Exorcist and Exorcism Movies Truth

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Yep they happen.

Exorcist and Exorcism Movies Truth

The first Exorcist movie came out in 1973 and one of the first Exorcism movies came out in 2005. Now there have been other movies about the devil, exorcisms, and the role of the priest (and religion) in all this, but the movies in the Exorcism and Exorcist franchises have been some of the most popular on the topic. We all know this topic is real and that's why people are so freaked out by these movies. Let's talk about the movies and the real life topic of possession and exorcisms.

So the premise of the Exorcism and Exorcist movies is pretty simple. Each movie is a story of someone (usually a young person) who gets possessed by the devil or unknown entity. Then it's the job of the local priest or minister to get the entity out of the person. They're all pretty standard from what I've heard and read. I've never seen them; the original was before my time and I hadn't really been into creepy until I got involved with guys who were. I also started watching Hailey Reese and Loey Lane's creepy videos on my own. Some of the stories were based on true possessions. So let's talk about possession and how to make the spirits go away.

So what is a possession? It's when a spirit, usually a demon or evil spirit, takes over someone. Now this happens a few ways and it can happen to anyone, even if you don't believe. One of the main ways possession happen is using the Ouija board, especially if you use them wrong. There is even a movie called Veronica about a true story of a girl that played with a Ouija board, got possessed, and died six month later. One source said that while there is no scientific proof that the possessions happen, alleged "possessions" can happen due to mental illness, suggestion, or superstition. In my belief there is a difference between mental illness, suggestion, and possession. Now people can believe that they are possessed due to suggestion or mental illness, but that isn't true possession. People believe someone can be possessed while they have ran away from God or ran closer to God. They believe that people who were possessed when they have ran closer to God believe the spirit did so because they wanted to somehow punish God or test the strength of God. Those who were possessed while running from God were possessed because they were at a weak spiritual state. Some believe it is due to sin.

So how does a possession end? Sometimes the spirit lets go. If the spirit lets go, it means that it has gotten what it wants from the host. Sometimes there has to be religious intervention like prayer, blessing, or exorcism. Other religions have their ways of getting rid of possession. Now the Catholic church says it's done with exorcisms, but I'm sure that there are priests that still do them.

Now to the real stories. We talked about Veronica, who died because of a possible possession, but there are so many. There's stories in the Bible like the guy who had his demons cast into pigs. In that story, when the pigs were possessed, they ran into the water and died.

Out of the Bible there are few true cases. Like there is the Aix-en-Provence possessions which happened among Ursuline nuns of Aix-en-Provence near France in 1611. Now a priest was charged and executed because the possessions were due to a pact he made with the devil.

There was one so terrifying that it inspired the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The real girl's name was Anneliese Michel. Anneliese was mentally ill but her family was convinced that her condition was due to demonic possession. At 22, she began 10 months of intense exorcisms; in all, 70 were performed. She ended up dying of dehydration and starvation.

I'll tell more true stories at a later date. Please tell me if you want a specific story. My email is [email protected] if you want to tell stories or make suggestions.

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