Demon Woman

Do you see what I see?

Demon Woman

John and Jason were morbid twins who love the macabre. Anything dark and gory was their forte, reading every book, they could find. They watched hundreds of movies and documentaries.

Their favorite time of the year was Halloween. A time where people can be who or what they wanted to be. Living in New Orleans was always exciting for the twins especially on Halloween. Their house was the scariest on the block. Every part of their property was decorated with gore. Parents with little ones made an effort to avoid that block every Halloween. There were no cute ghosts or pumpkins outside on their porch. Instead, there were gruesome body parts hanging everywhere even in the trees. Fake blood was smeared all over the front and side of the house. It looked like a massacre. This Halloween night, the twins and three of their friends decided to head into the woods behind their house. It was said to be haunted!

Legends say, a demon woman wanders the woods looking for a soul to possess. In 1849, therein the middle of the woods stood a schoolhouse for disturbed, mentally-insane children who needed to be kept separate from society to be reformed. One year after the schoolhouse was opened, a man by the name of Mr. Babado was hired as the head caregiver. He was tall, fat, and very mean. He always yelled at everyone to get them to do what he wanted. The children feared him and most of them were well behaved except for one. Sadie!

When Sadie first arrived at the school, she bit one of the caregivers so hard that she drew blood. They put her in the corner for a timeout. But she did not stay there long. Sadie attacked another student slamming her against the wall and bit her too. When asked why had she done that, she just giggled and her eyes turned black. The caregivers were all terrified, claiming she is a demon child. Locked away from the rest of the children, Sadie was placed in restraints with a mask over her mouth for everyone's protection.

On Halloween night, Mr. Babado decided it was time to teach Sadie how to behave. He led her out into the woods by a leash he put around her neck. "If you want to bite like a dog you will be treated like one," he yelled at her. All that time Sadie's head was down. She started to giggle. In that instant, the ground shook and Sadie levitated. Growls were coming from within her. Startled, Mr. Babado dropped the leash and ran back to the schoolhouse. Sadie was free, and like a bat out of hell, she took off into the woods howling. He decided not to mention what took place to the others. Morning came, and he went looking for Sadie. But she was nowhere to be found. It was like she vanished.

Centuries later, the schoolhouse was closed and abandoned. Sadie was still not found.

As soon as 12:00 AM came, John and Jason along with their three friends headed into the woods. It was lit up by the full moon. No sooner as they stepped foot in the woods, the atmosphere changed. They felt creeped out as if eyes were watching them everywhere. This made the twins excited and they pushed on. In the middle of the forest, the group found the schoolhouse. Curious, they went inside. The air was putrid. It smelt of sulfur and rotten eggs. Even though the moonlight was bright and lit up the forest, around the schoolhouse was dark and inside was even darker. As they got deeper within the schoolhouse their flashlights started to flicker. Now the three boys were scared. They decided to turn back and explore in the morning, but the twins refused so they stayed behind and continued through the schoolhouse. Moments later, they heard growls accompanied by giggling. Jason and John thought it was their friends trying to scare them. As they reached the last room in the schoolhouse, they turned around to go back outside. There stood behind them a woman with long hair. They pointed the flashlights at her, but all of a sudden, the lights exploded. Now they were scared. After a few minutes, their eyes adjusted to the dark. The woman was gone. They ran to the exit and straight towards their house. Behind them, something was coming. They could hear the growls as it sped up. Faster and faster the boys ran. They could see their house in the distance. Jason, felt something grab his shoulder and he screamed. With one swift jump, they were out of the forest. They ran to the house and threw themselves inside. Right away Jason went to the window to see if anyone was following them, but he saw no one. In their bedroom, was the three boys that had gone with them. That night, no one spoke of what had happened, but they were curious to know if it was Sadie. However, no one was ever brave enough to go find out.

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