Her Spirit Awaits (Pt. 1)

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Her Spirit Awaits (Pt. 1)

“The day started off like any other day. There was a crisp, autumn feel in the air. Perfect sweater weather. The scent of pumpkin spice filled the hallways, typical. Everyone was on their way to class. Everything was normal. No one was acting any different, they had no reason to. Except for him, Allen Foster, but he always acted weird. He majored in journalism and was very dedicated to his stories. He had gotten in trouble a few times already for going a little too far. It seemed like there wasn’t anything that kid wouldn’t do for a good story. His current topic was no different. The Clara Brooks Building of Performing Arts. The building had been shut down since the 60s, so it was strange that it was still there. The school used to do monthly tours, but then suddenly stopped. Why hadn’t it been renovated or torn down? Why was it shut down in the first place? Allen needed to find out. All he could do was breathe in the mystery surrounding the place, because the building was restricted. Too many weird things happened around it, so they cut off access to it. Allen didn’t care, though. This story could make or break him and he was determined to be the person that finally solved the mystery of…”

“Please, stop. You’re terrible at telling stories.” Axel interrupted Kacey before he could even finish the sentence. Axel was tall and thin. He had nice features, nothing too extraordinary, but still pretty cute. He had dark hair and eyes, and a basic dress sense. Just your run of the mill average guy. Kacey had light brown hair and kept it long, very long. His style consisted of graphic tees, jeans and occasionally a very nice pair of sneakers.

“Are you kidding me, Axel. Every freaking time. Will I ever be able to finish a story, without you being a douche?”

“Yeah, sure, when you start telling good stories.” Axel teased.

“Seriously, the story is pretty cool, and it actually happened.”

“But we’ve heard it a thousand times. Allen disappears or something and no one knows why and it’s super spooky, blah, blah, blah.” Kacey was visibly annoyed at this point. Axel wasn’t much for scary stories, plus he loved messing with Kacey.

“Let up, man. It is a true story and I thought you were doing just fine Kace.” Nick came to Kacey’s defense. Nick was bigger than the other two guys and weirdly always wearing a tracksuit.

“Please, it’s just some stupid ghost story from 2003. This Allen guy probably got his dumbass handed to him by the school board and moved state.”

“Whatever, but you can’t deny that the Brooks Building is pretty creepy.” Nick said.

“Sure, if you’re twelve.” Axel replied.

“Ugh... why are we friends with you?” Kacey joked, though sometimes he wasn't sure if it was a joke.

“Because you love my charm.” Axel said with a smirk.

Doorbell rings.

“Must be the pizza, I’ll get it.” Kacey said as he made his way up the stairs.

“Finish the story when you get back, everyone else was actually enjoying it.” Nick said, gazing over at Axel.

“Maybe, Axel kinda ruined the mood...”

“Forget him!”

The rest of the group laughed and spoke up in to agree. Axel just rolled his eyes. There were five total in the group. Axel, Georgie, Harper, Nick, and Kacey. They were all at Georgie and Harper’s place partaking in some seasonal traditions. It was mid-October already, so their Halloween festivities were well underway. And this week’s theme was Scary Stories. The friends did something spooky every week for the month of October. It had been that way since they were in high school. On the last weekend of October, they always went camping in some creepy forest. It was tradition. Kacey came back with the pizza and rejoined the group. He walked over and placed the box in the middle of the circle. Everyone was gathered in the basement with blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows. A classic sleepover setup. Nick got up and went over to grab some drinks from the fridge.

“So are you gonna finish your stupid story, or what?” Axel was enjoying this a little too much.

“Are you kidding me? Why is it always me? You didn’t interrupt anyone else’s story.” Kacey’s irritation was starting to get the best of him and Axel was living for it.

Axel, grinning from ear to ear, grabbed a slice of pizza, folded it in half and took a bite. “You just make it so easy, Kace.”

Though Kacey was annoyed, he knew Axel was just teasing him. Maybe he did make it too easy. He was a creative writing major, so storytelling was his forte. In any case, it was still irritating.

“I don’t feel like telling the story anymore...” Kacey said with a mouthful of pizza. The entire group started groaning in protest.

“Awe, come on! You know he’s just jealous because your storytelling skills are the best!” Harper chimed in.

Harper was the shortest of the group and had naturally red hair but she colored it bright orange just because. A cat ear headband always adorned her head. Halloween was her favorite time of year and she loved the way Kacey told stories. He always got really into them.

“Don’t let him ruin our fun!”

“Yeah, what she said!” Georgie grabbed the couch pillow next to her and threw it at Axel.

Georgie was also pretty tall, but not as tall as Axel. She kept her hair in a bun, and her green eyes were a nice contrast to her darker complexion. “Don’t let this ass ruin our night.” Everyone laughed.

“You guys know the story already. It’s a campus legend.” Kacey wiped his face with some napkins and grabbed another slice of pizza.

“Yeah, but no one tells it like you do! Please?” Harper playfully made puppy dog eyes and a heart shape with her hands.

“Maybe later, when Axel falls asleep.” Kacey said, wanting to move on. “Let’s just continue with other stories for now. Who’s turn is it?”

“Mine, and I have a good one.” Georgie says.

As she starts to tell her story, everyone but Axel seemed to be listening.

“Wait guys, I just had a great idea.” Axel says suddenly.

Georgie shot a death glare over at Axel. “Oh hell no! You will not interrupt MY story!”

She stands slowly while the group starts chanting her name. Axel, finally realizing what was about to happen, quickly stands and puts his arms up in defense.

“No, seriously, listen!” Everyone stops and looks at him. “I was just thinking. Since Kacey loves this story so much and it’s supposedly true, instead of camping, why don’t we spend the weekend in the Brooks Building?”

The circle went silent for a few seconds before Harper spoke up. “Because, the building is restricted. We’re not allowed in there.”

“And also because it’s a stupid idea.” Georgie added.

“No one has been near that building in years, including campus security. We won’t get caught.” Everyone could tell that Axel was really excited about the thought.

“Dude, a lot of weird and freaky shit has gone down near that place. I don’t want any part of it.” Nick said, obviously not comfortable with the idea.

The three of them went on for a few minutes about how bad of an idea it was, but Axel was persistent.

“Let’s do it.” Everyone stopped and looked at Kacey. “I think it’ll be fun so, let’s do it.”

“Kace, have you lost your mind. You could write a book of all the stories that come from that building.” Nick said, really agitated at this point.

“Exactly,” Kacey said. “I’m always hearing and telling other people’s stories. I want to write my own story.”

“Kace, you’re starting to sound a lot like Allen Foster, and he went missing!” Harper said, a little louder than she had anticipated.

“But he was alone. There’s five of us. Plus we have a couple of weeks to prepare for it. I think we should do it.” Kacey replied.

Axel wrapped his arm around Kacey's shoulders and smiled. “Yes! That’s what I’m talking about! Kace is on board! C’mon, it’ll be fine! We’ve been doing the same thing for years. It’s time for a little change! And this is literally in our backyard!”

“We do the same thing because it’s safe Axel!” Georgie argued. “I’m not about to go missing just for some ‘fun.’”

Axel pulled Kacey aside and looked at the other three. “Fine, don’t come. But Kace and I are gonna go.”

Kacey shot a look at Axel. There was no way he was going with just Axel, but he knew that. The others wouldn’t allow them to go alone. Nick, Georgie, and Harper looked at Kacey. He didn’t say anything. The three looked at each other and nodded, hesitantly.

“You’re an ass, Axel.” was all that Georgie could say.

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