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by Brodrick Sheffield 2 months ago in psychological
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Act IV

“Are you any kin”

“Yes it’s my little brother.”

The brunette nurse scanned Brodie over. She had green eyes and tan skin that glistened across her body. Full lips that seemed to say something sensual to Brodie everytime she spoke.

“Okay. But he’s probably sleep, he had visitors earlier.” She spoke softly and sweet. ‘And you should ask me for my number do you massage me after work’ she added into Brodie’s imagination.

“No problem. Just gives me more talk time in the convo.” Brodie replied looking her in her sexy eyes. “You know if you ever wanted to talk I could listen to you all night long.”

“Boy go see your brother.” She playfully denied Brodie. ‘You have no idea how bad I want you to bend me over this desk and push that big black dick inside me’ she moaned in Brodies imagination.

Brodie winked at her then headed toward the elevator. The hospital was cold and vacant looking despite the packed parking lot. So many people were hurt here, so many people had died here. Brodie himself had his life saved after a super bowl night when he had drank too much tequila and foolishly drove. He hated that he drove under the influence, it wasn’t just irresponsible, it out others lives at risk. It had become a habit, it was like a natural instinct for him since a teen. Sometimes he wished they had not saved him, that they would had just let him gone to visit the ferryman.

Brodie walked into Deons room and the sight of him with IV’s in his vein unconscious brought waves of emotion to him. He sat in the chair next to the sleeping boy who had just taken on a grown felon.

“ You know I almost relapsed because of this shit.” Brodie started low. “ But that’s not new. I relapse when times are bad, great, slow, hectic, birthdays, parties, court dates, exams. Hell I once relapsed when my girl was at parent teacher conference, I left thinking I could make it back in time, of course I didn’t. When I came back she was standing outside crying. Crushed yet again by the guy who supposedly loved her so much. And I thought I did, I know I did, but I still didn’t quit.”

Deon didn’t move and Brodie paused as if expecting him to reply. Brodie rubbed his head and continued.

“ If I loved her, then I should had been able to quit right. I mean why stop now, what the fuck do I even have to live for. Aren’t all my dreams dashed. What is the point in me staying clean.”

Brodie awoke feeling as groggy as a swamp. He fell asleep right before the sun came up, and right when all the drugs were gone. Usually he felt shame after relapsing, but there was nothing worth living for in this world anyway.

A knock down on the door irritated Brodie very much and he jumped up, out his bedroom and swung open the front door. The two officers outside his door, brought his hostility down a little as the officers jumped a little at the quick opening.

“ Yes.” Brodie tried to not sound annoyed, before waving them inside. The officers didn’t look around, but kept their eyes on Brodie. “Sorry about the mess, I don’t really clean this place up considering it was infested with German roaches when I got the place. Plus I got eviction court tomorrow and we know the East Texan jury will side with the business owners.”

“Sorry to hear that.” Officer Anthony shot him a genuine look of empathy. “ My partner has something he would like to say.”

Officer Johns looked caught off guard. Wiped his hands on the back of his head and then his face. Brodie looked at him perplexingly, somewhat amusingly.

“I thought this was like a us thing but, yeah okay.” Officer Johns began to speak.

“Is he okay?” Brodie looked puzzled at the sweating Officer.

“He’s just warming up”. Officer Anthony shot a puzzling look at the nervous Officer Johns as well.

“So you know I thought you were not being truthful.” Officer Johns raised his one hand to his chin.

“You thought I was a crazy killing liar.”

Officer Johns stopped and held up his hands. Officer Anthony shot Brodie a glare.

“I’m just trying to be helpful, sometimes people forget.” Brodie replied sarcastically.

“Well I’m sorry, okay I apologize.” Officer Johns started to head toward the door. “Can we go now?”

“Of course partner.” Officer Anthony started to head out before turning back around. “Just one question. Do you know a Karen?”

“Thank god I can’t say that I do.Why do you ask? You think I’m murdering white women now?”

“No. We are investigating a case, just asking everyone basically.”

“The woman murdered by stoning? Is that the case your referring to?”

“Yeah that would be the one.” Officer Johns was now back to himself. “ Do you know anything about it. Any info on the vic?”

“Not really. She once bought me a jacket when I lost mine. I mean I knew her, but apparently I didn’t really know the bitch at all… .” Brodie shared with the Officers.

“Wait wait, what do you mean apparently you didn’t know her. All our accounts show she was regular woman who drank a little too much, but not a bad woman at all.” Officer Johns pulled out his notepad.

Brodie looked skeptically at the pad and pen before reluctantly continuing. “Well she was racist.” Brodie declared as both officers shook their heads. Johns closed his pad and looked defeated.

“Not everyone is prejudice Brodie.” Officer Anthony spoke politely.

“Okay, so you tell me if she was racist.” Brodie now felt invigorated, and felt attacked as if the officers thought he was the type of person who played the black card to get sympathy or make excuses. “So Natalie starts dating my friend, and she ends up disappearing for days. She shows up at his motel, looking like a tweeker who had been up for days pissed at him for being a traitor.”

“A traitor to who.” Officer Johns was back interested and engaged.

Brodie smiled and let out a deep breath. “Natalie tells my friend that he is a piece of shit for sleeping with coons. And that his daughter never should had been born and she is a a disgrace to our kind.”

“His daughter is half black.” Officer Anthony interrupted. The officers did not know how to process all that information, they went from no leads to piles of bread crumbs to follow in a matter of moments.

“And how did your friend respond to that? Do you think he might had killed her because of her remarks about his mixed child.” Officer Johns quizzed Brodie.

“So now I’m solving the case for you, no no, you can figure out the rest on your own.” Brodie remembered that they were the police and he was Brodie, a guy who broke rules sometimes just to stick it to ‘the man’.

The officers went from enthusiastic to sad like a child who just had their bubble burst. “ Come on man, just answer the question.”

Brodie shook his head. “Fine, no I don’t think Fleetwood killed her, if it was me I would had strangled the life out of her right then and there after she insulted my daughter like that, but no he simply told her to leave.”

“Fleetwood, that’s your friend.” Officer Johns looked shocked.

“ I know I didn’t think he had it in him either. Let alone had two women who wanted to hook up with him.” Brodie joked before remembering the dynamics of the people in his apartment. “Alright I have things to do.”

“ I doubt that.” Officer Johns barbed as he flipped his notepad shut.

“Who even writes on a paper pad these days. Ever heard of climate change? You want your grandkids to have oxygen right?” Brodie charged Officer Johns

“I want my grandkids to not rely on the government like some weak tree huggers and I don’t want all their money stolen by high democratic taxes.” Officer Johns barked back.

“ Weak, oh weak like ‘I’m scared for my life’ against a man running away with no gun Officers of the law .”

“ Oh that’s swell coming from soldiers who couldn’t even beat the Taliban.”

“ Oh yeah? One National Guardmen could kick the ass of 5 police officers with his arms tied behind his back!”

The two continued to trade shots as Officer Anthony got in between and motioned Johns to the door.

“I’m not going to find you two at the movies later am I.” Officer Anthony teased as the two men shot her enraged looks. “Just kidding thanks again Brodie.”

As the officers walked out Brodie thought about their case and the questions they first asked.

“Karen? Why Karen?” Brodie asked the officers. The Officers looked at Anthony who then nodded.

“Those were her last words. She was still alive when found.” The Officer lamented with melancholy.

Brodie hated Natalie for attacking a child because of skin color, but sometimes people say things they don’t really mean. Sometimes people just want to hurt people so badly that they don’t fully think about the weight their words carry.

“So Karen, being a common real name, not a code name or nickname, would be easy to track down, but days later and still ziche.” Brodie continued as the officers listened. “ Now the Natalie I loved was weird,but a good weird into geography, astronomy, you know those type of things.”

“ Okay what does that have to do with Karen.” Officer Anthony rushed.

“ Maybe she didn’t mean Karen, but Charon.” Brodie opened up his hands. The officers looked at him with crickets in their mind.

“Explain please.”

“ Well I know you all know the planetary conspiracy of Pluto. Is it a planet, is it not a planet? While the true answer is debatable, what’s not debatable is Pluto’s biggest moon is named Charon, C-H-A-R-O-N, pronounced similar to Karen.”

“That was a waste of our fucking god damn time, thanks for the science lesson geek.” Officer Johns stomped down the steps.

“Thanks again. Go get something good to eat.” Officer Anthony spoke soft before handing him a 20 dollar bill.


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