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Food Delivery Gone Wrong

if it something in the food?

By Geetanjali NaiduPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
or is it something on the way to food devilery?

This happened to one of my close friend’s brother Mahi (Mahender).

He used to work part time in a dominos outlet.

In Navi Mumbai, which is popularly known as the comparatively less hustled, fast food outlets were open all round the clock.

During the shift there where at least three people working, one to prepare the order, one to take order and manage the other auxiliary chores and one to deliver the food.

That day they received an order at about 2 am, the delivery point was a 10min drive away.

Mahi waited until the food was packed and drove right away.

The address seemed to be 5 lanes away, followed by a right turn from the dead end and then finally a left turn.

The house seemed at the dead end.

The last lane was deserted, there were broken dead high tension wires all around, street lights broken and unfortunately no moonlight as well.

It seemed as if his bike’s headlight could be seen from miles.

He got his bike, now standing right in front of the door and waited as he knocked.

A middle-aged bald man, with wide eyes, dress as if attending a halloween party opened the door.

He asked Mahi to place the order on the table as the man went to fetch the delivery payment upstairs.

Mahi had no option but to wait.

Something was off about that place, it didn’t feel right, this huge room was lit with a dim bulb, everything in the room was haphazard, photo frames broken, curtains stained, window panes rattled wildly, it was really disgusting, Mahi could see all this because the TV was switched on.

There was a putrid odor spread all over the place.

Mahi started pacing and as he paced the odor became strenuously unbearable.

He figured out that the smell was coming from the door just across this big room past the hallway.

As Mahi tip-toed, that foul smell exponentially became intolerable, he had the urge to puke.

He could hear flies actually, ‘a swarm of flies’ hovering all around the place.

Covering his nose and mouth he opened the door slowly, there was a strange eerie creak.

Mahi gasped, his inside dropped, his heart starting pounding.

He couldn’t believe his eyes, in that empty room was a table with three chairs and a decomposed body on each.

Suddenly waiting around for the payment didn’t seem like a necessity anymore.

Mahi went back and rushed to the door and just then he saw the man emerge from the dark railings calling out to Mahi, as Mahi was about to open the door the man asked him where he was going, Mahi had to come up with something, he said he was rushing to check his phone, the man said “Oh! Ok.”

As he came over to Mahi and handed over the bills, he turned to see the door across the hallway and he looked back at Mahi with his gummy smile now disappearing.

He asked Mahi in a firm voice, “Did you go near the door”, maintaining his cool Mahi jolted “NO!”, the man just stared at him.

Mahi didn’t pay any heed, he opened the door and walked himself out and now with him grabbing his shoulder as Mahi got up to the stoop.

He yanked his handoff and ran to his bike, he saw the man run back with the door still open, he turned his bike and in the next second the man gallops back in full speed with a metal rod, Mahi drove away from the place as fast as he could and reported to the police.

He made sure he acts smart giving no time for the man the dispose off the bodies.

He waited near the third adjacent lane and within no time the police pulled up at the spot and everything sorted out.

Everything about this man was off, for leaving the door open to expose dead bodies, for a pizza delivery boy to sneak.

He also wasn’t the smartest man around!


About the Creator

Geetanjali Naidu

I can’t remember the horror fiction I read or when I read it.

But I have a stash of real-life-based horror.

Writing short horror fiction will always be my favorite pass time.

Ready for some spine-chilling short horror fiction?

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