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Director Andrei Konchalovsky, best known for writing Tarkovsky's Ivan's Childhood screen plays with Andrei Rublev, is once again gaining his cinematic power and directing his best-selling film since 1985 Runaway Train. His latest work of art, Dear Companions! presents itself as a heartbreaking drama that reveals the horrors of the Soviet communist era of Stalin, as it mimics the Novocherkassk Massacre in 1962, in the eyes of Lyuda, a communist activist (Julia Vysotskaya), who has a strong view of Stalin. and a party. 8xFilms is a free website to download all types of movies and seasons in almost 5 different languages. His daughter, Svetka (Yulia Burova), disagrees with her mother's views and participates in a show in Novocherkassk without knowing that KGB officials had been sent to shoot protesters. When Svetka does not return home, Lyuda's views on sectarianism and communism begin to change when she realizes that the USSR is trying to cover up the killings by swearing at many workers in secret and pretending that the event did not take place.

One painful moment

Dear Comrades! presented in black and white, with an aspect ratio of 1.33: 1 Konchalovsky's aspect ratio options allow him to adjust his camera regularly from Lyuda's point of view — everything the audience sees automatically comes from Lyuda's point of view. He does not believe that what the party is doing is bad, he went blindly swallowing everything the "party line" says he did. That all changed when she was put on strike, demanding her daughter. One painful moment, in particular, changes his whole outlook.

From inside the building

Lyuda, while searching for Svetka, helps the detective who was shot in the leg in the building and tries to stop the bleeding, but the silenced bullet pierces the observer's throat and he dies instantly, blood staining his glass window slightly. From inside the building, Konchalovsky's lens is patient and waits for the right moment until Lyuda enters the building to relieve the emotional catharsis, at which point Lyuda will be most vulnerable.

His facial expressions of sadness

Vysotskaya delivers an amazing performance as Lyuda – every part of his work expands the whole framework to produce an amazing result. His facial expressions of sadness, shock, and despair contradict the greatest characters and characters of our time because the weight he carries on every single change in his character feels more powerful than any word he will utter after what has happened. Audiences get a glimpse of what the Communist Party / KGB officials are doing to cover up the fact that the event took place by burying corpses far from the city, signing secret contracts for nurses and staff, the risk of assassination, and killing any protester found in the city. Worst of all: party officials should ignore whatever happens and pretend everything is fine. Initially, Lyuda said any protester should be killed but he changed his mind immediately when his daughter was presumed dead. This Gives Dear Partners! a strong sense of weight, and a clever character development from the tragic beginning of the film to an equally optimistic ending.

The story will not end well

Total Dear Partners! is full of deep feelings of despair, and even though Lyuda learns that Svekta is not dead, after thinking that her body was buried and forgotten, she seems to fill her condition with hope and a sense of relief. We know, however, that the story will not end well. Konchalovsky understands that the audience has caught the message of the film, which is why he does not show the end of the film, which is a sad ending for Svetka, but especially for Lyuda who gradually came to realize that the KGB and USSR do not care about its citizens and people, killed in Novocherkassk, potential political.

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