the hallway. Since he had been the one to call, police arrived at Parker's house and he was asked a series of questions about the crime scene.

Putting on the scared boyfriend act, Parker said that he went to go pick up Jessica, since they usually hang out on Sunday mornings, but that the door was cracked open when he arrived. He told the police that he never saw the murderer's face, and that the murderer tried to slash at him with a large knife when he tried to run, but that only his palm got cut and he barely escaped. He never saw the family, and had no idea where any of them could be, knowing only that he was terrified. The police took his story into consideration, and unable to prove him connected in any other way, they left him to be alone.

Parker had fallen asleep with ease that night, but in the middle of the night he began hearing noises from his kitchen. Unable to go back to sleep, he went to go see what it was. Upon entering his kitchen, he felt breath on the back of his neck. Spinning around, Parker was frozen in place. His heart dropped, the hair on his neck and arms stood on end, and he was physically unable to move.

Before him stood a bloodied, angry and exhausted looking Jessica. Back from the other side as a poltergeist, Jessica had come for revenge. Lunging at him, she used one of the knives from his kitchen to stab him over and over, relishing in the way his body jerked and his blood spurted out of the wounds. Using a meat cleaver from the same knife set, Jessica slowly hacked him apart and left the pile of limbs in the kitchen for police to find.

In her new after-life as a poltergeist, Jessica swore to herself that not only would she watch over her home, but that she would find murderers in her city and avenge their victims by slaughtering them in their own killing style.


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Jeremy Kuzmic

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