haunted places #6

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haunted places #6

I want to focus on the places that are more touristy again. There may not be a lot of information about the location. So let's get started.

Let us start in Nashville Tennessee at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. At this hotel apparently there is a "black lady" apparition that is seen. She is usually seen in black antebellum-style clothing. She also wears a black veil over her face. She usually is seen at night in the darkest places in the resort. It is believed that she is Mrs. Gavock, her family owned the land that the resort in on now.

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida there is the New River Inn. It was built in 1905 but now is the Old Fort Lauderdale History Museum. There are reports of a few apparitions here. The first one is of a man in an old rangers outfit. He paces on the first floor and also on the porch but then he disappears if he is approached. There is also the apparition of the former owner PN Bryan. He is thought to protect the building at night. He is seen glaring at people from the second story. The 3rd spirit is a young woman in turn of the century attire. She is seen playing in the building and she will also talk to people before disappearing. She is the friendliest spirit in the building.

In Neath, Wales there is the Castle Hotel. I couldn't find much in the history of the building to see what it was before. There was a chamber maid that hung herself in 1885 is still seen here. In room 16 poltergeist activity has been reported and is believed to be a guest that died in the room. 2 boy spirits are also reported to be seen.

In Washington, DC there's one place we all know and that's the white house. There is several ghost and unexplained things in the white house. President Abraham Lincoln’s apparition is reported to be seen in the Lincoln bedroom and a few other places in the white house. President Andrew Jackson is reportedly in the rose bedroom. President William Henry Harrison is heard in the attic. Abigail Adams is said to walk the halls. Dolly Madison haunts the garden. People believe that a black cat is a sign of an upcoming national disaster.

In Atlantic City, New Jersey there's the Absecon Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built after the Powhatan wrecked, killing 311 people in 1854. It was used from 1857 until 1933 and has been restored. Ghosts have been seen there since 1905. The keeper saw the jersey devil on the top of the tower. There's many apparitions that were seen there. People also report smelling cigar and pipe smoke. There is also reports of spooky laughter and sounds of footsteps in the tower. The tower door is said to open and close on it's own. Dimes are also said to be found in weird places.

In Sacramento, California there is Sacramento Theatre Company. There are at least 5 ghosts or spirits here. One of the most well known is that of Pinky who was a stage hand. She is named that because her orb is pink. She only sometimes shows up as an orb. She is a prankster ghost/spirit. She is usually seen in the costume shop. Another spirit or ghost is a tall thin man who sports a moustache and an ascot. Some people call him Jim. It is thought maybe he was a volunteer. Another of the spirits is thought to be a sad spirit of an actress that never made it.

I will continue this series. I enjoy this series a lot.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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