Hidden Cabin

by Cee Jay about a year ago in slasher

Can she find her friend, or is it too late?

Hidden Cabin

Claire loved to travel and explore abandoned old things, like buildings and cemeteries. She heard about this old cabin in the woods where a man would hunt humans, take them to his cabin, and no one would ever hear from them again, or so the stories say. No one has ever actually found the cabin; people have just heard many stories about them. This intrigued Claire, and she set off to find the cabin. This was two weeks ago.

Jane was Claire's best friend in life and found out about Claire missing. She couldn't just leave the authorities to find her, so she too set out to find the cabin and Claire. She wasn't too happy with the stories about the cabin, but it wasn't going to stop her finding her friend.

The cabin loomed darkly over Jane as she stood staring up at it. It took her three days to wander the forest and happen upon it. It was old and rotted with all the windows boarded shut and broken glass littering the ground. The cabin creaked and shifted with the slight breeze grazing the dead wood. Jane shuddered at the thought of entering the old crumbling building. She looked around and noticed the sun was about to set, making the trees look gloomy, casting shadows of claws scratching the ground towards her feet. She abruptly turned and headed shakily to the door, grasped the handle, and pushed it open.

The door made a deep groaning sound as it was pushed open, and she winced at the loud sound it made. Inside, she was met with darkness; she fumbled around in her pocket and found the flashlight she brought. She clicked it on and a yellow beam was cast out. She looked around and saw dust and cobwebs on everything; she crinkled her nose at the mustiness of the building. She came across a set of stairs going down, and breathing heavily she peered down and saw a dark twisted descent.

She heard a thud coming from down the stairs, "Claire?" she whispered and was met with no response. She slowly went down the stairs, becoming nervous she started to sweat, and the flashlight beam started shaking making the walls dance. There was a door at the end she slowly creaked it open.

At first, she only noticed the horrible stench emanating from the room and then noticed the grisly massacre. Dark red liquid dripped from the walls, and entrails decorated the floor. She then noticed the person hanging from the ceiling, her cold glassy eyes staring at nothing: her friend, Claire. She choked out a scream, dropping the flashlight and sliding to her knees. Tears streamed down her face as she looked upon her friend in the dim glow. Sitting there, Jane suddenly felt eyes upon her; The killer might still be here, she thought. She looked around the barely lit space and saw nothing. She scrambled to her feet and ran to the stairs.

As she reached the top of the stairs, the wood underneath her snapped and her foot fell through. Shards of wood pierced her flesh as she felt warm liquid drip down her leg. Screaming in pain and panic, she tore her leg out and hobbled to the top of the stairs blood trailing behind her. She saw the dim light from the open door and made her way to it as fast as she could. As her feet were about to touch the fading light from outside the door came crashing shut. A dark silhouette stood behind the door glistening with blood.

"You shouldn't have come to this hidden cabin," he whispered, smiling...

Cee Jay
Cee Jay
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