Dark (Pt. 1)

by Destiny Smalls 8 months ago in fiction

Part One

Dark (Pt. 1)

My name is Daza and I live with John, who is a vampire. He's been here for 2,000 years, but he looks like he's 30. He took me three months ago and I'm still learning. He's very seldom and quiet, but when he handles business, his whole energy changes. I must learn to adapt to each mood. But the thing is he wants to marry me in six months.

When he calls me, I must come. But the thing is I want to come to him and I want to serve him, and I have no idea why. Ever since he took me from my job, I have been engulfed in him. I follow him around like a little puppy and he knows it...

Usually, our lives are very quiet, as he’ll handle business every so often. But mostly, we don’t do much.

But tonight is a big deal. Tonight is the big vampire council ball. I must be on my toes and ready for anything to happen. He bought me an all-black dress to match my brown skin and black hair. When the time came to get ready I put my dress on, I fix my hair and makeup, and slip on the dress. He waited for me at the bottom of the stairs, and when he looked at me he didn't say anything. All he said was, "Let's go." I just gathered my things and walked behind him.

When we got there, all the leaders went into a back room and left the others to fend for themselves. Everyone was looking at me because I looked so different than everyone else. But when they came out, the attention shifted, and we just left. No words were spoken, he just walked to the door, and I just followed.

We walked into the door at home and he went to his office and closed the door. Once it was time to get ready for bed and end our day, I put on my night gown and he walked into the room, still in his suit and said, "You looked nice tonight." He began to get ready for bed. I was happy he said that. I was waiting for him to notice me all night.

He didn’t really sleep, but I enjoyed him lying next to me, as it made me feel safe and know that I am protected. But he moved around a lot in bed, which kept me up.

“Can I lay on you?” John wasn’t much for affection and I never really asked him that before.

“Um… I thought you would be asleep by now.”

“No, I’m up, but I would like to be close to you. Please?”

“Sure. Come here, little one.”

I felt so happy, but there was one thing I wanted to ask him: “Why did you pick me to marry?”

“I have been watching you for a while Daza. I didn’t just choose you from the crowd. I have seen and witnessed things you could never imagine. I have been watching you since you were born. I was in the hospital that night and your spirit connected to me. I just had to wait for you to be old enough to become mine.” I was shocked. I never remember seeing him in my life and I’m 23.

“I don’t remember seeing you before, how is that possible?”

He laughed and said, “I am a vampire, and going on my 2,010th year, I just know how to lurk in the shadows.” He goes on to say, “I have loved you for many years, Daza Anore.”


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