'Halloween' The Sequel We've Been Waiting For

by Justin Walter 11 months ago in movie review

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'Halloween' The Sequel We've Been Waiting For

Good day my friends! It may be a little early; I know as I usually only give you a fresh movie review on Wednesdays. But for this latest move review I just couldn't wait. They say patience is a virtue and we should all have patience in life. But in this case I felt I had waited long enough! Haha! Guess there is only so much patience in all of us. Usually I have tons of it! Kind of a funny thing patience, there are times that we can oodles of it and there are times that we none at at all. Each time our reaction to the result can be different. Things can turn out just as we hoped or even better or it can something that we were not expecting with a negative result. That is often the way it is with the movies that we see. We see the trailer for a movie and it looks so good that we just can't wait to see it and it is everything we hoped for and more or it turns out to be horrible. And with our latest review this sequel was 40 years in the making with several lacklustre sequels given to us in this movie franchise that really just didn't measure up to expectations. What movie am I talking about? Well that movie is Halloween. The direct sequel to the 1978 hit and swept away all the sequels that were made before it. This is the sequel that creator of the movie John Carpenter actually had wanted. This movie brings back scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween, Trading Places) as Laurie Strode, Judy Greer (Ant-Man) as Karen and Andi Matichak as Allyson. So we have waited 40 years for a proper sequel to this legendary horror movie franchise, let's see if our patience paid off shall we?

It has been 40 years since that fateful night on Halloween in Haddonfield, Illinois that deranged serial killer Michael Myers escaped from Smith's Grove Mental Hospital and murdered 3 people before he was captured, leaving Laurie Strode (Lee Curtis) as the sole survivor of that fateful night. A British team of journalists putting together their latest pod cast has come to Smith's Grove to interview Michael Myers who has never uttered a word in all his years of incarceration. They hope to get a word out of him by showing him the mask that he wore on that fateful night 40 years ago, but no luck. Their next part of of their interview takes them to Haddonfield to the highly fortified home of survivor Laurie Strode who has become an agoraphobic of sorts preparing and fortifying her home for an eventual confrontation with Michael should he ever get out so she could kill him. This obsession has taken a toll on Laurie losing her daughter Karen (Greer) to the state when she was 12 and making their relationship strained with only Laurie's granddaughter Allyson (Matichak) wanting a relationship with her. But the day that Laurie has feared and yet hoped and prayed for has come to pass. While being transferred to a high security facility for the rest of his days the bus carrying Michael and other patients crashes and he escapes going on a bloody rampage back in Haddonfield killing anyone who crosses his path looking to finish off what he started 40 years ago. A final confrontation between Laurie and Michael has been 40 years in the making and everything that Laurie has been preparing for is here with only one of them left standing when all is said and done!

Now I didn't want to give away to much there in the synopsis but did give you just enough to make it interesting. Now I hope I did it justice in my explanation there! But I think I got the gist of it! Now was the wait worth it for this proper sequel? The lacklustre sequels with cheesy story lines and over the top death scenes in between all this I think they finally nailed it perfectly here with an actually great sequel! That's right! You heard it! I am saying that the horror genre which doesn't do it too often actually has a proper and good sequel. This movie nailed it on all levels with a great story, tons of tension with chills, and thrills that makes you want to see it again. There was great build up in the story to eventual climax. The characters were well written and the movie did manage to bring a little empathy to it as you felt sorry for Laurie and her mental state with all she has went through. So is the this the proper sequel we were waiting for? You're damn right it was! This movie brought back what made the first so great and gave us more! This was well worth the wait my friends! Now don't wait anymore and go out and see it! Oh wait I forgot to give you the rating on it! Well I am giving this one a 7.9 on The Justin Scale of Movies and putting it on my Pick-It List of movies to see at the theatre. There you have it my friends, my latest review! Now it is time for me to call it a wrap on my latest movie review. Until next time remember to save me a good seat and keep that popcorn freshly popped because I will be seeing you again at the movies.

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