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Four Horror Film Facts For Halloween

by Samantha Parrish 6 months ago in pop culture

The insight from the fright

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Horror films are a staple to have in celebrating Halloween. To have the silly scary movies, the campy slashers, and the frightening films that never grow stale in the scares.

It's always interesting to find out what antics or inside information can change the way you originally thought of a film. After learning something to the piece of material, it can give a long-lasting impression for what was the reason behind a certain scene.

These facts changed these films for me to be timeless, but they are held at a special reason when I can share these film facts in the fall for the playing of the frightening films.

These facts might change the way you thought about these films or it might entice you to give these films a chance to apply this information.

1. Stephen King took his son Joe King to McDonald's during the filming of Creepshow

Now that just sounds normal right? A dad just taking his son for some fast food. However there was something that accidentally caused some alarm. Stephen King cast his son for the beginning and ending segments of the anthology horror film, Creepshow. In the beginning of the film, Joe King's character is smacked in the face by his father (played by Tom Atkins) because of his fascination for horror comics instead of being a normal child. His son had makeup on his face to look like a bruise, so after his scenes wrapped up, Stephen King took Joe to McDonald's, Stephen King didn't even realize that the makeup was on his son's face which caused some concern for the cashier at McDonald's.

Can you imagine how that scenario went?

"Hi, Welcome to McDon-"

The cashier sees Stephen King and then his son with a bruise, this cashier thinks about calling the cops. The cashier is terrified that The Shining is going to be reenacted.

They don't know the bruise is actually just makeup.

Then the panic and concern starts to occur and Stephen King has to explain that it's for a movie.

That poor cashier had a helluva midnight shift.

2. Johnny Depp kept the horse from Sleepy Hollow

I never thought much of Sleepy Hollow until years later that I wanted to indulge into watching the movie that has become a classic.

As much as Johnny Depp has made some headlines for reckless and crass behavior, this snippet of information is the moment that I hold onto for some respect I have for the actor. The horse named Goldeneye that played Gunpowder for the movie, was going to be put down. When Johnny Depp was informed about the horse's fate, he didn't hesitate to adopt the horse himself.

3. Beetlejuice's education

Beetlejuice was a perfect film that blended horror and humor so creatively, Michael Keaton's performance brought something new to the genre of horror with non-stop encapsulating entertaining, insanity of this scare specialist. There is so much perfect insanity with his macabre character, and the silly stuff he spouts out. However there is one part of the film where it's not stranger then the fiction, but it's strange to hear it in the fiction after learning it.

In the scene where Beetlejuice says to the Maitlands, "Let's see I attended Harvard and Julliard". I call it this because it's hilarious that Michael Keaton included this as silly little snippet for Beetlejuice's character but it's actually true to life. Michael Keaton really did attend Harvard and Julliard college. I'm surprised he didn't take it to another reveal to his personal life by saying he lived in his car for a year.

4. The Chemistry With The Candyman

For the majority of the scenes with Virginia Madsen and Tony Todd, their chemistry together is perfect as she is allured by his presence. Usually for most horror films, the main characters usually look horrified, not intrigued. But there a sense of intimacy that you can feel between them that makes their dynamic work.

The main reason their chemistry is perfect together is they were instructed to take ballroom dancing lessons together to establish trust with each other which makes it intriguing to look at their performances.

Helen's character isn't naive, she sought out the truth no matter the circumstances. She was intrigued and captivated by him despite the growing fear that this frightening force is going to create unfathomable damages to her life because of her curiosity. The Candyman is a methodical, malevolent force that is hauntingly alluring. No matter how hard one can try, despite the fear that slowly dwells within, the captivating nature of this sinister spirit is hard not to feel under a spell. If you look at Virginia Madsen's performance in the film, she has that trust and familiarity in her expressions when she looks at Tony Todd.

When Candyman holds Helen in his grasp , he holds her very intimately, it is very delicate as a dancer would hold a partner on the dance floor. It's that equal intimacy from the respect they have for each other that has these two actors than convey an audience to keep watching til the end.

Not many horror films play on the intrigue of the character that isn't entirely scared. Candyman was the first movie in a long time to have a fresh take on having a character that is enticing, terrifying, and alluring. There are moments in the film that make you forget how he is the threat that will terrorize Helen.

The film earns it's title as a modern contemporary horror film, but these performances are a stand-out to most horror movie performances that sells on subtly then extremity. If it weren't for those dancing lessons that makes this protagonist and antagonist dance around each other (literally and figuratively).

Share these facts with your friends to entice them to watch these entertainingly eerie films. If these facts intrigued you, give these films a second viewing with the knowledge to apply to the entire film or analyze with the certain scene to think about when you watch it.

Have a happy Halloween in anyway that celebrates the scares.

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