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"Echoes of Dread: Unveiling the Secrets of Girl on the Third Floor"

"Exploring the Malevolent Depths of a Haunted Victorian Mansion"

By bonita johnsonPublished 30 days ago 3 min read

In the dimly lit corridors of the Victorian home, shadows dance sinisterly as if concealing secrets too dreadful to be revealed. Body fluids seep like malevolent whispers from electrical sockets, pooling ominously on the floor, while rotting walls exhale the stench of decay. Girl on the Third Floor is not merely a horror film; it is a descent into a realm where the house itself is as alive as the ghosts it harbors within its festering walls.

Don Koch, portrayed by the enigmatic Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, thought he could tame the malevolent spirit lurking within the decaying Victorian mansion. But as he and his pregnant wife, Liz, soon discover, the house has plans of its own—plans soaked in blood and steeped in darkness.

Travis Stevens, a master of the macabre and producer of genre mainstays like Cheap Thrills and Starry Eyes, ventures into the directorial realm with Girl on the Third Floor. In this chilling tale, Stevens deftly subverts traditional haunted house tropes, weaving a narrative that defies expectations and leaves audiences trembling with anticipation. But what inspired such a twisted tale of terror?

The multi-story corner home, nestled at the intersection of Sauk Trail and Center Road, beckoned to Greg Newman, producer of Queensbury Pictures. Purchased as an investment, the house quickly revealed its sordid past to Newman through whispered tales of horror and despair. It was as though the very walls of the house harbored the echoes of past atrocities, waiting to be unleashed upon unsuspecting souls.

Built in the early 1900s, the Frankfort house bore witness to unspeakable horrors. Rumored to have once been a bordello, its halls echoed with the anguished cries of those who had met untimely ends within its confines. Two tragic deaths, shrouded in mystery and sorrow, left an indelible mark upon the house—a mark that would manifest itself in the form of restless spirits seeking solace in the afterlife.

Most chilling of all are the tales of the two girls whose spirits are said to haunt the house. One, a young English immigrant, succumbed to illness within its walls, her anguished cries echoing through the night. The other, a victim of senseless violence, met her demise in a third-floor bedroom, her blood staining the floorboards for eternity.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the third floor is the epicenter of paranormal activity within the house. Ghostly apparitions of the girls are said to wander its corridors, their mournful wails piercing the silence of the night. Lights flicker and dim of their own accord, as though the very essence of the house itself is imbued with a malevolent intelligence.

But the horror does not confine itself to the boundaries of the house alone. According to local lore, the spirits that dwell within its walls are not content to remain imprisoned. One chilling anecdote tells of a ghostly encounter next door, where a spectral presence attempted to befriend a young girl in the dead of night. Such tales serve as a grim reminder that the horrors of the house extend far beyond its physical confines.

In Girl on the Third Floor, the house itself becomes a character—a malevolent entity with a vendetta against those who dare to trespass upon its domain. Its decrepit halls and crumbling walls serve as a canvas upon which the darkest nightmares are painted, its secrets lurking in the shadows, waiting to be discovered.

Travis Stevens has crafted a modern masterpiece of horror, drawing inspiration from the very essence of the house itself. By intertwining the rich history and chilling lore of the Frankfort home with a tale of terror that defies convention, he has created a film that is as haunting as it is unforgettable. And in doing so, he has breathed new life into the time-honored tradition of the haunted house tale, ensuring that Girl on the Third Floor will be whispered about in hushed tones for generations to come.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 30 days ago

    Fantastic! Well written! Great job!

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