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Creatures, Cryptids, and Legends of the States (Pt .5)


By Aarin PoundPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

California is a state known for high class, Hollywood movies, famous and eccentric individuals. So, it only makes sense that the urban legends and known creatures in this state are just as eccentric and odd, yet fascinating to learn about.

Fresno Nightcrawlers

Also known as the Walking Pants, these creatures are either aliens, props, or hilarious urban legends. They resemble a pair of long white pants with a small head and are said to travel in pairs, never alone. They first made an appearance on a home video surveillance feed by a resident in Fresno attempting to catch a stray dog wandering on his yard in 1990. His footage is the most popular, has the most views on YouTube, and has been used by paranormal investigators and cryptozoologists to decided whether it is fact or fiction.

They have been spotted once more on video in Yosemite National Park. Workers set up cameras to catch what they assumed would be trespassers and vandals, yet their footage caught the same creatures wandering past the camera. From this point on, many people in California have claimed to see the creatures in the night, but no other photo of video evidence has been brought forward to truly show once and for all if they are real or made up.

There are certain Native American tribes that have carvings and drawings that resemble the Nightcrawlers; they have long leg-like limbs, small heads, and no arms, which brings people to speculate that these creatures have existed long before.

Space Brains

Concept Art of the Space Brains described by Peter Rodriguez

Alien sightings aren't a rare reporting, especially in a state as large and as populated as California. Yet, this one takes on a new level of strange. On the night of August 17, 1971, in Palos Verdes, a reported alien sighting and abduction happened. Two residents, Peter Rodriguez, and John Hodges came across two brain-like aliens when they came home waiting for them. They were blue in color and shrouded by a strange vapor and the size of an overgrown softball. The smaller and larger of the brains had a human torso and red organs in the center of its frontal lobe.

They didn't remember much of their encounter until Rodriguez underwent hypnotherapy to recall. After waiting for him at home, he was transported to a metal room full of computers and seven-foot tall web-fingered grey-skinned beings. The beings explained the brans were just organic translators and wanted humanity to learn to control its power or face obliteration. He recalled their words as: "Take the time to understand yourselves. The time draws near when you shall need to. You shall not remember this incident until we meet again."

Alien Blood Poison Hospital

I know it sounds rather ridiculous, but just reading the story will shine the light of the strange mystery! Also known as the Toxic Lady, Gloria Ramirez was admitted into the hospital for cervical cancer symptoms. During her treatment, she caused five workers to be hospitalized and one placed in the intensive care unit. This took place in Riverside, California where after undergoing treatments and several workers were exposed to her body and experienced their own symptoms such as fainting, shortness of breath, and muscle spasms.

When she was brought in, workers noticed that her body had an oily sheen, there was a fruity and garlic odor from her mouth, and when taking blood for samples it not only smelled of ammonia but had manila colored crystal particles floating in it. Overall, twenty-three people fell ill and the emergency room had to be evacuated as it seemed to fill the air, poisoning other patients nearby. She died later that day and after her death, coroners in airtight suits took samples of her blood, body, tissues, skin, and bones, and ran it through several tests. However, nothing abnormal showed from these tests.

While many scientists and doctors have given their thoughts on what happened, trying to come up with reasonable explanations as the the cause, but all their theories can have holes punched into them, and no one can fully agree on one reason. Many believe she was an alien impersonating a human that fell ill to earth diseases. Her decaying alien body filled the air and poisoned all those that breathed it in, giving this hospital experience a rather odd reputation in the area.

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I am a lover of the written word, and all things creepy and paranormal. I am working towards a Master's in English and Writing, and minoring in Psychology. I love researching conspiracy theories, and conversations to see how people think.

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