Horror Short Story



A Youtube vlogger has been experiencing the paranormal. However, when she finally does a follow-up vlog on her and the home, what she doesn't know is that the entity is really a demonic presence who isn't afraid of the camera lens.


"Hi, ladies and gents!" I wave at the camera and smile. "I'm coming at you with another video, my second upload for today. If you haven't seen the other then go check that out if you like."

"So, this is episode sixth of my storytime vlog; Here we go!" I exclaim throwing a hand in the air, my smile wider than ever and an empty soda can beside me. "A few years ago..."

That was me, three weeks ago. I had energy and I had the smile. At the time I didn't believe, I didn't think it would matter, much less haunt me. Now all that's left is this camera and me.

I held the camera out in front of me a foot away and sighed before I pressed the record button.

"Hi... everyone," I said weakly, my makeup terribly smeared from wear and tears. "I've read your guys' comments and yes; I'm still alive," I said through choked laughter. "But I don't know anymore. I can't leave without this."

I stepped into my living room and gave the camera a pleading stare. "I've been experiencing some paranormal things. So this is my documentary of everything I've experienced within the past month alone." I strode over to my couch and sat down before adjusting my camera on the coffee table before me to a better angle.

"Objects move or just disappear completely. I've had things thrown at me and my hair pulled." I lowered the hood of my jacket to show splotches of bald areas. "Multiple times until the hair has literally been yanked off my skull."

"I've been bitten," I explained, lifting my shirt to show bruised bite marks dotting my ribcage, "loud bangs can be heard throughout the night in threes, like someone is just slamming the doors." I breathed out and hugged my knees to my chest. "And every night I can literally see the outline of a dark shadow standing in the kitchen doorway.

"Like, you know how at night it's completely black but it's like an even darker figure against the blackness."

A sudden bang echoed from the kitchen causing me to jump to my feet and grab my camera before racing into the kitchen to see nothing there. I scanned the entirety of the room from every corner to every cabinet.

"Nothing!" I shouted. "You're not going to show yourself when I have the camera, huh?"

Nothing. Pure silence stood between me and the world around.

"Oh! I see how it is," I laughed hysterically. "You're just a coward! A pathetic being too afraid to show itself. Or are you not strong enough?"

When my accusations went unanswered, in a blind rage I grabbed the nearest glass and threw it down the hall; it shattered into little-jagged shards. I turned back around towards the kitchen window.

"Show yourself. Do it."

The air became cold within a matter of seconds, and the pores on my skin protruded out as goosebumps formed. The lights were the first thing to go. I gasped, staring at the window in utter despair until a dark figure could be seen in the reflection. It moved from one end of the kitchen to the other then it stopped.

I held my hand over my mouth and tried to control my heart before it pounded out of my chest. The figure's head titled before looking in my direction. Its mouth opened, showing pure darkness. Inside the blackness, I saw my own face contorted in fear, my pale, cracked lips sewn shut.

Wulfwaru the Lonely Writer
Wulfwaru the Lonely Writer
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