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Halloween at Lake Lanier

Rumor has it there is a forgotten city at the bottom of that Lake. No one can seem to confirm or deny it, but no one can refute the deaths that keep happening either.

By Tamika Morrison OkelekePublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Halloween at Lake Lanier
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Rumor has it there is a forgotten city at the bottom of that Lake. No one can seem to confirm or deny it, but no one can refute the deaths that keep happening either. Every week a soul is sacrificed -- giving that Lake an invisible supply of insatiable deaths. This year alone, 60 people have died and two more were added five days ago. There are two and a half more months left in this year and plenty more bodies to be added.

Ruby never paid attention to news and headlines. She was a star in her own right and until she got her fair share of coverage, she could care less. She was oblivious to media reports about that lake, and she turned her nose up at all the rumors. She's always wanted to visit The Lake and now was her chance. She wasn't going to let fake news and people’s fears stop her plans.

She and her friends heard nothing but amazing things about Lake Lanier, located at the foothills of the idyllic central mountains on the upper side about 200 miles from their town. Every year, well-to-do families and corporate heads took their families and their teams to unwind at the lake’s popular water resort.

Now it was Ruby's turn to take in her fill and make her own memories. She couldn't wait to invite her friends and colleagues out to celebrate the success of her design firm, Rube Cube Creative Ad Agency. Her company won Small Business of The Year in their town, the most coveted award to receive as a business in its first year of operational success. To celebrate, Ruby knew she'd take her team to Lake Lanier and she was excited.

Legend has it, the man-made lake was created at the sacrifice of area farmers and their families. Though many were paid, nothing compared to the true value of their properties, the poor farmers protested up to the very day the government came in to pour water on the land that eventually became the sought-after vacation-styled resort it's known for.

There were nearly 700 families that once occupied this now underwater ghost city, but it's been said one farming family of the 700 stayed behind in fierce protest. If you look at the official records, it only accounts for 699 families even though the public record promotes 700 families who gave up their land to make Lake Lanier. The one family who refused to leave, The Roberts, is said to haunt the lake and some of its residents till this day.

The employees of Rube Cube were a small yet mighty crew. Ruby's trusted assistant, Lena was in charge of all the administrative details and truth be told, the reason the company was so successful. Ruby decided to have Lena plan a weekend retreat for staff -- a total of six - Ruby, Daniel, Jason, Maryann and Carlisle.

Ruby called Lena with the good news. "Goooood morning, Lena!"

Startled by Ruby's good mood, Lena hesitantly returned the excitement, "Uhhhh...hello? Ruby? You're in a good mood today, I see?"

"Yes, I am! I just got off a call that ...drum roll... WE WON Small Business of the Yeaaarrr!"

Lena replied dryly, "Oh! That's awesome."

Ruby, oblivious to Lena's dry sentiments continued. "Yeah, so awesome! I've decided to take the team on a weekend retreat to celebrate. I need your help."

She always needed Lena's help. If it wasn't for Lena, Rube Cube wouldn't be where it is now. Lena submitted the award-winning case study that was the winning entry. She was also the lead project manager for the client. Ruby never let anyone take credit for her brand's success.

"Sure, no problem."

"Call the resort up at The Lake and make reservations for us."

"The Lake...?"

"Yeah, I've always wanted a reason to go there, and this is the perfect reason!"

"Yeah, except for people keep dying, but..." Ruby cut her off.

"Can you do this now?"

"Sure... everyone right?"

"Make reservations for six. The girls can stay together and Daniel and Jason can have a room to share."

"Hmmm. You sure? There are four of us gals," Lena gave a fake chuckle.

Ruby knew the women didn't get along because she showed favoritism among the women and that pitted them against each other. The work atmosphere stayed catty and tense.

"Oh, yeah, I guess you're right. Make it three total rooms and you hand out the room assignments."

Annoyed, Lena replied, "Great."

Ruby continued, "Make it for this weekend."

"You mean like tomorrow?" Lena inquired.

"Tomorrow's Friday? Yes."

"But this weekend is Halloween." She stuttered, "You, you want to see if anyone has plans before we do this?"

Sounding impatient Ruby continued, "No, this weekend is perfect. No one celebrates Halloween anymore, Lena. Halloween's for kids. And no one on this staff is a kid or a parent. Thanks for your help."

The call ended.


Everyone rearranged their schedules to make it to Ruby's last-minute weekend celebration retreat. They weren't happy because everyone had Halloween plans.

"Yo, I can't believe Ruby doesn't think anyone celebrates Halloween anymore," Jason exclaimed. "It's like she lives in an alternate universe or something at times."

Jason, Daniel and Carlisle decided to make the drive to the lake together. They would meet Ruby and Lena at 6 pm for dinner at the waterfront restaurant on the lake.

"Well, she does live in an alternate universe called Ruby’s World," Carlisle voiced sounding frustrated. "My husband's company hosts a big Halloween party every year. I was so excited to show up as Cat Woman this year. I went all out. I even talked about it to Ruby. I shouldn't be surprised she doesn't remember...she never listens to me."

Jason added, "You're not alone, she doesn't listen to anyone."

"You won't believe how much I spent on my costume for this party. I even paid a non-refundable deposit to my hair and makeup team. $250 I can't get back!" She scoffed.

Daniel chimed in from the back seat. "I'll be shocked if they let us keep our reservation this weekend." Jason and Carlisle replied in unison looking back at him.


"I saw news reports four bodies were found in that lake last night and their deaths are suspicious".

Carlisle exclaimed, "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I'm serious. I even called Lena before we left to make sure our plans weren't canceled."

Carlisle asked, "What did she say?"

"She didn't answer. I called her twice."

Jason chimed in, "Did she call you back...yet?"

"No, I haven't heard from her. That's why I keep checking my phone."

"Let me call her now." Carlisle had everyone's number on speed dial. She last spoke with Lena at eight the night before. She went to her call history and dialed.

"It went to voicemail...twice. Let me call Ruby, I believe they're driving up together."

Carlisle dialed Ruby and before the hour was over, everyone in the car had taken turns dialing both Lena and Ruby with no luck.

Wanting to lighten the mood, Jason added, "Well, no news is good news! We would know by now if this trip was canceled."

Two hours later, they arrived at The Lake. Police were everywhere and everything was shut down because of the investigations of the four drowning victims. Carlisle went inside the hotel, to confirm their reservation. When she got inside the place was dead silent with only the receptionist.

"Hi. I have two reservations. I hope they haven't been canceled?"


Lena was fighting the urge to kill but its Power was growing stronger. The Night of The Dead took place every Halloween Night and was sacred in her family. Ever since their family's farm was violently flooded in the making of Lake Lanier with her grandfather, grandmother and their two twin babies still in the house in protest.

The crew never tried to negotiate, and they never gave warning. They turned their bloody hoses on with full force and let it rip their faces, their cries and screams. Lena's father and her aunt looked on in horror, prevented from intervening by the authorities. Her grandparents and their twin babies choked and gurgled as the waters gathered and rose, succumbing by drowning. It's now a ritual to honor their sacrifice every Halloween in killing to recompense for their losses.

Inspired by the ghosts of loved ones lost in protest and activism, Lena's family was responsible for ninety percent of the drownings that happened at The Lake. This year, Lena would be in charge of bringing the sacrifice. She decided she would make Ruby pay -- pay for all her selfishness, greed, conceit, disregard and lack of compassion for her staff or people in general. She was the ultimate “Karen”.

She never planned for Ruby to be her sacrifice but when Ruby encroached on her plans with no regard and no concern, she decided the time was right for Ruby to pay her dues. Ruby had been bullying Lena and others for years. She was entitled, self-righteous, self-indulgent and only cared about her interests. Lena felt justified. She made reservations and set a plan in motion that would send the team in two different directions.


Carlisle was frantically dialing both Ruby and Lena's numbers. With everything happening, she was nearly panicking as their phones continued to go to voicemail.

The receptionist turned them away due to the police investigation. The hotel and all its operations were halted for the remainder of the weekend.

"What in the hell is going on?" Daniel exclaimed. "No one has heard from either of those two. By now, Ruby would have called to see how far or close we were."

"Ruby's anal as hell. One of us should have gotten a call by now. I'm getting worried," Jason confessed.

"I am too," Carlisle shared, "Lena and I don't talk much, but she's a planner, and she knows how to keep Ruby's feathers smooth. The fact she hasn't called any of us to check our location or where we are is strange."

“So, what are we gonna do?” Jason asked.

Daniel looked at Carlisle -- she always had answers when there seemed to be none.

"Don't look at me!" She yelled, "I have not a damn clue."

At that moment they overheard a police officer and first responder discussing the discovery of the bodies and one of them said, "We have positively identified one of the bodies to be Ruby Whitfield. She's the lady who just won Small Business of The Year."

Carlisle screamed and fainted.

If you’re interested in the legend of Lake Lanier, a man-made lake outside the city of Atlanta, Georgia, click here or do a Google search to learn more about this spooky lake and its dark history.

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