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Dead Body

by saima about a month ago in fiction
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A story about an innocent girl

Dead Body
Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash

David was driving his car at night he was busy in his thinking and talking to himself

Then all of sudden a very young and pretty girl was standing in front of his taxy ,she nodded her head and driver stopped his taxy.

It was an utter darkness every where except car light there was no other light. A very calm atmosphere was there. The girl came near the driver and asked to go some where. The girl was dressed up nicely and she had a bag, which she was dragging very hardly.

Driver asked the girl what is in this bag which you are caring with herself. The girl replied I have my some important things in this bag, and saying this she got in the car.

David asked the girl with a smile ,Madam where you are going in this late night with this heavy luggage.

The girl replied that she is going to some important work. she asked the driver that he is afraid of her? The driver replied no, not at all.

The girl start her story that she has many friends but she did not like a friend whom he had caught in a room, although she was cried a alot but had not taken pity on her, by saying so her face was so much stiff.

The driver said to her that forgave the boy madam it was a childhood time. the girl replied yes I had forgiven him because now he is not in this world.

The driver shocked to know and asked about his death. She replied ,that she had pushed him out from a running car.

The driver got scarred and keep quite and began to thinking in his mind, what should he do now.

The girl felt strange and asked the driver was he getting scarred to her?

The driver was keep quite and got sacred too but he did not reveal it on the girl. Moreover she said to him that had come here for job on the request of my friend, but when I came he locked me in a room.

The driver was driving quietly .Then she said to turned the taxy to right side, and when I did it. there were old buildings she get my taxy stop in front of a building.

she called to a friend on her mobile but suddenly she asked me to give her my mobile, because her mobile was not working well.so I had given her. after calling someone she give me back to my mobile, and then I two police men appeared and said to stand near the wall. I was repenting a lot to give her ride. but it was no use of it it was too late i was just thinking all of this then one of the police man knocking at the door and a 25 years old boy came out.

The young boy first got scared and then he asked the reason of their coming. They said to the boy that they were in search of killer who had killed 4 girls .the police man open the bag, and all of them were surprised to see the dead body of a girl.

But most surprised person was the driver because it was the girl who was sitting in his taxy, and now she was in dead body.

The driver then came to know the real story of the girl, he again started driving his car but all of sudden he saw that girl again, sitting behind the seat.

She was smiling, and thanking him for his help.


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