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Dead Man Calling

Xiao Hong was often subjected to domestic violence

By Richard ShurwoodPublished about a year ago 7 min read

Xiao Hong's face was always bruised, including her body. Her marriage is unfortunate, often subject to domestic violence, for the sake of the child is still a minor, she has been tolerated. As soon as the child becomes an adult, she and her husband Qin Ke divorce. This evening, the couple argued again over a small matter. The reason is that Xiao Hong came home from buying groceries in the neighborhood downstairs and a male neighbor said a few words, was seen on the balcony of Qin Ke, the evening drink Qin Ke will take advantage of the issue, said Xiao Hong is not peaceful outside, seducing men. Xiao Hong naturally is not forgiven, how can you admit something that is not there, so you argue with Qin Ke? The two quarreled more and more aggressively, and finally, Qin Ke moved his hand and picked up the bottle ready to hit Xiao Hong's head, Xiao Hong partial dodge, and the bottle smashed into Xiao Hong's shoulder. The bottle was smashed, and at once, Xiao Hong felt the pain of his hand numb and lost consciousness. Looking at Xiao Hong's painful appearance, Qin Ke's wine woke up a little and sat on a chair, and stopped talking. Xiao Hong cried and ran into his son's room, sat on the bed, and cried. Fortunately, today's middle school son lives in school, otherwise, the son watched himself beaten again to sad. Xiao Hong was alone, thinking about the tears left by her son every time they quarreled and fought, and her son always cried and begged the two not to fight. Thinking of his son crying in pain and pity, Xiao Hong is more heartbroken. A thought flashed through her mind, she wanted to kill Qin Ke. Xiao Hong used to be an excellent chemistry teacher, and since her son was born, she quit her job to focus on raising him, hoping that he would grow up to be a success. Although it has been a long time since she was a chemistry teacher, that chemistry knowledge did not disappear from her mind, for chemistry, she has always loved to study, these ten years she did not waste what she had learned, and often focus on chemistry knowledge. Xiao Hong began her plan to add chemicals to the food Qin Ke ate every day, himself daily with a little light rice and no drug Qin Ke did not want to eat the dishes to eat. Three months later, Zinke died, the cause of death was heart failure. Xiao Hong was thrilled, on the contrary, she was not afraid, but happy, as if a person from hell suddenly arrived in heaven as excited. Xiao Hong's son did not feel sad because of his father's death, he felt that he and his mother were finally relieved and could live a normal and happy life from now on. He even thought about his mother is to find him another father he does not care, as long as his mother is happy. After the seventh day of Qin Ke's funeral, Xiao Hong's son went to school to stay, leaving Xiao Hong home alone. Xiao Hong is planning to find out his documents tomorrow to find a job, she still hopes that she can do back to the teaching profession. "Ding ring ~ ding ring ~" home landline rang, Xiao Hong took the hand and said "hello." No one spoke on the other end of the phone, Xiao Hong even asked a few times no one answered, just when she was ready to hang up, the phone suddenly hissed like electricity, a heavy male voice sighed, and then no sound. Xiao Hong was so frightened that the phone dropped from her hand because this voice was familiar to her, it was Qin Ke's voice. After a while, Xiao Hong woke up from the fear, she reassured herself that it must be a coincidence, someone must have called the wrong number, and the voice was just like Qin Ke. The next day, Xiao Hong received a notice to apply for a job as a chemistry teacher in a middle school. On the bus, Xiao Hong received a phone call from a man who asked Xiao Hong "where are you going?" Xiao Hong was so scared that she dropped her phone on the ground and the passengers around her looked at her. Xiao Hong felt a chill down her back, her scalp tingling, the man's voice was the same as Qin Ke's. After picking up the phone, Xiao Hong felt a chill down her back, her scalp tingling. After picking up the phone, Xiao Hong took a look at the number, which is Qin Ke's cell phone number. Xiao Hong could not calm down, she had to go to the communications company to ask if the number was down. Communication company people told Xiao Hong that the number is not down, because there are still charges inside. Xiao Hong angrily said to the sales office: "people are dead you still keep his number why, the ghost will use this number to call again, immediately give me a shutdown." The staff could not believe that what Xiao Hong said was true, so they did not shut her down and needed her to bring relevant documents. Xiao Hong was so angry that she made a new number for herself, the original number for the shutdown.

When Xiao Hong came to school, her phone rang again, she looked at the number first, and this number... turned out to be Qin Ke's. She hung up the phone and turned it off. This thing stirred her mind, she thought the job application can be successful depending on her luck of it. Xiao Hong did not dare to go home, she went to her parent's house. The family sat down to eat when Xiao Hong's cell phone rang, Xiao Hong's face immediately became white, she clearly remembered that she did not turn on the phone. Her mother saw the difference and asked her why she didn't answer the phone. Xiao Hong slowly stood up and went to the sofa, picked up her bag and opened it, took out her phone, and looked at the number, it was Qin Ke's number again. She pressed the answer button, and the male voice on the phone told her "don't think you can't find me if you change your number, I'll come to you tonight". Xiao Hong covered her mouth, afraid of crying out, she turned her back on her parents, not to let them see her current appearance. She thought: Why? Why did that man die and become a ghost and not let her go? After a few bites of rice at the table, Xiao Hong said goodbye to her parents to go home, she did not want to involve her family because of herself. It was 11 p.m., and Xiao Hong was still sitting on the sofa watching TV, she did not sleep a little, thinking about the words "I will come to you at night", she was both scared and overwhelmed. She had a large pair of scissors beside her, and even if Qin Ke, who had turned into a ghost, found her, she would still fight to the death. "There was a knock on the door. Xiao Hong looked into the cat's eye, Qin Ke was standing outside the door, if not for the fact that Qin Ke was dead, people would have thought that a living person was standing outside the door. Xiao Hong then look at the cat's eye, the Qin Ke outside the door disappeared, when she turned around, found Qin Ke actually standing behind himself, and she sat down in shock. Qin Ke was wearing the clothes he had before he was born, his things were burned by Xiao Hong, his face was gray, his lips were purple, and he had two dark circles under his eyes. Zinke just looked at Xiao Hong, neither speaking nor going forward. Xiao Hong shivered and stood up, she asked Qin Ke "What do you want, death will not let me go? I Xiao Hong did not treat you well before? We quarrel which time is not you unreasonable?" As she spoke, Xiao Hong cried. When she raised her head to look at Qin Ke again, Qin Ke had already disappeared. Xiao Hong was tired, sitting on the ground, and unconsciously fell asleep, she had a dream, Qin Ke said sorry to her, and disappeared. Xiao Hong woke up in the morning, thinking about the events of last night, depressed. She went to Qinke's grave and burned a lot of paper money for him, hoping that Qinke would not blame her for her cruelty in the first place, as she had no choice but to kill him for the sake of her son's future. She promised Qin Ke that she would not marry again, and when she was in the ground in her old age, she would go underground and make up for her sins by being a ghost couple with Qin Ke.


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If you wish to succeed, you should use persistence as your good friend, experience as your reference, prudence as your brother and hope as your sentry.

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