Cursed Keys and Deadly Things

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By: Inkmouse

Cursed Keys and Deadly Things

Have you ever hated someone so much that the only thing you want to do is to put them through misery and pain? Well, welcome to the 21st century where everyone feels that way about everyone even when all they did was breathe. If you want to put someone through the worst life has to offer then I recommend this little ritual The Cursed Key Ritual. In this ritual, the target will be plagued by the misfortune of which could range from either minor injuries all the way to deadly situations from which death s the only escape.

If you are willing to commence this dark ritual there are a few rules you must follow and one of which is that it is important not to speak about what you have done to anyone, otherwise, the curse will have the opposite effect of what you desire.

If you are ready to begin the ritual, then first you will need one of the subject's keys. Make sure that it is not an important key since important keys like a house or car keys are easily missed by owners. With this in mind please remember that you are trying to steal from this person and unless they are very stupid, going up to them and asking could you have a key of theirs won’t work. Your gonna have a hard time even getting close to your victim's keyring, but after you acquire this with some eminence luck, you will need the following tools to start the ritual.

-Ash of a burnt down tree/log/sticks to capture a spirit. If you have a fireplace congrats, if not just go in your back yard and make a makeshift fire pit. Try not to burn down anything.

-A silver container to make sure that the spirit does not escape while it was captured. If your as broke as anybody else, I’m pretty sure stainless steel could work it’s up to you to take that chance.

-A knife or sharp object to anger the spirit by stabbing it while captured. Be smart and use a sharp pencil.

-Rice to make sure that the spirit can become more powerful and do more harm. White rice is preferred in most rituals, this is no different.

-A pen and piece of paper to make sure that the spirit hits the right target, you illiterate people, please… PLEASE!! Double-check your spelling!!!!

-Salt(as a precaution)to pour around the silver container so if something goes wrong and the spirit escapes both the ash and silver container, the salt will allow you with enough time to complete the ritual, even if the spirit is a very strong one.

-A basin of water to lay the container in. something like inside a sink or something, just as long as you can retrieve it again in a short amount of time.

-Finally, an egg timer… trust me your gonna need it…

Did you get everything? Good! Let’s begin the ritual, first, get the ash and pour it into your silver container. Without a second to spare, begin to pour the salt around the silver container, these items are your 3 titanium walls, these will be used to block the spirit if it tried to attack you.

Now, slowly place the key inside the ash-filled bowl and clearly chant, "I've got a treat for you," about fifteen times.

After chanting wait about 5 minutes and then take your knife(or whatever sharp object you managed to get/have on hand)and stab the ash eight times. Doing this will anger the spirit you have and make it stronger because the ash is now the spirit's body.

Next, pour the rice into the silver container filled with ash. This act will cause the effects of the curse to become even stronger. Once you finish pouring the rice the spirit will be back in the container(if it somehow could escape both the ash and silver container).

Write your target's name on the piece of paper(make sure the spelling is correct) and drop it into the container and proceed to your water source and let the container soak for a minimum of thirty minutes. This is to allow spirit time to make the key it’s home. Patience is key when enacting a curse on someone and summoning a demon.

After the thirty minutes up slowly take the key out of the container and return it to where you stole/found it(we all know you stole it just to be clear).

Fair Warning To All:

Life is very unpredictable and comes with a cost, please be sure that you want to go through with this curse and that the person is alive and well before and after you put the key back. If the target, in any way, dies before you could fully enact the curse the spirit will come for you. So as a precaution, cover all the openings of your house with salt and keep it there, otherwise, you will see the same key that you cursed in your house sealing your fate…

Ink Mouse
Ink Mouse
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