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Doll Face

Once upon a time there was a girl named Claire Wilson.

By Steve CovinPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Once upon a time there was a girl named Claire Wilson. Claire was a very beautiful young woman with curly raven-colored hair, big brown eyes and a radiant complexion with rose colored lips from a small suburban town with dreams and aspirations of making it as a famous model. She would even do whatever it took to achieve her dream, even if it meant working odd jobs. People around town used to call her doll face on account of how she was hailed as the most beautiful girl in the town, winning several beauty contests. One night while driving home from work, Claire was involved in a horrible accident leaving her completely disfigured, leaving her in a coma. After awakening from her slumber, Claire went into the bathroom to see herself in the mirror. She turned on the light and looked at her bandaged face then proceeded to remove them. To her horror, she soon realized that she could no longer recognize herself. Her beauty was gone forever. Her eyebrows and parts of her hair were singed off. Her lips partially gone, her nose was removed, bloodshot eyes with bruises underneath and broken front teeth. After examining her new appearance, a single tear fell from her horrid face. She began to weep. Her dreams of being a model were over. Suddenly Claire let out a blood curdling scream. Within an instant Claire became psychotic. Doctors quickly rushed into the room to investigate the matter. In a fit of rage, Claire violently broke the bathroom mirror then picked up a piece of glass and proceeded to attack the doctors with rabid ferocity. One by one, she brutally stabbed each one of the doctors in their faces to make them all look as hideous and disgusting as her. After her short killing spree, she went after and killed several more people, including nurses and patients, massacring anyone in her way. A new killer was born. Once she felt satisfied with her work, she calmly exited as if nothing had ever happened. Soon after, Claire discovered a neighborhood close by. She indiscriminately picked a house then proceeded to break in. After she entered the home, she made her way into the kitchen and grabbed a huge knife laying on the counter. She silently made her way upstairs to hear a couple sound asleep. Claire kicked in the door, causing the couple to awaken, screaming in terror. Claire immediately pounced onto the bed then viciously attacked them. First she went after the husband, slicing off his lips then cutting out his tongue, then removed his eyes. Next, she went after his wife, cutting away at her mouth and nose, then slit the woman’s throat. After the gruesome murders, she ransacked the home, not for jewelry or money, but for cosmetics. Once Claire found what she was looking for, she decided to head into the bathroom and apply the makeup to her face in an odd and unusual way. The lipstick on her destroyed lips was smudged. She drew on eyebrows to give herself a menacing look. She also added dark eyeshadow, even added foundation, then powered her face, making it look like a porcelain doll. After that, she returned to the couple she killed only to cut them open and drench her hands in blood. She took one blood-covered hand and began to write a message on the mirror that read: “I AM DOLL FACE.” With her new persona, doll face, yet again, calmly exited into the night wandering, looking to quench her newfound bloodlust.


About the Creator

Steve Covin

Hi my name is Steve Covin and I was born and raised in Los Angeles California. I enjoy sports, video games and reading.

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