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Curse and doll

Once upon a time, in a small town nestled deep in the woods, there was a mysterious mansion that stood tall and proud. It had been abandoned for years, but the locals knew that it was once the home of the wealthy and powerful Masterson family.

By kokulan mPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Curse and doll
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The group of friends had heard the rumors about the Masterson mansion for years. They had grown up in the small town nestled deep in the woods, and the mansion had always been a source of fascination for them. It was said that the Masterson family, who had once been wealthy and powerful, had been cursed and that anyone who entered the mansion would never return.

Despite the warnings, the group of friends decided that they had to see the mansion for themselves. They planned their expedition for a dark and stormy night, when the wind howled through the trees and the rain battered against the windows. They knew it would be the perfect setting for a spooky adventure.

As they entered the grand foyer, they were greeted by the musty smell of decay and the creaking of the old wooden floors. The chandelier above them swayed in the wind, casting eerie shadows on the walls. The group felt a sense of unease wash over them, but they were determined to see the mansion for themselves.

They ventured deeper into the house, and as they climbed the staircase to the second floor, they began to hear strange noises. Whispers in the darkness, the sound of footsteps following them. They shrugged it off as their imagination and continued on, but as they reached the second floor, they realized that one of their friends was missing. They called out her name, but there was no response. Suddenly, the door at the end of the hallway burst open and a figure appeared, shrouded in darkness. It was their missing friend, but her eyes were blank and her skin was cold to the touch. She whispered in a voice that was not her own, "You should have never come here. You will never leave."

The group panicked and ran for the front door, but it was locked. They were trapped. As they searched for a way out, they came across a room filled with dolls. Each doll was a replica of the Masterson family, but their eyes seemed to follow the friends as they moved. Suddenly, the dolls began to move on their own, reaching out with their tiny hands as if trying to grab the friends.

The friends screamed and fought their way out of the room, but they were too late. They were trapped in the mansion, and the curse of the Masterson family had claimed yet another victim.

As they searched the rest of the mansion, they found out that the Masterson family had been cursed by a vengeful witch who had been wronged by them. The curse was that anyone who enters the mansion would be trapped in it forever and would be haunted by the spirits of the Masterson family.

The friends tried every way possible to escape the mansion, but all their attempts were futile. They were stuck in the mansion, haunted by the spirits, and slowly losing their minds. The friends began to turn on each other as the days passed by and eventually, they all met their end in the mansion.

The mansion still stands, and the locals say that on stormy nights, you can hear the screams of the friends echo through the woods. The townspeople avoid the mansion and the curse is still believed to be in effect. The story of the Masterson mansion has become a legend in the town, and a warning to all those who dare to enter the cursed abode.

The story is set to give the readers a eerie and creepy feeling, leaving a sense of mystery and also a warning to not to ignore the warnings and legends that surrounds a place. The story is also a reminder that some curses are real and should be taken seriously.


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kokulan m

My name is Kokulan. I am a passionate writer and storyteller. I have always been fascinated by the unknown and the mysterious, and this love for the macabre has led me to write horror stories.

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