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Ghostly Spirits in Belgium

by Rasma Raisters about a month ago in travel

Tragic ghostly apparitions roaming about

Killed By a Jilted Lover

You'll find the Chateau De La Roche-En-Ardennes in Belgium and find that it is haunted. La Roche-en-Ardenne is a Walloon municipality. It lies beside a bend on the River Ourthe. Visiting the chateau the most famous resident is Countess Berthe de la Roche who was the daughter of the lord of the castle.

The Lord decided to organize a tournament where the winner would gain the hand of his daughter in marriage. The first to step forward was the strongest fighter Count De Montaigu, but he was already betrothed to the Countess Alix de Salm. There were no opponents who wanted to fight him so as he was about to be declared the winner when a small armoured Medieval Belgian Knight Relief defeated Montaigu and killed him in battle. The warrior was bestowed the right to marry the Lord's daughter.

What no one knew was that this warrior was the jilted other woman. She threw herself and Berthe out of a castle window falling down to the rocks of the Ourthe River down below. The interesting thing was that no bodies were recovered there were only two spots one white and one black signifying the good and the evil. Since that time the spirit of Berthe haunts the castle appearing on the battlement above the spot where she supposedly fell. Her ghostly apparition makes an appearance each night at 10 PM in the summertime and is accompanied by a light show, except that rain is coming down.

The Ghosts of Alexis Helmer and John McCrae

During WW I bunkers were created to help heal soldiers, injured in battle. The most well-known one is the John McCrae Bunker. John McCrae was the famed poet who wrote the famous poem "In Flanders Fields" in honor of his best friend, Alexis Helmer. Before the war, McCrae received his education in medicine and was stationed at the bunker to heal injured soldiers. Unfortunately, he contracted pneumonia and died while trying to save a soldier.

While on the battlefield Alexis Helmer was shot and died on the spot. However, they took him to the John McCrae bunker anyway. Today at this bunker visitors have heard gunshots echoing all through the area. There are also those who have seen the ghost of Alexis Helmer riddled with bullet holes as well as the spirit of John McCrae. Both have appeared in full body. Today this bunker is also an important memorial site for WW I.

Ghostly Monk and Nun

In Burges, a nunnery in the house Den Noodt Gods stood close to the Reie River in the 15th century. There was a monastery across from the nunnery and according to legend, a monk fell in love with a young nun named Hortense Dupont. Through a secret tunnel that connected the monastery to the nunnery, he visited her. Unfortunately, for the monk Hortense rejected him. In anger, he killed her and buried her body. Now on some nights, the ghostly spirit of the nun appears dressed in a white dress and on other occasions the monk appears looking sad. Supposedly the monk is searching for Hortense to beg her to forgive him. Both of these spirits disappear at midnight. The place has a spooky aura.

The Mysterious White Calvary

In the town of Ypres or Leper, a story dates back to WW I. When a German army fought against a white cavalry riding on white horses that seemed to come and come at them. After being captured by the English the story was told by the German colonel. They were fighting a non-existent enemy that could not be stopped by rifle shots. They just kept coming closer and closer until the German battalion was overcome by an unusual panic and they ran from this mysterious white cavalry.

Strange Spooky Happenings

The San van Gent house built in 1905 is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Belgium. According to legend, the house has witnessed many deaths. A German soldier was electrocuted on the fence of the building trying to escape and just outside of the house three Canadien soldiers were blown up. When in this location cell phones no longer work. Doors slammed shut on their own, clocks stopped ticking and the temperature in the region of the house dropped. With time the house fell into decay and even though it was demolished it became a legend and the spooky apparitions that roam here, roam alone.

Bloody Handprint

The original name for Deogen, a strange fog was De Ogen. In translation, it means "the eyes" In the Sonian forest, near Brussels, there is a fog that gathers and through the fog, something stares back. People have reported seeing shadowy figures near the forest and the sounds of children laughing. The figures dart in front of passing cars, leaving a little bloody handprint on the car window which disappears along with the fog.

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