Dark Disney

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Who knew?

Dark Disney

Everyone knows the stories that Disney produced to us when we were kids, but who would’ve thought the cute fairy tales possessed a darker origin than told?

'Snow White'

Snow White was believed to have been tricked by the evil witch by taking a bite of the poisoned apple, but then was awakened by the kiss of true love. Incorrect. In the real tale, when the prince had found the box she was lying in, he had lifted it up to carry it off, but then tripped on a tree root which had caused the apple to come out, breaking the spell, then resulting in a forced wedding between the prince and herself. When telling her new-found father-in-law about the witch, the king forces the witch to dance around in burning hot shoes until she dies of the burns as a punishment.

'The Little Mermaid'

The Little Mermaid is a story of a mermaid who wishes to be able to walk on dry land, then falls in love with a prince she saves from drowning and gets three days to spend with him as a human. Then, when her father notices her love for Prince Eric, he grants her legs. That’s not how the real story is professed. In the real story, she is given three days to prove her love to the prince or else she will die of a broken heart. Also, she is cursed with a curse that makes it as if she’s walking on broken glass with every step. When she’s not able to convince the prince that it was her that had saved him from drowning, he goes off and marries another woman, and she is left with a broken heart. Her sisters give her a knife and tell her if she kills the prince and pours his blood on her feet, then she will regain her fins, but she cannot bring herself to do so. In turn, she throws herself off a ship in a suicide attempt and her body is dissolved in sea foam.

'Sleeping Beauty'

This is a tale of a prince and princess in love and, of course, it’s crashed when Maleficent casts a spell on the princess to put her to sleep for decades and the prince finds her and saves her with the popular kiss of true love. Though, in the true tale, the prince doesn’t come after her at all. Instead, a king from another palace comes across the sleeping princess, then rapes and impregnates her with twins. When his queen finds out about this nine months later, she attempts to cook the babies and feed them to the king, but fails. The king murders his queen and marries the princess.


This is the story of the princess with unbelievably long golden hair who was kidnapped by an evil witch, then escapes with a local thief, Flynn Ryder, and goes off to see the “floating lights” she had been longing to see, later finding out they were lanterns her parents sent out every year on her birthday. She then falls in love with Ryder and they marry. The real story goes something like this: The king and queen, pregnant with the princess, are lying next door to an evil old woman growing Rapunzel flowers, and the queen is craving these flowers, so she sends the king off to steal some. Then the old woman catches the king and threatens to take his life unless they release their baby to her the second she is born. They agree and the old woman locks her in a secret tower where she grows out her hair, and lures a prince to her tower with her beautiful singing. She allows him to come up and visit her by climbing up with her hair like the old woman does. When the old woman finds out about her visitor, she cuts off the princess's hair and the princess runs away. When the prince comes back to see her and finds she’s not there, he jumps out of the tower to commit suicide and survives, but suffers thorns going through his eyes and is left blind. Aimlessly roaming around the forest for so long, he then is reunited with the princess by hearing her singing, and she regains his sight.

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