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By Miguel RamirezPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

The Top Hat Demon as he was called in the 18th century where its origins began. A demon I whispered to myself, not to alarm my kid sister who was siting next to me. Reading story after story of many people around the world who had seen this Hat Man as children made me stop for a minute to gather my thoughts. Walking to the kitchen window retracting the curtain I starred at the dark street with limited light upon it from an old light pole. Sighing, and realizing, I also saw the Hat Man.

Summertime in South Texas was as any summer before. With the exception of one night. I had to be around 6 or 7 playing outside with my brother doing what children do without a care in the world. We live next to a canal and a old cemetery which has never bothered us as Grandma use to say cemetery are peaceful. Perhaps grandma had a point. As, the day came to an end our mother placed my brother and I to bed, and slept.

The next thing I recall as it was yesterday. Something, telepathically wanted me to look out the window. No, words no pictures. Difficult to describe it. Starring out the window there he was. A black figure who at the time I described him as the character of Dick Tracy, but all black and no facial features. He had two red vibrant eyes and he walked across the street into our yard vanishing. I did have the chance to yell at mom and dad who where close by us as we lived in a small mobile home. They also saw it as dad clapped his hands yelling," WHAT A MAGIC TRICK", using this tactic so I would not be scared. The next morning as dad was outside with the neighbor I closed in to listen to there conversation. Dad had told them what we had seen the night before. The neighbor was silent for a minute and responded as anyone does, We live next to a cemetery.

On September 2022, as I sat in the living room my sister sent me a picture when I was a kid. Observing the picture on the top corner you could see the hat man. The hat is clearly visible as he seems to be squatting down. No facial features or red eyes this time. Two pictures that I have you can see this apparition. After, seeing these pictures and shocked everything in my child hood made sense. The shadow that would pass me on my peripheral view as I played hide and seek. Waking up at 2am on a nightly basis for no apparent reason. No paralysis or anything in that nature. There is no explanation only experiences. Many people in many countries have experience this and worth than what happened to me. You, have science telling us we are hallucinating or dreaming, yet they have not experience it. My experience was real, not fiction.

I often wonder if this happened due to one morning that grandma took me to the cemetery to visit our grandpa as we did weekly. As I walked out of the cemetery a picked up something small in size and maroon. Placing it in my pocket hours later I showed it to grandma. She quickly became mad as this was a piece of a coffin. As, many we may never understand why us.

This does not frighten me one bit. Jesus Christ is my God. I wanted to share this due to a person on You Tube stating that its all in our mind. Thank you.

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Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel. I am from South Texas 15 miles from the border of Mexico. In my spare time I'm like to create poems and stories. Hope you may enjoy them and thank you. Feel free to leave any comments.

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