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Dumas Beach One Of The Haunted Beach In The World

by chandan chakraverty 3 months ago in travel
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Dumas Beach

Just close your eyes and imagine that you are having fun with your whole family on a beautiful beach. Forgetting all your sorrows, every stress, you have again become a child with children. What a relief Actually Beach's has always been the center of tourist attraction. If you are under stress, just take off your shoe stockings and walk on the sand by the sea. How relaxing it is when you sit by the seaside and enjoy the gust of cool soft air, the waves rising from the sea make you happy. But if this beach becomes a haunt of ghosts, would you like to go to such a place? What not and but if your answer is yes then today's episode is 100% made for you only.

Dumas Beach

Surrat is a city in Gujarat, about 13 miles away from which there is a beach which is adjacent to the Arabian sea. Its name is dumas beach. It is said that this beach is so haunted and the activity here is so paranormal that the air of a good number of people becomes tight.

If we talk about the sand lying on the side of this seaside, then its sand is very different and unusual from the rest of the seaside sand. It has been seen that the color of the sand here is said to be a mixture of dark brown and black, that this color is here. This is due to the high iron content found in the sand.

Creation & Ghost

Imagine that you are sitting on a beach where you like to go. And one day someone comes to you and say brother, where you are sitting, Hindus used to burn and bury their loved ones, then you will feel that you are sitting on someone's grave. Or is sitting on top of the cheetah of anyone who was burnt there. Actually Dumas is a very ancient burial ground where Hindus used to bury or burn their family or any brave warrior.

Animal Reaction

Now you will say that what is the proof of this thing that it is the haunt of ghosts. No one can feel the existence or not of the soul better than dogs and cannot deny this. All you have to do is to take your dog for a walk on the beach in the dark of night. And as soon as you take the dog, your dog will stop at once, suddenly his ears will stand up. And he will keep looking in front of you and as soon as you turn towards your dog and ask what happened, your dog will try to drag you from there.

And if you go out with the same dog in the morning instead of at night, then you yourself will realize that the reaction of your dog is completely different as compared to last night. He would like to go to every corner of the beach with you, without any fear. It sounds strange but this is the truth. There is a lot of ability inside animals, one of which is their sensing power, their ability to sense is many times more than us humans. Animals can already steam things that we humans cannot even see.

Unexplained Disappearances

If we talk about disappearing, then many people have disappeared from here. And those who somehow managed to escape from there by saving their lives in the night, they say. It is almost impossible to escape if anyone went on a seaside walk during the night because those who managed to escape, say that someone was calling them by their name in the silence of the night.

Sometimes the voices come from the land, sometimes the voices that come from the land coming with the waves of the sea speak to go back, but the sounds that come from the sea are very attractive and sweet. She asks them to come near the sea.

One such gentleman says that in fun he went for a walk in the dark of night when he heard these two voices, one voice was telling him to go and the other was calling him near the sea. Instead of going back, he went towards the sound of the sea, where he saw a very attractive light in the water, he was walking behind that light that only then his sleep was broken. When he saw that water and sand had come till his knee. And he is slowly going downhill, so he tried to get himself out by lying behind without any delay and came running towards the ground.

This proves one thing that not all souls are bad.

Photographic Evidence

There are many people who have not realized any kind of paranormal. But his camera did not lie to him. Those who have captured photos from the camera there. Sometimes he saw some orbs in the photo, sometimes he saw a light ball. So sometimes a black shadow was seen which used to stay right behind the person whose photo is being taken.


The tourists who do not even know about this beach being haunted. They also say that this is the first such beach which gives a feeling of sadness, hopelessness or loss of something, people go to this seaside not happy but sad. One such experience was done by a boy when he went to take a walk in this beach at night. In fact, when he separated from a slightly populated place in the night, he felt as if someone was standing behind him and whispering something in his ear. As soon as the boy turned, he saw that there was nothing behind him. When this happened to him many times, he immediately ran to the place where there was a little crowd.


  1. If you are willing to go to Dumas Beach, then keep in mind two three things.
  2. Never go for a seaside walk after dusk
  3. any kind of sound If you hear it, run away immediately and stand in a crowded place.
  4. If you see anything in the water, no matter how beautiful it is, don't go after it
  5. If your dog wants to take you from there, then do not ignore his action.


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