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By Nurjahan Akter BornaPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
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Ghostly Happenings of Bangladesh….

In the heart of Old Dhaka stands Lalbagh Fort, an iconic historical monument in Bangladesh. This remarkable fort, also known for its Eerie encounters, was strategically built at the meeting point of river routes to protect Bengal from the threats of Arakanese and Portuguese pirates and invaders. Although there are many myths surrounding this place, it is undeniable that there have been documented Scary ghost stories...

In 1678, Subahdar Muhammad Azam Shah, the third son of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, began constructing the fort. Unfortunately, he had to leave before completing it as he was summoned back to Delhi. Sahista Khan, his brother, took over and remained there until 1688. However, it was believed that this fort brought bad luck to Sahista Khan, as his daughter Pori Bibi passed away there in 1684. Sahista Khan left the fort unfinished, and Pori Bibi's tomb became one of its significant features. Although its true name is "Fort of Aurangabad," it is commonly known as Lalbagh fort…

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Mughal architecture by visiting the fort in Dhaka, a true gem that attracts tourists far and wide. Inside its walls, you'll be greeted by a stunning three-domed mosque, a tomb, and the remnants of an ancient Rajput palace, all of which showcase the rich history of the region. The fort is encompassed by a sturdy brick wall, housing various monuments like a Shiva temple and a Turkish bath, adding to its cultural significance. Moreover, the fort boasts an impressive collection of rare plants and exotic trees, creating a serene and picturesque atmosphere. Don't miss the opportunity to pay homage to Pari Bibi, a cherished princess of the Mughal court, whose tomb can be found within the fort's grounds. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the government of Bangladesh

Discover the enchanting Lalbagh Fort, an extraordinary historical fortification nestled in Dhaka. Originally constructed in 1678 by Mughal prince Mohammed Azam, this architectural masterpiece was later finalized by his brother, Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The credit for its design goes to Ustad Ahmad, an Afghan architect hailing from Lahore. With its rich history and captivating beauty, the fort attracts numerous tourists and serves as a vibrant venue for various events held throughout the year…

The annual flower show held at Lalbagh Fort is a major highlight for visitors. This event beautifully presents the wide range of plants and animals found in the park. As visitors wander through the fort and gardens, they can't help but be captivated by the meticulously arranged flower beds. Additionally, the fort serves as a venue for cultural festivities such as Bangla New Year, Eid-ul-Adha, and Independence Day….

Lalbagh Fort is not just a historical site, but also a hub of cultural activities. It hosts a variety of concerts, plays, and performances that allow the audience to delve into the rich heritage of Dhaka. The harmonious melodies of traditional musical instruments, the graceful movements of dancers, and the hidden treasures of the fort all combine to create an unforgettable visit. Moreover, the fort is also renowned for its educational activities, including debates, workshops, and seminars, which aim to enlighten people about its fascinating history and culture. The guided tours, led by knowledgeable scholars who share captivating stories from the Mughal era, leave a lasting impression on the minds of visitors….

There are many mysterious part in the world but among them this has already standed out as one of the best.

Ghost stories :

Ghost of Pori Bibi:

Have you ever come across the supernatural encounters of Pori Bibi? It is believed that she would make an appearance during every full moon, filling the air with her melodious voice and captivating dance performances. While some older folks insist they have seen her, the majority now consider it to be nothing more than a rumor. It has been many years since anyone has witnessed any terrifying encounters of Pori Bibi.

The Man on Horse:

Even today, many people firmly believe that this place is one of the most haunted places in Bangladesh. According to numerous accounts, people have witnessed the apparition of a horseman entering and exiting the fort. Interestingly, this horseman always makes his way into the prayer room. Additionally, many individuals claim to have heard the sound of prayer resonating throughout the area. Surprisingly, this creepy legend horseman tends to visit the prayer room at 3 AM, despite the fact that the actual prayer time varies between 4.30 and 5.00 AM, depending on the season. Some courageous individuals have ventured into the prayer room immediately after encountering the horseman, only to find nothing but haunting experiences and bone-chilling sensation.

The Secret Tunnel to Agra (India):

Did you know there's a hidden tunnel in Lalbagh fort? It's a well-guarded secret, and unfortunately, the public is not allowed to enter. Legend has it that anyone who dares to venture into the tunnel never returns. During the British rule in the subcontinent, an investigation team was determined to unravel the mystery. They decided to send some chained dogs into the tunnel, but when they pulled the chain back, the dogs were nowhere to be found. The same eerie fate awaited the elephants that were later sent in. After these unsettling incidents, the British government made the decision to seal off the tunnel permanently.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    This was both so creepy and fascinating!

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