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Feeling the Soup

by Anthony Paderes about a month ago in urban legend
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It's Not Your Mother's Cooking

Feeling the Soup
Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window. It wasn't a source of light for anyone or anything. Just a warning for those who know, or better yet, those who believe. For it believes in you and resides in whatever abandoned shelter it decides to make its domain. Interrupting its preparation is a far worse fate than being taken for its savory delight.

"Think too hard

And you'll see me in the closet

Think too hard

And you'll see me in a drawer

You won't get too far

Once you see me in the cabinet

You won't get too far

Once you run for the door

Won't take too long

For my body to rot

Won't take too long

'til my soup's on the floor."

Stacy woke up to the rusty tune of a nursery rhyme she had never heard in a cabin she had never seen. She quickly realized she was standing but could not move as her eyes darted back and forth making out the portion of the room she could see. There were shelves that lined the walls from the floor to the ceiling. Each shelf was filled with countless severed heads looking up, with their mouths wide open and all sat on their necks. There was a boiling cauldron in front of her giving off an aroma that reminded her of something her mother would make when she would get sick.

Tears began to fill her eyes as she felt a hand brush against her shoulder, and it made its presence known. The creature stood in front of the cauldron with its back facing her while humming the rhyme she heard when she had awoken. It looked like a little girl, but had the skin of an elderly. It stood there naked with its slack skin and wiry hair as it dipped its finger into the boiling concoction then tasted it.

"E-e-excuse me….have you seen Laura?" Stacy asked with a trembling voice. The creature in front of her turned around and Stacy began to cry. It was no taller than her and resembled an old woman whose chest hung below the waist, but had no genitals. Its face lacked any symmetry as the rotting remains of the familiar face fell to the floor. It spoke in rhyme with its raspy voice, "Oh sweetie, don't you see? Laura's right here silly bee."

With that last word Stacy saw its true face. The eyes were offset with one bigger than the other and had a hole where the nose would be. Its mouth had several rows of teeth that were all different shapes and sizes. Stacy screamed because that was all she could do and it flicked the air with its long slender tongue as if it could taste her fear. It cackled then spoke again, "Try and try, that's all you can do. The more you struggle, the more delicious the brew. Let me show you what I do. My soup tells the stories of all before you."

The creature walked over and plucked a head from one of the shelves. It walked back over to Stacy while holding the head by the neck with one hand and letting the back of the head rest in its opposite. It smiled with its many teeth while holding a little boy's head that had a thick liquid sitting in its mouth, "Jimmy, oh Jimmy was a whole lot of fun. Jimmy had Billy and his brother had none. Jimmy loved Billy, but Billy wasn't who he thought. Jimmy was real and Billy was not."

Stacy's head jerked up on its own with her mouth gaped open. The thing touched the severed head's chin to hers and poured the liquid into her mouth. It went down with ease as her blue eyes rolled back to show another set of brown irises missing their pupils. Only to see through the eyes of another in a small dark place. Yet, still not able to move.

Stacy could hear a door open and a young man's voice followed, "Jimmy, it's time for dinner." There was a pause before he continued then yelled to their mother, "Dude where the fuck are you? Mom, I can't find him! He's probably being weird again!" Footsteps trailed off and Stacy began to move, but not by her own doing.

A vertical string of light blinded her vision and when it cleared she saw that she was no longer in the cabin. She reached out of the small space and pulled herself out. Her eyes fell on arms that were not hers. Nor was she anywhere she recognized. Her body stood up on its own and was taller than what she was used to.

Stacy turned around and saw a little boy in the mirror grinning from ear to ear. "Jimmy! Time for dinner!" yelled their mother from the kitchen. Jimmy's head strapped to the side and yelled back in a little boy's voice, "Be right there mom!" Jimmy ran to the kitchen and jumped into a seat right next to the young man she heard earlier. "How's playing hide and seek with your imaginary friend?" pestered the young man.

Their mother answered before Jimmy could, "Steven, be nice and eat your food." Jimmy's head turned to Steven, "As a matter of fact I did. You can play with us later if you like?" Steven scoffed and just started eating. Jimmy and their mother joined in and dinner went on just like any other night. Jimmy was the first to finish up and excused himself from the table.

Stacy watched as her body made its way to the sink with a plate in hand and slammed it into the sink. The plate shattered and startled Jimmy's mother and brother. Their mother yelled, "What the hell Jimmy?! Get out of there and just go to your room!" Steven got up to clean up the mess while Jimmy ran into a room and slammed the door.

Her body looked around the room to see it was an older boys room then went into the closet and closed the door. Jimmy stood there motionless and without a breath for a couple hours until Steven was getting ready for bed. Steven jumped in bed and turned on the TV then he heard his brothers voice come from his closet, "Steeeevennnnn. Want to come play hide and seek with Billy and me?"

Steven's head shot in the direction of his closet and slowly started getting out of bed, "J-Jimmy? Dude what the fuck are you doing in there? I'm going to tell mom if you don't get out." Steven could hear his brother's door open and their mother calling for him. Steven went to yell out to her when his closet door started to open.

Steven ran to the door and yanked it open, "Dude what the hell are you…." He was dumbfounded at the sight. His brother was standing in his closet, but inside wasn't what it was supposed to be. Steven watched as Jimmy hid behind a tree in a forest that shouldn't exist. Stacy did everything she could to warn the young man, but all she could do is watch from the eyes of the body she has no control of.

She watched as her body waved at Steven then called him over, "Come play hide and seek with us! This is where Billy lives!" Steven stepped closer to the door, "I-I don't know Jimmy. Is it safe? Does mom know about this?" Jimmy made his way to the doorway and put out his hand, "Of course it's safe. Don't you trust me?"

Steven hesitantly put out his hand and Jimmy violently grabbed his wrist, "Come in brother, don't you want to play? This is only the start of your dismay." Steven looked up at his little brother who had a grin with several rows of teeth from ear to ear. He yanked his arm free and kicked Jimmy away, then stepped back in horror as he realized his brother's body slowly falling apart into a slop on the ground.

The creature ran at Steven and pounced on him. Steven's scream turn into a whimpering gargle when it ripped a chunk out of his neck. The creature then crawled over to Stevens' back, planted its hands on the floor and kicked him into the closet with the door shutting behind him. The young man was gone and Stacy hoped that the nightmare would finally end. Until the bedroom door opened up with a trembling voice behind it, "S-s-steven? H-honey?"

Their mother opened the door to see that thing standing there facing the closed closet door. It was wearing Jimmy's clothes, but there sat a puddle at his feet that gave off a pleasant aroma. She noticed Jimmy looked shorter for some reason and his hair was longer in some places. Her body shuttered when she realized his arms weren't even the same length. Their mother stood her ground at the horrific sight and demanded to know, "WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY BABIES?! WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THEM?!"

Their mother reached for the closest thing without taking her eyes off the monstrosity who was still facing the closest. She grabbed Stevens skateboard then closed the distance between her and the creature while her legs shook uncontrollably with each step. She stood behind the thing disguised as her little boy with the skateboard over her head and it spoke, "Your babies? Your babies! Those ingredients were mine for the taking. Each one is special for the soups I'll be making." It said this as its head spun completely around to look their mother in the eyes with its true face.

Their mother went to scream and it grabbed her by her bottom jaw with such a force its fingers ripped through with ease. Their mother immediately let go of the skateboard and grabbed it by its slick forearm to pry it off but it was a fruitless endeavor. Stacy watched as her body bent back at the knees, caught itself with its free hand, then opened the door with its foot while staring into the eyes of the boy's petrified mother. Their mother gazed into the pitch black closet before being violently dragged into it by her bottom jaw with the door slamming behind them. Stacy then opened her eyes to see she was back in the cabin and began crying hysterically.

The thing stood in front of her clapping jubilantly while its long slender tongue slapped away the tears running down Stacy's face. The creature cackled as it walked back to the wall of heads and found another it seemed to be fond of. It grabbed the head from the shelf and cradled it in its frail arms. It was an older woman's head that the creature rocked like an infant with the head's long blond hair swishing with the motion. The liquid stood motionless in its mouth without making a ripple as it did.

It stood before Stacy while she wept and struggled to move screaming, "I want my mommy and daddy! P-p-please don't eat me!" It placed its long wrinkly finger on Stacy's forehead, ran it down her face and booped her on the nose making her shudder. Her head violently jerked back once again and the creature held the severed head above hers.

It cackled as it poured the liquid down Stacy's throat while rhyming, "Tod was so lonely until he met Sally. But not before Sussy, Taylor and Ally. Tod tried to ignore us with his glasses of brandy, but it didn't take too long for things to end badly." Stacy's eyes rolled back for the second time and her irises were replaced by a hazel pair missing the pupil like before. Once again, she was in a body she had no control of in a dark place she did not know.

A knock was heard followed by an answer, "Girls, I can't play right now. I really need to finish these next few chapters before…." The older gentleman talking was cut off by a few more knocks coming from the space Stacy was in and she heard his voice once more, "Okay okay. Who is it this time? Taylor? Ally?" Stacy watched the light cut through the darkness in a thin line overhead to see a man looking down at her….or the body she was in.

He was a fit older man typing on a computer. Couldn't be older than thirty, but his receding hairline would put that to question. The man was sitting at his desk wearing basketball shorts, a dingy tank top and gave off a strong stench every time he opened his mouth, "Sally! How you doin' baby? I see that you missed me, but give me like twenty minutes and I'm all yours."

Sally extended her arm and reached into the leg of the man's shorts while she whined, "But Tod, you promised. The girls and I have been waiting oh so patiently." Tod shood her hand away with his hand before slurring his words, "Come on man. You know I can't write when you lady's mess with me like that."

Stacy had come to realize this woman was in the drawer. Sally pulled back her hand and playfully argued back, "You told Taylor that last night. Pleassssse? You promised remember?" Tod took a swig of a bottle sitting next to his computer and laughed, "I know. I know. Really though, I'm almost done. I promise this time. It'll be worth the wait!"

Sally giggled like a schoolgirl before responding, "We know, but we're sooooo tired of waiting to taste you! You and your delicious looking self." Tod's beat red face seemed to blush, "You know how to win me over don't you? Your place this time right?" Sally nodded with excitement as she reached back out the drawer to caress Tod's leg giving him goosebumps.

Sally sat in the drawer unblinking while Tod finished up what he was doing. He stood up from his chair and he swayed before looking down at the drawer with the woman looking back at him. He smiled then finally asked, "So how we doin' this? Do I just step in there or somethin'?" Sally reached out with both hands excitedly saying, "Yeah! Take my hands and I'll help you right in baby. The girls and I have been waiting far to long to make you mine."

Her words didn't register until Tod had already had mindlessly placed his hands in hers then awkwardly joked, "Mine? Thought you guys were sharin' me? Don't want to make any of the other ladies jealous." Stacy watched as Tod's face grew in horror and started to pull away when Sally smiled at him with a mouth full of teeth, "Oh Toddy boy you think you're a catch. Not one, or two, but four to be exact. It took until Sally for me to find you a match. I cannot promise to bring you home without a scratch."

Tod screamed in horror as he tried to pull himself free but it only brought more fear. Sally's face seemed to rip more down the middle the harder he pulled. He put his foot against the drawer and tried to break free with all his might. Sally let out a rusty cackle while he cried, "L-l-let go! Let the fuck go of me!" Sally's skin tore down the middle while Tod yanked the creature out from inside its disguise that was left hanging loosely on the drawer.

The creature landed on him with a coat of a viscous that gave off a savory smell. He cried trying to get a grip on the little monster but it was far too slick for his hands. Stacy watched as a tongue left the creature's mouth to force itself into one of his nostrils, out the other and into his mouth. Tod wrapped his hands around the creature's throat while he gagged on its tongue. Its body went limp giving Tod a moment to collect himself before everything went black.

Tod pulled the tongue out from down his throat and gasped for air once he was free. He pushed the disgusting thing off of him then started pulling its tongue out of his nose but the pain was too much. Tod got to his feet and walked over to his desk to look for something sharp to free himself from the creature and its tongue that dangled from his face. He gagged at the sight of the skin it left behind hanging on the drawer that seemed to be turning into some sort of liquid by the second.

Tod searched for his letter opener on the messy desk while dragging the creature around by its tongue. He cried in a panic, "Come on. Come on. WHERE THE HELL IS IT?!" He used his arm to clear his desk in anger, then held himself up on the edge with his hands. Tod dropped his head and began to sob, "What the fuck is going on? I have to call the police or something. This is too mu…." His words were cut short once he felt pressure in his nose.

His body jerked back and spun to the side as the slick tongue wrapped around his face in the same direction. The creature was quick and before he knew it his head slammed against the desk drawer as the creature crawled back in. In a daze, Tod placed his hands against the drawer and did everything he could to pull away from the tongue that was now wrapped around his head.

The creature cackled and spoke unphased by its tongue that was wrapped around Tod's head, "Oh Toddy boy you really thought you knew? How sad to think that strangulation was new. Well I'm sorry to say you're sadly mistaken. We'll be my place once you awaken." Tod's neck popped and his body went limp with his head in the drawer. He let out muffled groans while his body was taken into the drawer inch by inch until it was no more.

Stacy's vision came back and she was in the cabin with the creature nowhere to be seen. She broke into an uncontrollable sob once more trying to move but she was still bound where she stood. The creature lowered itself from the ceiling and placed its slick cheek against hers making Stacy's body quiver. Stacy begged, "Where are my friends?! Please, just take me home!" The creature was inverted and face to face with Stacy.

It cackled while catching Stacy's tears in the empty space where its nose would be while its eyes rolled back in pleasure. "Stacy dear, with this much fear we are almost in the clear." said the creature before disappearing from view. It then shot across the ceiling of the cabin on all fours towards a wall of heads. It dropped from the ceiling onto its head making its neck crack, then brought its legs down in front of it before standing straight up. It joyfully picked a head from the wall and presented it to Stacy like a prize.

Stacy screamed, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO LAURA?! WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS?!" The creature cackled as it spun back and forth while approaching her with Laura's head in hand. It stopped in front of Stacy and gave a twirl before it spoke, "Inviting Laura over with a group of girls was ideal. Little girls have so much fear I couldn't help but hear you all squeal."

Stacy's mouth opened on its own. The creature scooped some of the liquid from inside the severed head's mouth and wiped its fingers on her tongue. Stacy's eyes rolled back and were replaced with green irises without pupils. Only to awaken in the dark once more. She heard a familiar voice call out, "You can come out now Laura. I already tagged Jessica."

Stacy watched as a small door opened up before her and she quickly realized she was in her kitchen. Excited that the nightmare was over, she went to step out of the cabinet, but she still wasn't in control of her body. She remembered this moment. Her body stepped out of the cabinet and she heard a smack followed by her voice, "You're it!"

Stacy's body looked up to see her own face smiling back at her and heard Laura's voice she spoke, "Awhhhhh! No fair!" Stacy jumped off the counter and helped Laura get to her feet. Shortly after, two more girls, Jessica and Kelly, ran into the kitchen from different rooms to start the game again. Stacy put on her serious face then said, "Only rules in this house is no peeking and no backyard since my parents don't know how to not cheat. Oh and you're it!"

The three girls scrambled and left Laura alone in the kitchen to count on her own. Laura turned, put her head down on the counter and started to count, "One is for me. Two to subdue. Three is a party. Four will turn blue. Five fingers make it hearty, but six to stick like glue. Hide all you want because I'm coming for you." Laura picked her head up from the counter, sniffed the air and smiled.

She stood there motionless without blinking for a few minutes then crawled back into the cabinet and shut the door. Laura moved her face forward then smiled making her cheek touch Kelly's face. Kelly kicked the door open screaming and ran out from the closet under the stairs. Stacy and Jessica ran to her cry as Laura watched from the doorway of the closet. Kelly cried, "S-she was just there! I don't want to play with her!"

Stacy started to remember this. She remembered saying, "What the heck Laura?! You aren't supposed to scare us. You're supposed to find us." Laura's smile slumped into an elongated frown before saying, "I'm so sorry. I won't do that again. I'll even be it again!" Stacy's parents opened the back door to check on them with her dad calling out, "You girls okay? Can't tell if you're screaming to have fun or seriously freaking out."

Kelly yelled back at Stacy's parents, "We're fine mister Jacobson! Just scared myself, but thank you for checking!" Stacy hugged Kelly, "Thank youuuuuuu! Cool so we get to keep playing. Laura you're it!" The three girls ran off in different directions as Laura moseyed over to the counter and put her head down with drool pouring from her mouth.

She stood there vacant for a few minutes then stood up and sniffed the air like before. Laura walked upstairs and stopped in front of a closet. Stacy remembered holding her mouth to contain the laughter so she wouldn't be caught, and Laura just continued to walk past her hiding spot. Laura scoffed, walked past the closet and into Stacy's room.

Laura crouched down next to Stacy's bed and opened the nightstand cabinet drawer. She pretended to be surprised, "Oh my gosh. No way this is real! Jessica, you didn't tell me she had one of these!" Jessica was laying under the bed confused, then remembered Stacy's strategy tricking people out of their hiding places. Laura continued, "Jessica, I know you're under the bed. Are you telling me you didn't know Stacy had mini horses in her nightstand?! This is unreal!"

Jessica was more confused than ever. When she heard the sound of a horse coming from the side of the bed she could not help but go look and Laura was waiting for her with a smile. Laura waved Jessica to come closer from under the bed and said, "Come on. You have to look real close. Hurry before they run off!"

Jessica pulled herself from under the bed and looked inside the nightstand that appeared to be pitch black, "Where'd they go?" She looked over at Laura in confusion and her heart sank when she saw Laura staring back at her with saliva pouring down from the corner of her smile. Jessica slowly got to her feet and backed away towards the bedroom door.

Laura stood up cackling, "Go ahead, run away and try to live another day." Jessica turned to run out the room. She went to scream but a hand covered her mouth and pulled her back. She kicked and let out a muffled cry trying to get free with Laura dragging her back to the nightstand.

Laura put her head next to Jessica's and licked the tears from her face making her cry even more, "What a tasty soup you will be. Cannot wait to wear your flavor on me." Laura grabbed Jessica by the waist of her pants while gripping her by the mouth and threw her head first into the nightstand with the closet door closing behind her.

Laura opened the nightstand once again to crawl in and shut the door. She could hear Kelly breathing heavily below her then knocked. Kelly cut her breath short and listened for a moment before hearing another knock from above. Curious, Kelly opened up the cabinet she was hiding in and looked up to see nothing.

Kelly stepped out and looked on and around the counter but there was no one there to mess with her. She shrugged it off then went to step back into her hiding spot until she heard the knock again. It seemed to come from inside the drawer above the cabinet she was hiding in. Her curiosity got the best of her as she went to open the drawer that should have utensils in it. Only to see nothing but black.

She closed it and took a second to register what she just saw because it didn't make sense. She decided to look again. Kelly opened the drawer and a pair of small hands shot out of it. They grabbed onto the back of her head as she fought to break free and all she heard was laughter. She went to scream for help but the hands pulled her head into the drawer and put pressure on her throat making her choke.

Kelly kicked her legs until they went limp and then was dragged into the drawer. Stacy remembered running down to the kitchen after hearing Kelly scream and seeing Laura standing with Kelly's slippers in her hand. Not thinking anything of it, but when she watched what happened through Laura's eyes she finally understood.

Stacy ran into the kitchen to see Laura holding the slippers, "What happened? Everything okay?" Laura had a confused look on her face, "I-I don't know. I was chasing her, then she just crawled in the cabinet and disappeared." Stacy gave her an incredulous look so Laura showed her.

Laura opened up the cabinet door and gasped, "Wow, look at all the pretty flowers! Come on, let's check it out! No wonder why Kelly ran in here!" Laura's voice trailed away the deeper she went into the cabinet. Stacy was blown away when she looked into the cabinet and couldn't believe it was real, "What the heck?! No way! I have to show my mom and dad all these flowers!"

Laura waved at her to enter saying, "Don't worry about that silly bee. The only person you need is me." Stacy giggled and said, "You're silly!" She then entered the cabinet with the door shutting behind her. Like that, Stacy was back in the cabin drenched in sweat, snot and tears with the creatures back facing her stirring the cauldron with its arm.

Stacy cried as her body made its way to the side of the cauldron on its own and stepped in one foot at a time. She could feel the boiling broth scalding her legs, then her body when it sat down on its own. The creature cackled then spoke for the last time,

"Think too hard

And you'll see me in the closet

Think too hard

And you'll see me in a drawer

You won't get too far

Once you see me in the cabinet

You won't get too far

Once you run for the door

Won't take too long

For my body to rot

Won't take too long

'til my soup's on the floor."

urban legend

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