Halloween Fever

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Halloween Fever

Alright, we all know someone who takes Halloween way too seriously—always planning for the next year as soon as all the candy’s gone, getting way too into the costumes, and never taking no for an answer to friends who don’t want to participate. Well, buckle up and hold onto your witch broom, because I’m one of them.

To most people, it’s just another day of the year—the parties and the effort, and not to mention the traffic. But! Halloween is an exciting night for kids to fill up on all their unhealthy and favorite candies, and their parents can’t even yell at them for it. How awesome is that? And for the parents, it’s one night where they can get their kids out of the house to look adorably spooky and get praised for misbehaving. Teens get to pull pranks on each other, or just spook some strangers who won’t have them lectured to by their parents. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

Now, I know, there are some people who hate it just because it gives college kids another excuse to dress in as little as possible, or another chance to get alcohol poisoning. I get it, I’ve been there. And to some, this is the exact reason why they love it.

There’s a lot of history behind how Halloween got started, as well as theories, fanfic and lore that go along with the holiday. They tell how the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest, and the ghosts, ghouls, and monsters come out to play for one day a year. I can’t tell you if any of these things are true or not, and I’m not going to say if I believe it or not (I do), but that’s not the point either.

Halloween is one night a year that you get to be someone completely different, without the judgment of being fake. You get to ignore the problems of life, just for a couple of hours. You get to be with your friends and binge watch horror movies, laughing at the ones who scream and toss the popcorn, or the ones who doze off without a problem.

With all the cosmetics and costumes out there, you can completely transform yourself. If I wanted to be a unicorn or a alien or a cartoon character, I could be and I would play that role hard. And everyone would just go with it ‘cause that is what Halloween is all about. You get to test your limits of what you can be and your skills for disguising yourself. Nothing is off limits on Halloween.

And there are controversies now about cultural appropriation, and it’s understandable to an extent. Native American tribal gear, Egyptian royalty, gypsies and ‘sexy’ slaves—I get it, some things should be a little more thought out. Which is why you can make anything into a costume. A character from a book? Perfect, make them in your image or however you want. The hot guy from a TV show? Let’s do it! If your mind can imagine it then it can be done, that’s the beauty of it.

I was a modern Greek goddess and my boyfriend was my Hades. We didn’t even go out, just stayed home with friends, hanging out. But we got to play those roles. I may or may not have been a little too enthusiastic about being the Queen of Hell, but that’s the best part.

It’s barely past that magical night and we’re already planning what we’re going to be next year. We’ll change our minds a million times and probably go back to the first idea we had, but it doesn’t matter. You get to choose who you want to be. Make it a group costume and include your friends, hell, include your parents if you want to. Delve into the great beyond in your minds and the internet, and become the best you you want to be.

The world is our playground for one night and the world needs to take advantage of it. Also, on a side note, please, please, please, if a teenager or young adult comes to your door dressed up for trick-or-treating, give them candy—or to the adults who dress up to take their sons and daughters. These teens could be out partying or drunk driving, or worse, and they just want to have a good time too. These parents are trying to show their kids some spirit, and wrestling their kids into costumes is not an easy task. They deserve something a little extra, even though we all know some parents who sneak into their children’s candy.

Rant over, get spooky next year✌🏻

Sara Dennison
Sara Dennison
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