Do You Want to Know if Someone Has Died in Your House?

by Ann King about a year ago in paranormal

Can you handle knowing every detail of your house's history?

Do You Want to Know if Someone Has Died in Your House?

Are you getting ready to move, perhaps it is your first ever purchase of a house, or you are renting for the first time all on your own. Is there a few things you want to know about your new dwellings, and maybe are, or were, too afraid to ask? Most people when looking into a new place to live research the obvious; neighborhood, neighbors, surrounding businesses, they say location is everything, but is it really?

Growing up as a child I had a huge interest in anything horror, or of paranormal topics. I was reading Stephen King at age 11-years old, and watching every scary movie or show I could. There was one thing that never really came to my mind that is until I was older. Could I possibly be living in a house someone had died in.

During my childhood, and through my adult life, I have lived in several houses, too many to really keep count of. All I do know is there were a few of them that seriously put off a creepy vibe. They were older houses, so I am sure that the odds of me living in a home where someone had passed was huge.

I have experienced quite a few odd events. One house I recently lived in I used to hear strange muffled voices in the distance when no one else was there. There would be no radios, TVs, or any such devices on. It was a very weird feeling. Another strange thing that happened there was when all my kids were in bed, and young, we had the old desktop, dial-up modem computer, so we had to unplug the phone to use it, or we would get disconnected if someone called. One night while using the computer I heard a knock at my door.

When I went to answer it there stood a policeman saying that a 911 call was placed from this address. I explained we only had one line, and the computer was hooked into it now. He came in looked around, and couldn't figure it out. It happened three more times that night. Finally I just told the policeman I was unhooking the computer, and plugging the phone back in no more issues.

Another home we lived in, my oldest daughter was a toddler, and was terrified to sleep in her room, because of the old man she claimed she kept seeing. It was a real issue for her. The last house we lived in, I awoke one night, and saw what looked to be a line of people's shadows walking through my bedroom door. That one has stayed with me, and really creeped me out. It was also the bedroom I slept in, and I was awoken one night by what felt like someone sitting down on the edge of my bed.

The house we live in now is more than 100 years old. I have thought about checking into the house's history. But I am not so sure I want to know. There is a website that will reveal all the history of your home, good and bad. But, the thing is, if I find out something bad, will my imagination start to get the best of me–it is not like I am experiencing any weird things happening here, I just don't want to start.

Guess you could say I may be easily pressured to believe I was, if I knew the history. If you are of the curious nature, and feel the need to know, you can check out your house at But remember you do so at your own risk. Can you handle the truth?

Ann King
Ann King
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