Dark Eyes Under Dark Skies

by Serena Fix 2 years ago in fiction

An Original Short Horror Story

I never thought my brother and I would ever speak to each other again after we had that huge fight we had five years ago; and I never thought it would be like this.

It’s a sunny afternoon and I am outside gardening. Then I get a call. It is the last person I’d expect a phone call from; my brother, Sammy. “Hey uh Dianne, I know this is kind of unexpected, but I need you to come over right now,” he says quietly. Now, I’m not the type of person who would ignore a family member. So I say, “I’ll be right over.” I put on clean clothes, get in my car, and start driving. Sam lives about twenty minutes away from where I live. So I take the highway to get there faster.

Once I get there, I knock on Sam’s door. He doesn’t come to the door but I hear him say quietly, “Come in.” So I open the door and I can’t see anything; it’s all dark. Then I see Sam in the living room, sitting on the couch, bent over. “What’s wrongm Sammy boy?” I ask him using his nickname.

“I’m worried about myself, Dianne,” he says quietly.

“Maybe you should be,” I told him. “Can we please turn on some lights?”

“No. Not yet.” Sometimes it’s hard to tell when someone is joking. But Sammy had sounded truly nervous when he called me and asked me to come over this afternoon, so I decided to take him seriously.

“What has you so freaked out?”

“I’ve been having dark thoughts lately.”

“Everyone has dark thoughts every once in a while, Sammy.”

“Not like these. They’re really sick, Dianne. I don’t know where they come from.”

“Have you been watching horror movies lately?”

“No, I don’t watch those. But I’ve… I’ve also been having a lot of crazy-ass dreams, too. They’re really vivid. Like apocalyptic with demons and hellfire. I’m afraid to sleep.”

“You do seem rather tired,” I admitted. “Maybe see a doctor?”

“It wouldn’t help.”

“Why wouldn’t it help?”

“There is more to it; that’s why I called. I need you to tell me if you see it, too.”

“See what exactly?” Sam stood up and walked to his window, where the sun was hidden behind dark blue curtains. He pointed at the floor. “Watch that spot, right there.”

“The carpet? Why?”

“Just watch, please.”

“Fine.” The carpet looked normal, not even a stain. Then I heard Sam take a deep breath, followed by the sound of the curtains being pulled away from the window to expose the sunlight. I heard a screech. “Holy crap!” I cried, yanking my feet off the ground as a dark shape came slithering forward. Then it disappeared directly under the couch where I sat.

“Oh God,” Sam moaned. “You saw it.”

“That’s… impossible. Was that really your…?”

“Yeah,” he nodded miserably. “I’ve heard of being afraid of your own shadow, but why is mine afraid of me? What does it know that I don’t?”

“I have no idea,” I reply.

So I go home later that evening, totally freaked out about the event that just transpired. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight without having nightmares. I begin to read a magazine on fashion to try to ease my mind. I get lost in it for a few hours. But part of me is still worried about Sam. Then I get another call. It’s Sam again. “Dianne, I need you to come back. Strange things are happening. Please hurry,” he whispers. Then the line went dead.

Now I am panicking as I am speeding down the highway. I arrive there in just under fifteen minutes. When I get inside, the lights are all still off, except the ones that are in the basement. I hear screeching coming from all over the place and Sam crying hysterically. I find him in the basement, curled up on the floor. I run to him and I notice a shadow in the corner of the room. I bend over him slowly. Then he whispers, “Run. Run away as fast, and as far as you can, sis. I love you, Dianne.” Then he falls silent and is still breathing.

“Absolutely not, Sam! I am not leaving you here!” I cry. He does not reply. I look up from his almost still body. The shadow is now gone from the corner. I stand up and look around, trying to find it. I turn my back on Sam for one minute, and turn back around. Sam is gone. Then I feel something wet and warm, drip onto my shoulder. I wipe my hand on it, and it’s red and sticky. It’s blood! I look up slowly. Sam is pinned on the ceiling and bleeding from his chest. I scream when I see black, soulless eyes replacing his own eyes. He bursts into flames. I scream even louder and run out of the house. I run far away from the house. Then it explodes, the debris barely miss me. I fall down on my knees, sobbing loudly in my hands. I pull out my phone. I try calling the police but I have no signal. Then I think to myself, “What would’ve been the point anyway? What could they have done?” So I get back in my car and drive away. And as I drive away, I see the shadow in my rearview mirror.

I take the long way home to try to ease my mind. It is already dark by the time I get home, and I am exhausted. So I make myself a microwave dinner and go to bed. I have trouble getting to sleep. But then I do eventually fall asleep.

As I am sleeping, I have a nightmare that jars me awake. I hear a screeching sound, almost like the screeching I heard at Sam’s house when I arrived there. I do not know where it is coming from. It seems as if it’s coming from everywhere. I go outside for a cigarette. But I can still hear it from where I’m standing. I do my best to ignore it. I look at my phone clock and see it is midnight. Then I hear a scream. The lights from the house four houses down from mine goes out. I rush inside and try to call the police. But there is no phone reception, and I do not have a home phone. I rush back outside to the neighbor’s house to use their phone. They let me in. I explain to them about the house down the street and then they try calling the police on their home phone, but the line has been cut. Then I hear another scream. The lights from the house three houses down from mine goes out. Then another scream echoes in the night, the next house’s lights go out. I run home because my neighbor’s house is next. I run inside my house and lock the door. A scream echoes outside. I look outside my window; my neighbor’s house is completely dark. So are all the other houses on the street. My house is the last one with the lights on. I wish I had listened when Sam told me to run.

The next thing I know, my lights go out. I scream. I run outside into the night. Then, that’s when I see him; my brother, Sam standing right before me. Well, floating right before me. His eyes are black as the night we are standing in. Then they became their original color and he says, “Dianne. I told you to run.” Then his eyes go black again. Sam pushes me back through the door by some invisible force. My vision goes black. But that last thing I feel is a stabbing pain in my chest area. Then all feeling I have goes numb.

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