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Jason And Elias Encounter One Another


With months passing and with no more nests to clear, Jason decides to seek Elias out to get closure. Since Ramona and Jason went separate ways after their last hunt, Jason seeks him out alone.

He decides to start by hiding by dark alleyways in the town, as he knows with the siren at his peak, he is going to need to feed.

After several minutes of nothing, he finally hears Elias's familiar hum.

Peaking around the corner, he sees one of the drunk patrons from the Grim Pub, stumbling following the song.

Due to their once close nature, Jason is able to resist the song.

He follows the drunk patron until he comes across a cold misty dark cavern entrance.

Jason watches as the poor patron enters his tomb.

He unsheathes his mercury coated dagger and follows the bait.

Once inside, he is able to make out Elias's full form:

He is slightly larger, his wings are more pointed, his talons have a dark coating around them as does his claws; that can only mean he'll have some sort of a tranquilizing effect if he gets clawed.

Jason realizes that he cannot attack Elias without knowing the full extent of his power, meaning he'll have to let him feed from his prey.

He watches as the patron meets his demise.

The creature toys with his food, using his wings to open the patron's neck.

Upon the scratch, the patron starts to seize and convulse. Jason realizes their encounter is going to have to be short lived otherwise this too could be his tomb.

The Harpy's mouth widens and reveals rows of fangs as he sinks them deep into the patron, draining him within seconds.

Once he is finished, he grips the patron by his throat and tosses him across the cold damp cavern on top of a pile of his previous nourishments.

The creature lets out a screech and flaps his wings a few times to establish dominance.

Jason no longer recognizes the siren he met all those years ago, instead he sees only a monster.

With is blade unsheathed, he advances slowly towards the creature who now is on all fours circling the den, much like a cat about to curl up.

He finds his spot to rest, a small corner of the cave that has a patch of green; the only live nature in the cave.

Jason silently moves across the cave as Elias curls and uses his wings to shield him as he regenerates.

He takes a deep breath before lunging at the creature, blade in hand.

The siren quickly awakens and uses his wings to send Jason flying across the cavern.

Jason is tossed but is able to keep his blade close by his side.

As the siren tries to flee, Jason throws his blade into the creature's back causing him to fall mid-flight.

The siren screeches and Jason quickly retrieves his blade.

The creature uses his wings and claws to gain distance between him and the hunter.

Jason switches his blade to a defensive stance, and the two are deadlocked in their confrontation, pacing back and forth with their eyes fixated on one another.


"I knew that you'd come to finish the job."

He gestures to his scar on his stomach from when they first met.


"You knew that I can't let you continue to feed off of innocent townsfolk."


"Maybe I just didn't expect you to be that fixated on me."

Mid-sentence he starts to shift into his mortal form.

Reaching for his back he caresses the wound from Jason's blade.


"I kind of regret telling you about our weakness."


"You have so many strengths. One little dagger shouldn't be too hard for you to avoid."


"Just like a bullet wasn't hard for your mother to avoid."

Jason charges at the siren only to have him shift into his Harpy form and dodge him.


"Just because you wounded me, doesn't mean that I'm weak."

He uses his wings to achieve the level of wind of a strong storm and sends Jason flat to the ground.

The siren continues to flap his wings, causing Jason to be pinned against the ground, like a carnival ride with G-Force.

He advances towards the hunter and uses the tip on his wing to stab Jason's shoulder.

He lifts the hunter off of the ground and tosses him across the cave, near the pile of his previous prey.

With Jason's blade no longer at his side, Elias goes to retrieve it as the toxic sets into the hunter's bloodstream.

The siren grabs the hunter's throat and pins him up against the wall.

He slowly drags the blade across his face and licks his neck, flashing his rows of teeth.


"So this is how it ends."


"There are worse ways to go out..."

The Harpy's jaws extend as he tilts the hunter's neck.

Before he is able to sink his fangs into his flesh, he is met with a second dagger deep in his side.

Shrieking, he backs from the hunter.

Shifting back into his human form, he pulls out the dagger and backs against the cave.

Both of the blades clatter to the ground as Jason starts to recover from the toxins.


"I really wish it didn't have to end like this..."

He grabs the blade and goes to plunge it into the creature's heart until he pauses.

Realizing that if he dies, he'll have eliminated all supernatural presence from that town.


"If you're going to finish me, do it. It's one thing for a monster to toy with their food but for humans..."

Jason sheathes his blade and crouches to the ground.


"Your obsession with me is why you turned into a monster. I'm not going to give you the stratification of ending your life."

He grabs the second blade from the ground and cleans it using Elias's now human face, and sheathes it. He exits the cave, with their confrontation at an end.

The siren, beaten, cold, and sinks into a cold corner of his den.


"Hello? Hello? I seem to be lost. I'm trying to find Vatican City. I'm from back East and I can't seem to find the city lights. I overheard some voices earlier. Hello?"

The siren quickly perks up and grips his stomach, clutching his wound.


"Hello. I'm sorry for the mess, I wasn't expecting anyone else."

Before the stranger recognizes the tomb, the siren stars to hum and he is quickly entranced and now seeing a mirage.

After a few moments, the siren shifts into his form and feeds from the stranger.

His back mends, his wings extend, and he is back to at peak.

The Harpy lets out a shriek.

With the hunter gone, the siren is now fixated on his one target.

He etches two tally marks into the wall of his den representing their encounters.

The Siren and the hunter forever in conflict...

After several minutes of plotting his revenge, Elias is encountered by another supernatural creature.

Upon seeing her he hisses and flaps his wings.



She shows the siren her wounded side from the hunter's encounter months earlier.

Those blades aren't too fun to heal from.

He shifts into his mortal form.


"Didn't we fight?"


"Yes, but that was different. Not knowing who's side you're on. However, in these desperate times...we need to stick together. After all... what else is family?"

She shifts into her Hybrid-Form and dons her claws and fangs at the siren, grinning.

He shifts into his form and screeches.

The hunter has no idea of what is to come...


Elijah Taylor
Elijah Taylor
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