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Haunted playlist

by Dixon Kiddo 2 months ago in halloween · updated 2 months ago
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Spooky sounds

Haunted playlist
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Halloween party play list for all you gross Ghouls. I’ve been waiting for this season since about June and I know I shouldn’t wish my life away but I’ve been dead inside for months avoiding the heat waves. Today we woke up to 70 degrees, finally! Hope you all have a great spooky season and enjoy this haunted playlist.

Witchy woman- Eagles

Everyone loves a dad rock song. Especially if it’s about some witches.

Black magic woman/ Santana

This is just ooozing with spook for classy festivities.

Gold dust woman - Fleetwood Mac

You really can’t visits alternate states of being without the help of this band. Stevie will be your guide to all things otherworldly. On this day and any other time you want to escape.

I put a spell on you- Creedence Clearwater Revival

My personal favorite version of this song. Hope you and your guests enjoy this one too.

Skulls - misfits

Anything by the Misfits will likely inspire Halloween. On the day of or any given day.

Ghost town - the specials

Keeping the party going by reminding guests there’s no longer any life outside so enjoy the company you keep.

Voodoo lady - ween

You can’t have Halloween without Voodoo vibes.

Love potion no 9- the searchers

A little more of that hoodoo for you. Maybe this can spark an idea for a love potion punch for your drink bar.

Sage- be steadwell

Just got into this one, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Dig up her bones- misfits

Well I did mention anything by the Misfits would set the tone on a haunting season.

Fresh blood - the eels

It’s all in the title. This should be a sexy swinger.

Golathiga tenament blues- machines of loving grace

Maybe you’ve seen The Crow? Well that’s where I got this one from. I used to have the CD. I’m giving away my aging bones.

Season of the witch- Donovan

I was hesitant to put this in, because it’s too obvious and ever since social media has been playing on a loop. But, I’m not tired of it yet, thankfully.

Echo and the bunnymen - the killing moon

Here ya go kiddos. Set the mood to the moon

Talking heads- psycho killer

Yes, yes… better Run, Run, run away…I hope your guests decided to stay after all of this doom and gloom. They do know that the point right?

OutKast- Dracula’s wedding

This should wake them up for sure!

Magic dance- David Bowie

For any of the people who decided to bring children to the goblin king this season.

Led Zeppelin- gallows pole

Never thought I’d sneak a Zepplin jam into a Halloween party but I managed.

April March- chick habit

Death proof this one

Ooogie boogie song- The nightmare before Christmas

Mr. Ooogie boogie loves to get down.

Day-0- Harry belefonte

Jump in the line- Harry belefonte

The whole being dead thing

Ghost train- knife party

Cemetery gates- the smiths

Three dog night - momma told me

I’m your boogie man- white zombie

Rolling Stones- living in a ghost town

Blondie- rapture

The police- spirits in a material world

Tocca- Johan Sebastian Bach

Time warp- rocky horror

Werewolves of London- warren zavon

Billy Elish- bury a friend

Falling in reverse- the ghost in me reimagined

Another one bites the dust- queen

Killer queen- queen

Doobie brothers- black water

Jimi Hendrix- voodoo child

Thriller- mj

Moby- flower

Hells bells- acdc

Morrrissey - ouija board

Color me once -violent femmes

Witchcraft -frank sinatra

Well I hope you enjoys this playlist I curated just for your special spooky needs. May these sounds haunt your ears for years to come.


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Dixon Kiddo

I’m here Rekindling my love for writing. Living in Florida trying to avoid the heat by telling a few stories. Enjoy!

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