Hell's Angel

by Bruce Arnold 2 years ago in fiction

Short Lust

Hell's Angel

Her teeth pressed into the skin of her lips as she took her seat upon the darkened throne. Her heartbeat raced and her muscles were tense with excitement. She was wound up and ready to launch. Blackened hair with streaks of crimson fell over her shoulders, framing her physique. She was a queen and to be one meant to look like one. The look in her eyes shifted from eager to power hungry. Desire gripped her body and she refused to be denied what she wanted. Aged blood coursed through her veins and she knew she needed more. Soon what she had would dry up and be no more useful than a dead worm. She knew what she needed but first... she’d get what she wanted.

He sat back, the corners of his lips turned up into a confident smile. The look in his eyes cocky and eager to claim what lie in front of him. She mounted and he let out a soft breath. She felt it as her lips neared his. Seconds became moments as she began to move her body against him. Her beauty flexed and pulled at his manhood as she traced her hands along his body. His face contorted and relaxed as pleasure consumed his mind. His hands rose to roam and she guided them to her breasts. His fingers were warm on her skin and set her body alive with adrenaline. She let it consume her and moved quickly for her claim. His eyes shut and he was lost. She cried out and moaned with each movement, screaming for more. His body shifted up and then back, yielding to her requests.

Before long he was spent and what life he carried had now become hers. She took it and held it with a smile on her face. She’d got what she wanted and now for what she needed. With a soft look on her face she tilted his chin up. His eyes opened to meet hers in the dark of the room. He stared breathless with his neck exposed and his veins pulsing with each thundering heartbeat... His lips moved to speak but hers cut him short. Before a word could be uttered, her teeth had broken his skin. The veins were severed and the blood began to flow like a river. His eyes widened but his body stiffened. She drank hungrily as he sat helplessly beneath her, all his strength spent. A minute or two passed until his body was bone dry. Satisfied, she relinquished his corpse and slid from his bed. New blood ran through her veins and her body was pleased with what it had taken.

Without waiting, she got dressed and headed for the door. Through the windows the edge of the sun slowly made it’s way through. She should have been gone long ago but she didn’t care. What more could Father do to her that he hadn't already? Before exiting the room, she pulled a card from her back pocket and flung it toward the bed. It landed face up right on the man’s chest. As she left, she wondered how his wife would feel about his death knowing that he’d cheated with one of hell’s angels. Surely she’d be upset but which would consume her, grief or fury?

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