Dear David 6

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This Is Slowing Down

Dear David 6

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October 14, 2017

After the backlight situation, Adam couldn't back to sleep, so he went on about his day. As he was getting ready, he thought he heard a lite scratching on the door from the other side. He was too scared to put his eye to the peep hole, so he opted to take pictures. When he looked at them they were a little blurry but he can make out part of a face. He decided that at this point it may be time to get someone else involved. He's having a hard time figuring out what to do next or who even to go to, but he thinks it's time to do something.

October 26, 2017

He had a friend come over to do "cleansing stuff." She did the whole apartment and the hallway. He had self proclaim mediums and a dozen ghost hunting shows reach out, but he declined then had his friends come over. For a week or so it helped—the cats weren't gathering at the door and he didn't have any dreams. I know I've said this before about this story, but "normal" doesn't last long. Then one day last week, the doors to the warehouse were open and there was a hearse parked in there. The strange thing is the warehouse has been shuttered and closed down for about two months. No one was around and it just weird to Adam, but he chalked it up to hearses having to park somewhere. The next two days were uneventful, then last night something happened. Somewhere around 11, he went to the dinning room and he saw both cats sitting by the far window staring at it. The window overlooks the business next door. but he didn't see anything—he thought maybe it was a mouse or something. He then went into the kitchen and noticed something. There was a window in the kitchen that looked out onto the roof of the same business. There was someone on the roof staring at him, he ducked down then reached up to click off the light. He peered over the window ledge but he didn't see much. He then snapped a picture (his phone was in his pocket) and you can see someone that looks like David standing on the roof. He tried to take a better picture but the person disappeared. He closed all the blinds and locked the door before he drank a few more beers so he wouldn't be scared. He feels like he is back at square one. He also feels like David isn't going away and Adam is scared.

November 6, 2017

It's been almost four months since he has dreamed of David. Adam dreamed of him again, it was almost the same as the first dream he had of David. When Adam saw David, he was sitting in the chair again but this time it was a recliner that he had for years since he moved the rocking chair. David was staring at Adam and Adam could barely move. Adam was able to move his hands and squirm. David glared at him, Adam dreaded what was coming next. He knew David going to get out of the chair so he tried to grab his phone. He started snapping photos as David got out of the chair and stated shuffling towards Adam. He felt terrified but kept taking photos as David limped and struggled towards the bed. Soon, they were face to face (I guess he was on the side of the bed Adam didn't say) and David started muttering something that Adam couldn't hear. Then David's eyes rolled back into his head into they are all white. He tried to get away from David but he couldn't move. He saw David trying to get up on the bed and then that's when he woke up. It was daylight and David was nowhere to be seen.

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