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What happened?


Standing in front of the body drenched in their blood, I begin to realize what happened. Shaking in fear, all I could see was the dark night sky fiercely glooming over me. The day before I was a normal nine-year-old girl. Now I am alone in the middle of the woods with a dead body. What happened to me? How did I end up here alone?

I tried to look at the body to see if I could identify it but nothing. I had no idea who this person was. I sat down and started looking for anything to help me figure it out. I searched his pockets and found a wallet. Nothing in there either just a picture of what I suppose was his sister. I continue searching, only to find nothing else. All I knew about this man was that he is around his thirties and has a sister.

Later that night I decided to somehow build a shelter. I find sticks and leaves, not trying to wander too far from the mysterious man. Once satisfied with the amount piled up, I began to build. Leaning long sturdy sticks on each other to make a teepee. Once I finished that, I put leaves and pine needles on top to cover some of the holes. There was no way to build a fire so I just crawled in and curled up hoping to stay warm.

The sun came creeping up through the trees early the next morning. Forgetting about what had happened the night before, I crawled out of the teepee only to find the dead man half eaten by animals. Modified by what I saw I immediately closed my eyes, turning around I opened my eyes again to look at myself, sticky with his blood all over my hands and shirt. How did I get here? Still, every confused at what happened. Grrrrrrrr, Grrrrrrrr, Grrrrrrr. I looked down only to find my stomach growling for food. I wrapped my arms around my stomach and began to look for anything to eat.

After a while of not finding anything, nothing to be seen, it seemed like everything just upped and left. I walked back to the teepee and sat down. Staring at the body didn’t help my hunger anymore. The longer and longer I go without food, the more starvation kicked in, scooting closer and closer to the body. Soon, without realizing, I’m sinking my teeth into the man’s arm. Dark-red blood covering my mouth and face, I couldn’t stop myself the flesh tastes so good. Munching through the muscle I could feel the cold blood and meat filling my stomach. More and more, I ate, not stopping myself from fulfilling my hunger. Finally, feeling a sense that I had eaten my fill, the body nearly a pile of bones licked clean. I stepped back into my shelter and stared at what was left of the man.

I fell asleep that night of exhaustion only to wake up to a wolf munching on the remains of the man. I stepped out without thinking and confronted the wolf, getting his attention I stared him straight in the eyes. I could see the hunger turning to starvation in his black beady eyes. I eased closer to him wanting to touch his soft brown fur. Reaching my hand out to touch his head, that was a mistake. I could see his expression change from starvation to fear in just seconds, his eyes turning from black to red. It was too late to stop my movement, I was already inches above his head. Feeling the warmth coming off of his body, warming up my ice cold fingers.

The wolf looked me dead in the eyes, he saw my fear and curiosity dwelling from within. His expression changed, I knew it was safe to touch his head. Feeling the soft coarse fur under my fingertips, he trusted me. Just a lone wolf and a girl, nothing too special. “How could this wolf trust me?” I thought in my head. I crouched down and put both hands on his head, bringing them to his jawline, feeling his heartbeat start to slow. He didn’t care, he was lonely and needed someone, he was scared of being alone. At that moment I knew I was supposed to stay, I would be taken care of and loved… I’d be safe from the cruel world that’s just outside the line of trees.

I looked over at the man and then back to the wolf, I slowly picked up one of the rib bones and held it for a few seconds. Again, I looked at the wolf and then to the rib bringing it slowly to his mouth, letting him know that it was okay to take it. Gently taking the bone from my hand, he began to lay down, a little shocked...I just watched him. He acted like a well trained German Shepherd instead of a wild untamed wolf. “How could this be?” I sat down and let him lay his head on my lap, he was like family.

From that point on, I never thought about ever coming back. I was home and had someone who cared about me, loved me and was there for me. Thinking back on my memories of being with my parents... I never felt that way, I was never free. Just like the fairy tales that were read to me when I was little, I was being raised by wolves. Every night we would curl up in the tee-pee and sleep together, him being my pillow and blanket with his soft warm body.

Many years I survived in the woods with my hairy best friend. When hunting season started, it was feasting season for us. I learned at a young age how to kill and fend for myself. I’ve killed several people in the last few years, I have lost count, to be honest. I found joy in hunting for my food, a human has the best tasting meat. Having the warm feeling of fresh warm meat filling your stomach with the warm blood to add to the flavor, it's hard to beat...

How does it work?
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