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Free Coffee

by dartz 12 months ago in art
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Who else enjoys a bit of coffee...

Inside the coffee shop ( all art drawn by me)

After work, while waiting for my ride, I decided to go over to a local coffee shop and grab a cup of coffee. I strolled on over there, walked in the door, up to the counter, and ordered a medium coffee with cream and sugar, just how I like it. Don't judge!! The cashier lady was not my favorite cashier lady. She is a beautiful blonde goddess with angelic blue eyes, that I’d been crushing on for months. I didn’t see her anywhere. As a matter of fact, I didn’t see anyone else either. Just me and the “new” girl. An older lady, kinda creepy, with stringy gray hair, age spots, and these messed up looking green eyes. Anyway, she went to go make my coffee. Seconds later she came back with said coffee and placed it on the counter in front of me, rang it up, and told me the price. I, with anticipation of tasting this wonderful concoction that now sits in front of me, whipped out my debit card and proceeded to swipe it through the card reader. Then, the most horrific thing happened, those four little words that no one with a debit card ever wants to read, came flashing on the screen, UNABLE TO READ CARD. No, this can't be happening. So I swipe my card again, same thing, AGAIN, SAME THING!!!! Uugghhh!!! So the creepy cashier lady says, let me see if I can swipe it through on my side. Ok, anything at this point. So she swiped the card through on her side, same thing!!! Why, Lord, why. Meanwhile I can hear the coffee calling my name, Mike…Mike. Oh , the torture. She then looked at me and says, hey don't you work at the grocery store across the street. I say yes, yes I do. Here's the disturbing part. She says, It's "just coffee", you can have it on the house. The angel started singing, all the planets aligned and for that brief moment, all is right with the world. I got FREE COFFEE.

Although I am very appreciative of the gesture from the weird cashier lady, her comment of it being "just coffee" disturbs me. It is not JUST COFFEE. It is the fuel that it takes to get stuff done, A lifeline for some, A comfort for others. It is NEVER "just coffee".

Thank you, ma’am, I said as a took the cup off the counter, walked back through the door, and back over to where I was sitting waiting for my ride.

I lifted the cup up to my mouth, fully prepared to taste this warm sensation. Nothing came out. I’m thinking the lid must be closed. So I lowered the cup down to check it out. Nope, not closed. lifted it again, still nothing!!! I could feel the coffee moving around inside the cup, so I knew it was full. I lowered the cup once again, this time taking off the lid to asee what the problem was. What I saw inside almost made me want to stop drinking coffee, almost.

The beautiful blue eyes of my favourite waitress

As I lifted the lid I saw the two beautiful blue eyes of my favorite coffee lady floating in my cup. One must have plugged the hole in the lid stopping the coffee from coming out. I was in shock, horrified. Then I thought about it. There was no way that beautiful creature would ever go out with the liked of me. But now, I’d always have a piece of her wherever I’d go. So I took the eyes out of the cup, shaking the coffee off of them and put them in my pocket, put the lid back on the cup and Commenced to drinking my coffee. Damn, it was good!!!

My ride finally arrived and drove me home. I placed the eyeballs on my nightstand facing the bed. So every morning, I can look into the eyes of my favorite cashier lady just like I’ve dreamt for months. Dreams do come true. Mine did!!


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