Creatures, Cryptids, and Legends of the States (Pt. 4)

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Creatures, Cryptids, and Legends of the States (Pt. 4)

Time to look into a state that has some of the strangest creatures that are a bit hard to believe, yet one of the most interesting and believable urban legends.


The superstition of these creatures started in mines around the world in 1960 by those working in the dark underground. These specific creatures are brought by Cornish Miners to America. They are small, grizzly creatures that resemble gnomes that live in mines. They dress as miners to either trick the workers or blend in with them. The nickname comes from the sounds they make before a mine caves in - they are believed to knock on the walls and warn people, while others believe they cause it to cave in.

People in Colorado still believe they are still present in a mine in Idaho Springs, and other mines in the area. People that explore claim they can hear their names being whispered deep from the mine. If you saw one, it often meant your death as no one ever saw one and lived to tell the tale.

Slide-Rock Bolter

A strange creature and ridiculous theory of what lives in the mountain of Colorado. It is a large creature recounted by lumberjacks in the 19th and 20th century. It has an immense head, small eyes, a large mouth, a fluked tail like a dolphin, and enormous grab hooks to hold onto mountaintops. It sits on the tops of mountains and waits for tourists and helpless creatures to stop or pass below it.

Once it has its eye on its prey, it will lift its tail and descend down the mountain with an open mouth, swallowing up everything on its way down. It is the reason for the destruction of trees and towns, and the mass disappearance of tourists often covered up by being classified as an earthquake.

The Denver Airport

Blue Mustang Statue

Since it opened in 1995, it has since been the subject of conspiracy theories. It is covered in secrecy, weird statues, disturbing art, and many myths. The most famous of the airport is the 32-foot tall statue of a giant horse with eyes that glow red from certain angles. The Blue Mustang fell during construction and killed the sculptor, Luis Jimenez.

Apocalypse Mural

The inside of the airport walls is covered with disturbing imagery and painted murals. The most notable is a devil jumping out of a suitcase, Anubis, the God of Death, a Nazi officer in a gas mask, and kids crying around a bloody knife and in front of a burning building.

Nazi Officer Mural

Some of the paintings have been covered up after different controversies and complaints, but they live on in picture format to show what has been hidden and covered up.

What is strange about this airport is that it was built despite a fully functioning one close by, is twice the size of the Manhattan Airport, and went over its budget by $2 billion. It is like a completely different world with strange tunnels under it all, and believed to be funded by a Nazi group or the New World Order. There is a plaque on the airport grounds that dedicates the building and funding to "The New World Airport Commission", yet no information on the organization can be found. The most famous theory is that under the airport houses fallout shelters for the rich and powerful to survive in an apocalypse, as the airport is right in the middle of New York and California. The vast underground tunnels have been proven by many, and the reasons are strange. One reason is that the tunnels were created for hidden, automated baggage systems that never worked, and was kept hidden away. As the scope and depth of the tunnels were revealed, another reason was that during construction it was screwed up five different times and instead of destroying it, they pushed it under and continued to build on top of it, five different times. That's a bit suspect.

People that visit the Denver Airport say that walking through is like a maze and you can get easily confused. Some people feel there are corridors that lead to nothing, and after passing an area, you seem to pass it several times. People get easily disturbed and bad vibes just by being inside it.

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