Griffith park

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the history, the curse, and the paranormal

Griffith park

There is a park in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California. It is the site of Autry Museum of the American West , Bronson Canyon , Greek Theatre (Los Angeles) , Griffith Observatory , Griffith Park & Southern Railroad , Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round, Heritage tree, Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum , Los Angeles Zoo , 2 golf courses and Travel Town Museum. There is also hiking and equestrian trails at the park. It was the site of the Griffith Park Zoo.

In 1882 the land that would be the park was purchased by a successful mining investor by the name of Griffith J. Griffith. He wanted to start an ostrich farm because ostrich feathers were used in ladies hats during the time. It was believed that the property was haunted by the previous owner. On December 16, 1896 Griffith donated the land to the city of Los Angeles.

In 1903 Griffith was tried and convicted of shooting his wife. She survived but was severely wounded. After being released from prison he wanted to help fund the building of an amphitheater, observatory, planetarium, a girls' camp and boys' camp in the park but his money was rejected.

The park briefly had an Aerodrome but there was danger from interference with the approaches to Grand Central Airport across the river in Glendale. The City Planning commission complained that a military airport or an Aerodrome violated the terms of Griffith's deed. The Aerodrome was demolished but part of it remained for a few years. From 1946 until the mid-1950s the land was used for the Rodger Young Village. Now the old L.A. zoo parking lot, the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum, soccer fields, and the interchange between the Golden State Freeway and the Ventura Freeway is on the old Aerodrome land.

Griffith set up a trust fund for the improvements he wanted for the park and in 1919 when Griffith died the city started building what he wanted. The city also bought more land and made the land public. In December, 1944 the Sherman Company donated 444 acres of "Hollywoodland" open space to Griffith Park. During world war 2 a camp contained within Griffith Park was converted to a holding center for Japanese Americans arrested as "enemy aliens" before they were transferred to more permanent internment camps. On July 14, 1942, the detention camp became a POW Processing Center for German, Italian and Japanese prisoners of war. The camp closed on August 3, 1943 when the prisoners were transferred elsewhere. It was a Army Western Corps Photographic Center and Camouflage Experimental Laboratory until the end of the war.

There were several fires in or around the park. One was in 1933, another one is in 1961, another in 1971 and another in 2007. These were isolated fired to Griffith park but there have been fires in the area. There was also another land purchase to expand the park in 2010. The park was also used in movies including Birth of a nation and flareup. Now let's talk about the curse and the paranormal.

Don Feliz was the one time owner of the land until he died of smallpox. When he was dying of smallpox Don Coronel tricked Don Feliz into putting him in the will as owner of the land. The land was originally supposed to go to Don Feliz's family. After Don Feliz passed away his niece Dona Petranilla put a curse on the land. To put the final touches on the curse Dona dropped dead. The lawyer and judge involved in the will case both met untimely end. Also Don Coronel's family slowly died of misfortune and disease. When Don died he left the land to his wife. After she got rid of the property it was a ranch and dairy farm. The cattle on the land died, fires destroyed grain, grasshoppers devoured crops, and other things went wrong. After that the land changed hands again and eventually got to Griffith.

So on to the ghosts! The first ghost is the lady in white. When she appears her dress is stained with dirt and mud, the dress is also ripped. You can't see her facial features because her hair is over her face. Sometimes she is looking at the ground holding a rose and other time she is staring at people. She can also be found in the woods like she is longing for something. People say a depression will come over you when you see her. She is believed to be a bride who was killed with her husband on the way to their honeymoon.

There is also a ghost of a grieving mother that's at the park. There's a woman who was very devastated over loosing her son. A psychic told the lady that everything would be fine. The grieving mom goes to the park with a noose. She then went to the middle of the woods and hung herself. People say that you can hear her at night calling out for her son. People also claim that they have been approached by her then when they look away she vanishes.

There has also been reports of a little kid and woman in blue at the merry go round. The kid will approach kids and ask them to play or go with them and then the kid would disappear when the kid asks the parents if they could go. The woman in blue will just appear near the merry go round, one report says she points.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you want to know more do your research.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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