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Fiend of the Cursed Grove

A horrifying death

By Mr.KhanPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Image by Nathan Wright on Unsplash

There are incidents that have been reported and are still happening all around the world almost regularly and many of them are based on such unknown notions that not only common human minds can't explore or understand but even the miraculous science fails to explain or define with proof and results and afterward they are finally categorized under paranormal incidents and the chapter is then closed.

One such event happened in our old and abandoned village as well. The village is no more and not even the ruins are there anymore due to water levels, but there was once a beautiful village which I know about because of my grandma.

The horrible incident that happened at that time had left the people terrified to their core as the supernatural left no clue behind and no one knew why did it happen and why would someone kill for no reason or perhaps there was some reason which couldn't be figured out.

Anyhow, the story is about a paranormal incident in which a woman was killed by some unknown creature that was said to have cursed an old grove.

As a matter of fact, the incident belonged to an old neighboring village. Where in one of the neighboring villages, there was a notoriously old grove or kind of a canopy that was known to be nearly a century old and was cursed by a witch or some other supernatural being. The grove was somewhat detached from the village and there were just a few houses around the grove that were also located at a distance from each other due to the meager population of the village.

The night when the incident occurred, there was a marriage function arranged somewhere in the village, and most people of the village went to attend the marriage function.

There was a house near the grove whose residents were also gone to attend the party except one of the members who was a mid-aged woman couldn’t go due to some illness.

Despite the fact that people knew about the haunted grove, they did not care much as no extreme paranormal activity happened before, but no one knew that there is always a first time.

After the ceremony when the family members arrived back they saw the still body of the woman lying at the main door of the house, her eyes were wide open and there was foam around her opened mouth. Upon checking up it came to be known that she was long dead.

When they were cleansing the dead body before burial they found a mark of a huge and inhuman hand on her back and it was like something had slapped her on her back right behind the heart’s place.

Attempts were made to uncover the culprits behind the murder but no clues or doubts were found and the only signs or injuries that were visible and also the close location of a haunted place were not pointing toward any human activity but were strongly indicating something unknown, uncanny and totally otherworldly.

Later it came to be known or maybe assumed by the villagers that during the late night, something must have knocked at the door, and when the lady had reached she would have asked for identity where the creature must have tricked her into believing that it is someone of her acquaintance. And the moment she had opened the door, the unknown had cruelly murdered her.

After this horrible incident, the people were so scared of the notorious grove that they would not go near it even in the bright daylight.

Image by ArtTower on Pixabay


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