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Crazy Cryptids

Let's talk some mysterious monsters

By Micah JamesPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Crazy Cryptids
Photo by Sharon Waldron on Unsplash

While you might not know the word “cryptid,” you definitely know of at least one of these creatures. Bigfoot and Mothman (and their variations) are the most well known. Basically, a cryptid is one of those creatures that people have claimed to see or swear are real, but the evidence for them is sketchy at best.

Let’s dive a little bit into eight of them, shall we?

  1. MONGOLIAN DEATH WORM. This creature has been reported to be seen in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. It’s generally described as giant, red, and poisonous. It is typically only seen during the months of June and July. The death worm was first talked about in the 1926 book On the Trail of Ancient Man by Roy Andrew Chapman. The Prime Minister of Mongolia said it was “shaped like a sausage about two feet long, has no head nor legs and is so poisonous that merely to touch it means instant death.” It can also kill by spitting toxic venom or hitting the victim with a bolt of electricity. So if you ever see it, just walk (or run) the other way.
  2. HONEY ISLAND SWAMP MONSTER. It has been described as a seven foot tall, 400 pound, stinky, gray haired beast. It was initially spotted in Louisiana’s Honey Island Swamp in 1963. Reports have stated that the swamp monster has four toes on its feet - one off to the side and three thin, webbed toes on the front. Legend states that it’s a product of the mating between an escaped circus chimp and an alligator.
  3. BUNYIP. The legend of the Bunyip started with indigenous Australian folklore. It’s said to be found in lakes and swamps and is described as seal-like. People say it lays its eggs in platypus nests. You also better be careful if you find yourself in the presence of a Bunyip, especially if you’re a woman or a child - it eats people.
  4. ROUGAROU. This werewolf-esque creature haunts the swamps and bayous of Louisiana. Its main source of prey is said to be Catholics who don’t observe Lent and naughty children. It is possible to become a Rougarou in two major ways. And both have nothing to do with being bitten. The first way is by being cursed by someone or something. The second? Just don’t practice Lent for seven consecutive years.
  5. AHOOL. A bat-like creature was spotted in the Java region of Indonesia by a scientist in 1925. He named it after the noise it made when it flew overhead. It’s also said to be twice as big as a flying fox bat, which already has a 5-foot wingspan. Although, there are skeptics when it comes to this cryptid. Some will tell you that it’s actually a pterosaur while others say its an owl.
  6. GOATMAN. The Goatman has been sighted mostly in Prince George’s County, Maryland. There are a few theories about who or what this monster is. According to one legend, a goat herder ended up going mad when some teenagers murdered his goats. Another says it’s a Bigfoot-like creature, but rather than being half-man, half-ape, it’s half-man, half-goat. The most popular, though, states that it’s a mistake from the US Department of Agriculture Research Center in Beltsville, Maryland. A scientist was trying to cross the DNA of a goat with the DNA of his assistant, William Lottsford. The now-mutated William haunts Maryland trying to get his revenge.
  7. JACKALOPE. This cryptid is said to be a cross between a jackrabbit and antelope, as the name might imply. It can supposedly sing and perfectly mimic human sounds. You might never see this one, sadly, since there have never been any live sightings. The only “proof” of a jackalope has been pranked taxidermied versions.
  8. WAMPUS CAT. The legend of this cat originates with Appalachian folklore, specifically with Cherokee mythology. The legend states that a woman ended up eavesdropping on a tribal ceremony. She was cursed to transform into a half-human, half-feline creature. She is often portrayed with a human face and feline body. She also has a haunting cry. The Wampus Cat has been seen in the Smoky Mountains, mostly in Tennessee.

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  • Naveed 3 months ago

    This is one of the most well-written horror stories I've ever read.

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