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Dinner Party (Pt. 2 and 3)

by Molly McDonald 4 years ago in fiction
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Parts 2 and 3

Part Two: Living Room Interactions

Toni locked eyes with Jonathan and quickly turned away. Jonathan approached her and tried to talk to her, but she kept shushing her.

“I guess I’ll be the one to break the silence. My name is Steven Kessler. I am the head of communications at the courthouse. That used to be Toni’s husband's job until he randomly dropped dead one morning. Toni, would you like to elaborate on that?” Steven knew what he was trying to get out of Toni.

“I DIDN’T KILL MY HUS—I am sorry. Steven has accused me many times of killing my husband, but I would like to set the record straight, that I did not kill my husband. He had many heart problems and had a heart attack in his sleep.” Toni tried to contain herself.

“You say he had heart problems, but on his medical report, his health was perfect at the time of his death. His health was always perfect. Also, on the police report, you stated you had a red rug, but when it went to the cleaners, it turned back to its white color. Was it blood, Toni, because you killed your husband? Just confess.” Steven was trying everything to get the truth out of her.

“I think you should leave poor Toni alone, Steven. You don’t have a good track record either,” Jonathon interrupted the conversation.

“If I do remember, Jonathon, you weren’t invited. Only the three of us were, you just showed up. Face it, no one wants you here. Why don’t you just leave?” Steven questioned.

“Yes, you are correct, Steven, but as I am very important in this town, I am invited to everything,” Jonathon assured everyone in the room.

“You know, you say that Toni murdered her husband but wasn’t it you that tried for so many years to get your position, but you always lost it to him. What if, and just hear me out, you killed Mr. Cain, and are just trying your hardest to put the blame on Toni so that no one looks at you as a suspect?” Evelyn questioned.

"Thank you, Evelyn, for standing up for me. It means a lot," Toni thanked Evelyn.

"Oh, sweetheart, I haven't even gotten to you yet. You could have easily killed your husband, Toni. You are such a drunk and you blame that on your husband's death, but you have always been like this. Maybe one night, you got too drunk and killed him without knowing what you were doing. Everyone is a suspect, even Johnathon. He has access to everyone's addresses and even some people give him their house keys when they go out of town. You have everyone fooled that you are an innocent mail-man, but isn't it true that when you have someone's house key, you go into their house and take whatever you would like?" Evelyn let everyone know what she was thinking.

Leaving everyone stunned, Evelyn left the room. Silence filled the living room as Toni, Jonathon, and Steven just looked around at each other. No one had anything to say. Evelyn was right, they all could be suspects, but what about her? She knows a lot about everyone in the town. Mr. Cain could have threatened to tell all her secrets, so she killed him. No one truly knows what happened to Mr. Cain, except one person.

Part Three: Time for Dinner

After Evelyn left the Living Room, Jane entered, "Why the long faces? This is a dinner party. We are supposed to be having a good time together, not standing around looking as if you've just seen a ghost."

"I'm sorry, dear, but I must be leaving. I have an early morning tomorrow. This was very lovely," Toni tried to push past her.

"I'm sorry, but I can't let you leave. My husband and I have been preparing for this dinner for months, and I'm sure whatever you have going on tomorrow can wait for you," Jane angrily explained. "Now, everyone, let us go to the dining room to eat the marvelous meal Patricia has made."

Patricia, the cook, had been preparing pork chops with a raspberry sauce. She always looked forward to the annual dinner party because she was able to try out new recipes and put in secret ingredients. The Smith's never questioned her meals, and if they did, she did not answer them.

Everyone filed into the dining room and found their appropriate seating. They each were given an assigned seat next to the person they hated the most. Toni was sat next to Steven and Evelyn was sat next to Jonathon. They all hated their seats but were too afraid to say anything about it to Jane or Gregg.

Speaking of Gregg, Jane's husband, where had he been all night? Jane said he was in the backyard with the butler, but was that really true? No one at the dinner party had ever met Gregg, so for all they knew he was not even a real person.

After everyone had sat down, Patricia entered the room. "Welcome, everyone, to the dinner party at the Smith's house. I am happy to present to you what I have prepared tonight. Tonight, you will be having pork chops with a raspberry sauce and asparagus. If you do not like what you are eating, then you can just not eat. My food is the best food in the country, and I do not listen to complaints. I hope you all enjoy your time here. Jane and Gregg sadly had to leave the country last minute. They left a letter for you, Evelyn." Patricia passed out the letters. "Everything that you need to know about the night is in this letter. Enjoy!"

Patricia left the room leaving everyone sitting and staring at Evelyn holding the letter. No one knew what to do.

"This is crazy. I am not staying here if Gregg and Jane have left. I'm leaving," Steven said standing up.

"YOU SHALL NOT LEAVE. EVELYN MUST OPEN HER LETTER AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS LISTED ON IT," a voice boomed over the dining room. It was not recognizable, but it gave them all a fright and they immediately sat and stared at her until she started reading.


About the author

Molly McDonald

18. MS. just trying to spread a little happiness throughout the world. if you enjoy what you read, let me know by leaving a tip!! Thank you for reading!

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